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Debate Topics for College Students in 2022 | Best Topics for Debate Competition in English



Debate Topics for College Students

Great discussions begin with fascinating, thought-provoking debate topics. However, finding a mind-tingling discussion topic is not an easy thing. You have to scour your brain to find the ideal balance between your hobbies and what your audience would like to hear.

Moreover, selecting a debate topic alone cannot deliver a hot, exciting discussion because of its controversial nature alone. You have to consider other issues, spend time investigating the opposing perspectives, and gather data and research papers to support your side of the argument. In this manner, you will be able to make sure that your issue is capable of inspiring a discussion that is long-lasting and fascinating.

To begin with, we came up with some Engaging Debate Topics for College Students that are highly contested in many industries. These are both ethical discussion subjects and political topics to argue. You can utilize these subjects to develop a topic or as a springboard for issues connected to your college’s chosen theme. However, first, let us go back to the basics and start from there.

What is a Debate?

A debate is a rather formal conversation about a specific topic that comprises two sides representing and talking about opposing ideas. Debates usually have a very definite standard structure: each side is allocated the same time to speak either against or in favor of the topic.

Many kids participate in debate competitions in their school to work on their public speaking skills. As a debater, you must learn to make a clear structure and argument. Good debate themes can help you with college entrance interviews and employment presentations.

Before choosing a debate topic, know the types. It can help you find your genuine calling and debate format.

Types of Debate Topics

There are three groups of debate topics. There are essential variations between presenting a problematic issue, developing an opinion, and persuading the audience and opponent of your point of view.

Persuasive Topics

Persuasive speech and writing differ from argumentative. You convince your audience and opponents that your opinion is correct. Instead of examining all sides and being objective. You do not need to discuss opposing points; instead, focus on your own. Persuasive debate topics use emotional appeals. They frequently ask you to choose:

  • Who is the greatest villain in fiction history?
  • What is the one song that everyone should listen to at least once?
  • What has been the worst job in the history of employment?

Argumentative Debate Topics

Argumentative debate themes demand a speaker to account for opposing ideas in his debate and rebuttals. This strategy is built on logic, facts, numbers, and evidence. The favorite band is not an arguable topic. It is easy to find supporting evidence for argumentative discussion subjects. These are frequently questions like:

  • Should criminals be permitted to vote and influence society?
  • Is a gap year beneficial or detrimental to a student’s educational prospects?
  • Do we still need libraries if no one reads paper books?

Controversial Debate Topics

Controversial debate themes are comparable to argumentative subjects. It would help examine the usually accepted opinion on the given problem and then construct and support an alternative idea using emotional and logical reasoning. Controversial debate topics should have a clear prevailing point of view and allow you to present and defend your perspective that differs from debating norms and conventions. Some controversies include:

  • Female and male students have separate institutes.
  • Eliminating all languages save English from workplaces.
  • Three times a day, I eat fast food and junk food.

Also, explore our article on Group Discussion Topics for Engineering Students as you might be interested in it.

How to Select Good Debate Topics?

A good debate topic allows participants and audience members to see both viewpoints. When choosing a debate topic, consider these factors:

  • Interest: Would your peers and audience find the topic interesting? Choosing an interesting topic makes preparing and the argument more fun.
  • Arguable: You should choose a contentious debate topic. If one side is right or there is not much information, you will struggle to debate.
  • Data strengthens an argument. Choose a topic with lots of empirical evidence to support your point.

Let us look at good debate topics now that we know how to choose one.

Best Debate Topics for Students to Try

Debating teaches you more than just public speaking and eloquence. Debate preparation improves critical thinking and essay writing. You will research to support your side of the argument, enhancing your ability to evaluate references and analyze data. Debate activities can help build 21st-century skills, including teamwork, communication, and creativity.

Teaching allows pupils to think critically about the world, affecting their worldview and social change. Statistics show that debaters also increase their academic achievement. Better ACT and SAT scores boost their college applications. Let us see some of the best topics for debate.

1. Education

Current education system difficulties can be discussed. The student loan debt issue has reached $1.6 trillion, which can be discussed nicely. College pricing, dropout rates, mental health, and standardized testing are further challenges.

