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Dale Steyn’s Shocking Comment On India Star’s Absence For IND vs ENG Tests



Dale Steyn's Shocking Comment On India Star's Absence For IND vs ENG Tests

Dale Steyn’s Shocking Comment On India Star’s Absence For IND vs ENG Tests: As we all know, Virat Kohli has missed the first two tests of the IND vs ENG five-match test series due to personal reasons.

Former South Indian Pacer reacted to Virat Kohli’s prolonged absence as the India star is going to miss all the series of England.

‘If Virat Kohli has decided to sit at home…’: Dale Steyn’s Comments on Virat

At first Virat Kohli was expected to take a break only for two test matches, of the IND vs ENG five-match test series, but now reports have come out that he is not going to be in the entire series.

Steyn stood on his side in these challenging times and supported him. Even though Kohli is not being active on Instagram, his fans are worried about him and pray about him on X, Facebook, and Instagram.

Steyn who is the bowling coach of Sunrises Eastern Cape, talking to Hindustan Times, he said that,

“Family is your most important priority. Sorry, that’s it. That’s the end of the story right there. I’ve got three dogs and when one of them got sick, I was out of the IPL.

I was jumping on the plane out of there to come back and see my dog. So that’s my family. If Virat Kohli has decided to sit back home because he wants to be with his wife, if he’s going to have his second child, I don’t see any problem with that.

He’s been a servant of India for many years. He’s won a World Cup; he’s captained with success. I don’t know what more a man can do to prove himself in the cricketing world.”

And also a report in between stated that,

“Kohli has yet to inform us anything till now.”

“I think at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter about cricket. What matters is why you’re playing and who helped you get there. The people behind you or the scenes, are the ones the public doesn’t see.

Your partner, your mother, your wife, your sister… those are the people that are constantly picking you up and if it means that their health is in jeopardy or something is wrong with them, you go to them and that’s the most important thing,” Steyn added.

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