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A Complete Guide on Amazon Account Not Being Eligible for Monthly Payments



Amazon Monthly Payments Guidelines: We all love shopping on Amazon, not only because of the ease of shopping but also for the wide variety of discounts on all products. However, it is quite difficult to get a product with great deals and Monthly Payments features. The promotional financing model of Amazon sometimes also has interest-free pricing.

The Monthly Payments feature on Amazon is still ongoing and all you need to have is an Amazon-branded credit card. Under the Monthly Payments feature, you have to pay the amount for the product with 5 installment rates. However, there are some limitations.

  • You need to have an store card partnered with Synchrony Bank.
  • Or you need the Amazon Rewards Visa Signature credit card partnered with Chase Bank to avail of the promotional financing feature.
  • This offer is also only valid on selected products and not on all products listed on Amazon.

So before using this feature to buy your favorite products, do ensure that you do not meet the limitations. You need to maintain the installments after your purchase so that you can avail yourself of interest-free payments. Do note that you cannot use a gift card in this payment feature.

What is Amazon Monthly Payments & How to Become Eligible?

If you are unsure about the offer, you can directly contact the Amazon gift card department for accurate information.

What are Amazon’s Monthly Payments? In this feature, Amazon is offering all the Amazon products interest-free on various devices like Kindle, Amazon Fire TV, and Alexa. This offer is limited to one enrolment per category and you have to make 5 monthly payments after purchase.

You need to remember that not all credit cards are eligible but that is easy to ensure. To qualify for this offer, you need to fulfill some criteria.

  • You need to be a resident of the US with an Amazon account that is at least one year old.
  • Your credit card should not have an expiry date less than 140 days from the date the item is shipped.
  • Your shopping history needs to be clean to be eligible for this option.
  • Ensure that you have the correct credit card for the purchase.
  • Along with history, you should have a clean product purchase history as well.

There is no interest in processing or shipping either but the taxation on the product varies according to your state.

On Which Products: You can avail No Interest

The products for this offer and interest rates depend upon your bank. Your shopping history ultimately decides if you get the interest-free installment or not. The products eligible for the offer are decided automatically as per the Amazon algorithm which decides the installments and initial payment.

Do note that this offer is only for one enrolment and you won’t be able to purchase two products from your account. However, your other family members can purchase with the same Terms and Conditions from another account.

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How to Buy Products with interest-free Monthly Payments?

If you are planning to avail of this amazing offer, you can buy any item under the Amazon product category. The process is quite easy with an Amazon store card.

  • Add the product of your wish to the cart and continue to checkout.
  • You will be directed to the payment page where you have to select the Amazon store card payment option.
  • You will see the Special Financing or equal monthly payments option. Also, you can select anyone and complete the purchase.
  • Sometimes you might be eligible for multiple promotional financing that you can see on the Payments page. Here, you can also select the installment plan.

You can purchase only one item using this feature from your account. If you are lucky, you can get various Amazon Rewards with your Visa Signature card by applying for it.

‘Buy Now Pay Later’ for Amazon U.K. Users

If you are from the UK, Amazon has got something for you too. Now you have the ‘Buy Now Pay Later at the offer which you can avail on the checkout page.

You can buy any product under this offer but this is available only for the residents of the UK. A customer needs to pay the next month’s payment if they are qualified. It is almost the same as in the US but here, you have to make an initial payment that will be deducted without any interest.

To grab this opportunity, you can select any Amazon product and choose the Amazon Monthly Payments feature or the ‘Buy Now Pay Later’ feature. We recommend you read the Terms and Conditions properly before placing an order.

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Do these Payment Plans still exist on Amazon?

If you wish to purchase any product under this offer, you have to follow these 5 steps.

  • You need to make an initial payment that is decided by the Amazon algorithm.
  • You need to make the first installment payment after 30 days from the date of shipment.
  • The second installment needs to be done after 60 days of the product shipment. This installment is the product cost that is divided into the second installment.
  • The third payment cycle comes after 90 days and this amount remains the same as the previous two.
  • The final payment is dated 120 days after the shipment. Once you have paid this off, you have successfully bought a product interest-free.

payments instalments with shipment dates


The Monthly Payments offer is one of the most exciting options and you can choose any product that goes under it. However, before diving into the offer, do read the Terms and Conditions properly. Also, go with other amazon related articles on our site to know more features about Gift cards & more.

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