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Blog Examples That Demonstrate How to Make Money | Best Blog Sites to Make Money



Blog Examples That Demonstrate How to Make Money

It’s a question that a lot of people wonder about before starting a blog, and the same is true for those who already have a blog, but want to make more money from it. It is true you can make money through just about any type of blog, but there are a few types and niches of blogs that tend of generating significantly more income than others.

Especially if you’re new to blogging, it’s important to select blog types that match your interests and passions. This will make your path all the more fulfilling, and you may even achieve success faster since you’ll be excited about writing and working. In this article, we are going to look at blog examples that demonstrate how to make money easily.

Best Blogging Niches to Earn Money | Types of Blogs that Make Money in India

Let’s take a look at some blog examples to make money. They are along the lines

Finance Blog

In this list are financed blogs to help you with your finances, and if you’re a financial expert, this is the blog for you. Finance blogs provide people with financial advice, this can be for anyone, whether it’s a college student, a parent, or having extra cash you’d like to spend/invest wisely.

For bloggers, this is a big win, as finance blogs generally have the highest CPMs when it comes to advertisements since advertisers here have a lot of competition and are able to pay a lot more than most niches since their products generate a lot more revenue.


  • The Money Ninja – $7,000+ per month
  • Making sense of cents – $1.5mil+ a year
  • Finsavvy Panda – $22,000+ per month

Legal Blog

There are a lot of opportunities online to provide solutions for what can be considered common issues, which don’t necessarily require a one-on-one consultation with a qualified legal expert. Lawyers are notoriously expensive, which means that there are a lot more resources to provide solutions to what can be considered basic or common issues that don’t necessarily require an individual consultation with a qualified legal expert.

Moreover, if you’re an ambitious legal blogger, you could even use your blog to generate leads for a network of lawyers across the globe, as they would also like to meet new clients, so you can make good money by making connections.


  • – $60,000+ per month
  • Above the law – Over 50,000 Newsletter subscribers
  • Legal Eagle – 1.6mil+ YouTube Subscribers

Business Blog

Business blogs have a lot of overlap with marketing blogs because marketing is one of the most important components when it comes to running a business. Business blogs discuss industry trends, provide practical advice on starting and scaling a business, and describe different options for getting started.


  • Adam Enfroy – $83,000+ per month
  • Melyssa Griffin – $140,000+ per month
  • Smart Passive Income – $125,000+ per month

Personal Development Blog

If you think of self-help, the first thing that usually comes to mind is personal development. These blogs usually assist readers in discovering their true selves and handling their emotions in order to achieve their goals, visions, and the life they have imagined for themselves.


  • Women blazing trails – $4,250+ per month
  • Let’s reach success – $5,000+ per month
  • Goodbye, Self Help – $2,400+ per month

Health and Fitness Blog

It’s not just about being emotionally or mentally better off. Many people are always looking to improve their physical health and appearance, so health and fitness blogs have a large earning potential. Fitness and health blogs can help followers achieve a healthy lifestyle while improving their physique and strength.


  • Organize yourself Skinny – $13,000+ per month
  • Fit Mom Journey – $10,500+ per month
  • Nerd Fitness – $100,000+ per month

Parenting Blog

Parenting blogs are completely geared towards raising your children and cover a variety of family topics. These blogs allow you to share your own experiences with the world as a lot of parents are looking for advice on the same things. You can give them that helping hand that helps them along their journey Parenting blogs have the added benefit of making money and having more free time at home with your kids.


  • Mommy on Purpose – $5000+ per month
  • The Realistic Mama – $20,000+ per month
  • The Soccer Mom Blog – $11,000+ per month

Sustainability Blog

The purpose of sustainability blogs is to educate readers about the planet we live on, how to become self-sufficient, and bring awareness to climate change, pollution, and provide solutions that can be implemented by everyone to make a positive impact on not only themselves but also the environment.


  • Embracing Simple Blog – $2,400+ per month
  • Fork in the Road – $2,900+ per month

Travel Blog

The best travel blogs provide readers with an insider’s perspective on how to travel, what to do, and where to eat while they’re there. They also often have beautiful images (although you don’t have to be a professional photographer), comprehensive lists, and give readers advice on what they should see and do from the local’s viewpoint.


  • Kara and Nate – $40,000+ per month
  • Adventure in You – $19,000+ per month
  • Two Wandering Soles – $16,000+ per month

Fashion Blog

Among the best ways to earn with your fashion blog are affiliate marketing, your own products, and ads. Fashion blogs are not limited to pretty pictures and stylish outfits, however; they cover a variety of topics that provide their readers with value, such as travel, fitness, beauty, etc.


  • The Modest Man – $7,900+ per month
  • Chic Pursuit – $4,200+ per month
  • Affordable by Amanda – $4,000+ per month

Craft Blog

It can be great to share your knowledge and talents with others via a DIY/craft blog while earning a good income along the way. You can then work on projects you wouldn’t have had the time and money for otherwise, or just enjoy the added freedom to do other things.


  • While she naps – $9000+ per month
  • Crochetpreneur – $17,000+ per month
  • The Shabby Creek Cottage – $25,000+ per month

How to Make Money through Blogging?

Here are some of the most popular ways to make money blogging, now that we have explored the different types of blogs that generate income. There are a number of different ways to make money blogging, with the only restriction being your imagination, so here are some of the most popular options.

  • Running Ads in Your Blog
  • By Including Affiliate links
  • Sell advertising or blog Space.
  • Creating and Selling E-books and e-course.
  • Promoting your services.
  • Sponsored posts
  • Selling virtual Products.

Also, Read:

FAQs on High Demand Blog Topics to Generate Money

1. How do you write a blog post?

It is essential to choose a topic for your first blog post before writing it. To do so, use a tool such as Keyword Tool or AnswerThePublic and find ones that are relevant to your blog type or niche. Asking your potential audience for ideas is also a great idea. Next, determine the type of blog post you want to write, such as a review or how-to post, and create an outline. You can create an outline for a document using a writing tool like Google Docs.

2. What is the cost to start a blog?

Websites cost approximately $100 to several thousand dollars a year. This varies from blog to blog depending on many factors, such as web design, hosting plan, plugins, and other tools used. Avoid paying for a domain name by using a hosting service that offers a free one.

3. Does Blogging makes money?

It has become increasingly common for people in India to earn between $300 and $400 per month as professional bloggers. Some celebrities even earn as much as $20,000 to $30,000 per month Blogging has become a serious profession for many Indians in recent years.

4. How much a beginner-level blogger can earn?

If you are wondering How much a beginner blogger earns in India, then according to the site, the average salary of a blogger in India is 18,622 per month.

5. Can I start Blogging with my phone?

You can post, edit, save, and view your blog posts with the Blogger mobile app. The app is available for Android users with Android 5.0 and up. Important: To post with the Blogger mobile app, you must already have a Google Account and a blog created on a computer.


In the above article, we have mentioned blog examples that demonstrate how to make money. There are numerous ways in which a blog can be written to make money. People who enjoy writing or have an interest in reading blogs can go through some of the blogs mentioned in the article. We hope that the article is informative for all the readers. Stay in touch with us to avail latest updates on How to find Easy and Genuine Online Jobs with Good Earnings.

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