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Affiliate Marketing in India – Beginner’s Guide | How to Start Affiliate Marketing in India and Earn Money?



Affiliate Marketing in India - Beginner's Guide

If you’re fascinated by the idea of running your own business online, you can become its successful owner by choosing affiliate marketing in India. It is a great way to generate a passive income or you can build from it a successful business all on its own. Know more about Passive Income Ideas in India to Become Wealthy and start generating revenue.

Affiliate marketing is one of the oldest marketing models, but it has gained popularity in recent years. Several affiliate marketing programs in India can be accessed to generate extra income through affiliate marketing. It is not magic or a trick. Rather, it is a well-organized marketing system you need to understand how to use.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

A way to earn money through affiliate marketing is to sell products or services to other people online. Since it is all done online, you do not have to engage in physical conversation with other people. You only need a marketing plan to sell the product you are interested in. You can select the best niche for affiliate marketing by doing proper market research and examining market trends. The entire process is as follows

  • You can promote products or services by joining affiliate programs
  • Receive a special link (known as an affiliate link) that can be used by the company to track transactions and sales once people click your affiliate link
  • Encourage people to buy the product using your link
  • Receive a commission when someone purchases the product via your affiliate link.

How to Start Affiliate Marketing with No Money?

Here, we have mentioned a few steps that you can follow to start Affiliate Marketing in India:

Step 1: Identify the Product or Service you want to Promote

It is recommended to choose a specific topic You can do this by going to Amazon, Flipkart, or the website of any other affiliate marketing network. You will find that writing for a specific audience is easier because you are more targeted. This is also referred to as defining a ‘niche’. Once you are done decking the topic, take a glance at the commission rate pages to see what you can earn when a particular product or service is sold.

Step 2: Create a Website

There are a lot of tools, plugins, and features you can use to make your website more user-friendly for your affiliate link promo, but a website is by far the most secure, effective, and efficient way to activate an affiliate link. The website you create is the foundation of your business. Its design does not need to be complex. Simply create a simple website that is easy for users to navigate.

Step 3: SignUp for an Affiliate Marketing Program

In order to start affiliate marketing in India, you will need to choose and sign up for the right affiliate marketing program. Do a quick search for the most popular affiliate marketing programs and choose the one that has higher commissions for the product categories you want to promote Read the terms, policies, and reviews of the affiliate marketing program to help you make a better decision.

Even if your website is blank today, provide the affiliate network with a plan of action on how you plan to market the products in the future, and they will accept your application.

Step 4: Choose the Product that you want to promote:

The next step is to choose a product from various product categories such as Electronics, Beauty & Apparel, Home Furnishing, etc. Using the provided search box, simply type in the product name if you already have a list of selected products. If you do not yet have products selected, start choosing them.

If you are promoting a product on Amazon, you can check the Amazon Bestsellers page to identify what is currently selling well. When you’re promoting a product that already has a lot of sales volume, it’s a lot easier to get people to buy it than if you’re promoting a product that just came onto the market.

Step 5: Create a Content

Finally, you must create articles about your product. These articles can fall into many categories. You can write ‘How to’ articles, tutorials, reviews, comparisons, discount or offer articles, etc depending on your writing preference. This content needs to be distributed to increase traffic and maintain sales.

Do Refer:

Top 10 Affiliate Marketers in India

There are hundreds of affiliate programs available on the Internet for a variety of products, so you need to research the affiliate program being used. A few of the highly-rated affiliate networks for beginners are

Reseller Club

Reseller Club Affiliate Program, which offers reseller hosting, allows you to earn huge commissions. Earn commissions by promoting one of the largest reseller-focused registrars in the world.


Affiliate marketing on Amazon India is one of the leaders of Indian e-commerce. The platform offers high commission rates and high conversion rates for its affiliates. Affiliates can easily join Amazon using an existing Amazon account. Amazon offers a set of tools to help affiliates research products and create links. Amazon offers the biggest advantage of paying commissions even if the customer purchases another product within 24 hours of clicking your affiliate link.


In addition, Flipkart offers its affiliates high conversion rates. The commission rates differ by category and can be found on their affiliate membership page. Flipkart also offers marketers a variety of tools such as banners, widgets, and ready-made product links that can be embedded in your website.


It is possible to earn high commission rates with a wide variety of products and services offered by GoDaddy, the world’s leading domain name registrar. If you find this interesting, here is how to manage affiliate marketing in India. GoDaddy pays high commission rates on hosting plans, domains, reseller plans, and email accounts. GoDaddy provides 24/7 customer service and provides you with more than 100 ready-to-install high-quality banners which you can put on your web page by simply copying the code.

Growth of Affiliate Marketing in India

Although affiliate marketing has faced significant obstacles in its early stages, the industry has experienced incredible growth over the last decade. A report claims that by 2025, affiliate marketing is expected to grow by eight times to USD 835 million from USD 96 million in 2016. Many online retail stores use affiliate marketing to increase sales.

Secondly, an increasing number of marketers in India are becoming attracted to the marketing system because it has a clear payment policy with no hidden costs. Also, there are no investments required by the marketer.

FAQs on Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

1. Is Affiliate marketing easy for Beginners?

Taking the affiliate route is the simplest route, but building enough traffic to earn a significant income from affiliate sales is quite challenging.

2. How can I become a Myntra Affiliate?

With EarnKaro, you can become a Myntra affiliate for free. You simply need to download the app and sign up by providing your Name, E-mail address, Password, and Mobile Number.

3. How can I become Nykaa Affiliate?

Nykaa is an Indian e-commerce website that offers beauty and wellness products of various brands. Marketers can join Nykaa’s Affiliate Program directly through INRDeals to get paid up to 10% commissions per sale. Users registered at and who make a minimum purchase of 7500, in a rolling year (excluding returns), will qualify for Nykaa’s Privé program.

4. Is Affiliate Marketing good for students?

As a student, starting to earn money with affiliate marketing may require anywhere from 6 months to several years. It usually takes anywhere from 6 months to several years to get to the point where you will be earning consistent income from partner services.


In this article, we have mentioned everything that a beginner should know about Affiliate Marketing. There is immense scope for affiliate marketing in India, and anyone following these steps can start working online as an affiliate marketer in India without any difficulty.

It is one of the best Online Business Ideas that Generates Passive Income. I hope this piece of article on Affiliate Marketing in India – Beginner’s Guide is helpful for all the readers, who want to grow their careers in Affiliate Marketing.

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