Elementary and secondary education face obstacles. Safety is a primary priority, with talks of arming instructors to protect pupils and recruiting armed security guards. Other issues include technology’s impact on children’s learning, teacher compensation, curriculum modifications, and healthier student diet choices. Other interesting topics:

  • Is a college degree required to acquire a decent job?
  • Should college education be provided for free?
  • Is a college education worth incurring student loan debt for?
  • Should all student loan debt be discharged?
  • Is it necessary to have armed security guards at schools?
  • Should drug testing be made mandatory in schools?
  • Can performance-based funding schemes aid in reducing college dropout rates?
  • Are universities causing students to worry and mental health issues?
  • Is detention useful for disciplining students?
  • Should schools offer monetary rewards for high test scores?

2. Technology

Emerging technologies are hotly debated. Ethical problems surrounding AI and ML are controversial and inspire students to think critically about the future of work, economic distribution, and humanity.

Social media’s effects on human communication and relationships and video game benefits are also relatable, especially for a younger audience. Internet, technology, productivity, cybersecurity, and privacy are also hot topics.

  • Is technology improving people’s well-being?
  • Is artificial intelligence risky?
  • Should a potential employer look into an applicant’s social media during the job application process?
  • Are drone cameras beneficial in maintaining public space security, or are they a violation of privacy?
  • Should humanity invest in technology in order to conquer other worlds?
  • Is email helping to increase communication?
  • Is it true that video games make us smarter, or are their cognitive benefits overstated?
  • Is technology reducing people’s productivity?
  • Should computer games be used in classrooms for classroom instruction?
  • Is technology making us move away from one another rather than be more connected?

3. Science

Should human cloning be legalized? Is there life on other planets? “Can we reincarnate?”
These themes are broad and not limited to current events, which is fantastic. Biology, psychology, genetics, and food and nutrition are all options.

  • Should gene editing be permitted to ensure health?
  • Should scientists attempt to resurrect extinct creatures?
  • Is it beneficial for the planet to have genetically modified food or not?
  • Is animal testing permissible?
  • Is it necessary to make immunization mandatory?
  • Should a person be able to own their DNA?
  • Will expanding stem cell research be beneficial?
  • Should organ procurement from a deceased person be permitted without consent?
  • Should human cloning be made legal?
  • Is it necessary to lengthen people’s lives?

4. Environment

Climate change is a common environmental discussion topic. This is because of warmer weather and storms. In a February 2020 survey of American adults, 49% said they expected warmer weather. It was 42% the year before (Tiseo, 2020).

You might choose other significant issues besides climate change. Explore organic farming, plastic packaging, energy-saving gadgets, and tourism. You can see our Environmental Projects for College Students article to know in detail.

  • Is global warming true or false?
  • Should governments prohibit the use of plastic bags and packaging?
  • Are people responsible for global warming?
  • Should live animal exports be prohibited?
  • Is there a hazard to the environment from overpopulation?
  • Should governments invest in alternate energy sources?
  • Can vegan diet help to combat global warming?
  • Is the Paris Agreement still in force?
  • Is it still possible to reverse climate change?
  • Is the cost of non-chemical cleaning products justified?

FAQs on Top Debate Topics for College Students to Choose from

1. What are the best debate topics?

A list of Best Debate Topics For College Students is mentioned below

  • Everyone should be able to own a gun.
  • The use of lethal injection in criminal cases should be prohibited.
  • Legalizing human cloning is a step in the right direction.
  • It is time to make all drugs legal.
  • Animal experimentation should be outlawed.
  • It is time to treat juveniles as adults and put them on trial.
  • The greatest danger we face now is caused by global warming.

2. What do you think are the most challenging debate subjects?

Controversial Debate Topics are most challenging and we have listed some of them

  • Animal testing should be outlawed.
  • Sometimes the use of lethal injection is warranted.
  • Some occupations should pay women less than males.
  • Legalizing assisted suicide is a good idea.
  • It is time to lower the voting age to 16 years old.
  • The act of smoking should be outlawed in all places.
  • Allowing inmates to vote might be a good idea.

3. How do you start a debate?

Using a bold rhetorical question, a personal narrative pertinent to your argument, or an eye-opening statistic are the most significant ways to get a debate started. Define the essential terms you will utilize in your dispute and summarize your case once you have had their attention.


You will find plenty of exciting and contentious options on our list of the best hot-button issues. All of them may be reframed to better suit the level of debate your team is engaged in, whether that be middle or high school or even a university. For example, opposing protagonists may have comparable materials or expertise.

However, they may elaborate on them in opposing ways or establish their viewpoints on different facets of the same materials. We hope you enjoyed reading our article. Stay tuned to our site to have the latest updates on Interesting Seminar Topics for College Students.

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