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‘Come on KP. Your mom’s going to…’: Latest Update on Dinesh Karthik’s banter Vs Kevin Pietersen hopes



Dinesh Karthik's banter as Kevin Pietersen hopes against all hopes

Dinesh Karthik’s banter as Kevin Pietersen hopes against all hopes: When Karthik and Kevin are around surely there will be so much of fun, banter, and games. In the last two tests of the India vs England cricket series, former England captain Kevin Pietersen was admiringly amusing in his commentary happened at Hyderabad & Vizag.

He made numerous witty comments, jokes, and entertaining interviews. However, this time during his banter sessions with Indian cricketer Dinesh Karthik, Pietersen was left mute. Excited to know what could happen between them? Jump into this article.

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‘Come on KP. Your mom’s going to…’: Dinesh Karthik’s banter as Kevin Pietersen hopes against all hopes

On day 4 of the second Test, England was working to maintain their position after losing several wickets. Kevin predicted a potential England success, but Karthik quickly dismissed his hypothesis, leaving Pietersen speechless.

In their quest of 299, the English team struggled hard and reached 275/7, when Ben Foakes and Tom Hartley have come a long way to 55, Kevin noticed an outside possibility of England’s victory.

At that moment Kevin asked Dinesh for his verdict on the matter. From here their conversation gets started and the chat goes as shown below.

Pietersen: This is the best partnership for England in this innings thus far. Hartley 30, Foakes 36. Foakes has Test hundreds. Hartley I believe in second-team cricket a few years ago, got a double hundred. So he can bat a bit. There is still some hope for England. 124 required, 40 overs left in the day’s play, plus that extra half-an-hour we got in Hyderabad last week. There’s still a chance here. DK?

Karthik: You’re saying there’s still a chance? What are we talking about here, KP?

Pietersen: Of these two doing the job for England.

Karthik: Oh come on, KP. Your mom’s going to wake you up from sleep. You’re dreaming.

Pietersen: So, no chance you say? Zero. Is it a foregone conclusion India is winning this Test match?

Karthik: Yes, I would like to think so at this point. See, there is always something funny around the corner. But I still believe India is very much in with a chance here.

By the way, if you are wondering who will be playing in the next two or three tests in the series of Ind vs Eng. There is yet no update on this point because BCCI expects injury updates on KL Rahul and Ravindra Jadeja.

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