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How to Get a Fake Number for Whatsapp Verification Online for Free 2022?



Fake Number For Whatsapp Verification Online

How To Generate A Fake Number For Whatsapp Verification Online 2021-22: Whatsapp has a lot of great features to ensure your privacy from other users. But people have also come up with tools and methods to over-ride them. Now, in case you want to get verified on Whatsapp but not use your actual phone number, we got you. There are multiple ways you can use to generate fake numbers to verify yourself online. 

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You don’t need to use your national number or the personal number for registration purposes. The numbers can even be like the phone numbers used in the USA, UK, Canada, etc. You can even use this fake number for business goals such as marketing, promotions, etc. Let’s see how to generate Free Fake Number for WhatsApp Verification online from the following modules.

List of contents in this article-

You can even check out the attached video below to better understand how to create a fake Whatsapp account-

Benefits Of Fake Number For Whatsapp Verification

There are several advantages of using a fake number for Whatsapp verification. They are listed as follows-

  1. First and most important, your identity remains safe. No one can track you on Whatsapp.
  2. You can avoid all unnecessary calls directly to your actual number if you are using a fake number on Whatsapp.

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Use Local Virtual Numbers or VOIP To Create A Fake Number For WhatsApp Verification

Some apps generate and allow you a premium business number to create, verify and use fake Whatsapp for a lifetime. This will be a unique premium number just for you. You can use it for business purposes on Whatsapp. This number does not exist. It is just for VoIP and other related services.

With just a one-time small fee, you can have your unique number. No need to use your actual phone number while dealing with a large number of people anymore. Also, no more worrying about random guys messaging you and troubling you.

List of Best Providers That Produce the Best Virtual Numbers

Given below is a list of three service provider apps that produce the best virtual numbers-

1. Nextiva

Looking for a unique business number for your Whatsapp registration that can not be tracked? Nextiva is the right choice to provide you with a virtual number then. Nextiva is the most profitable business number provider on the web right now.

It has a plan starting with a 20 USD/ month basis. Since you will only use it once, it is not a bad deal for a one-time thing. Multiple benefits come with it, and they are-

  • The service has 100% uptime and you can use it on any device.
  • You can manage your Whatsapp group with this number.
  • All calls and messages will be forwarded to your VoIP server.

2. RingCentral

RingCentral should be your first choice if you are looking for numbers from the USA, UK, or Canada. It offers you to choose you a free trial to your number from the list. They even allow you to select the number based on their USA city-wise sorting and distribution.

29.99 USD/month basis is the starting charge. However, you can take the free trial to get the virtual number for free. You can then use it for your fake Whatsapp registration and verification.

Follow the given steps to know how to get started and use this service-

  1. RingCentral is not an app, it is a website. Therefore, the first step is to visit the RingCentral Homepage and click on the Plans and pricing option.
  2. When the price list appears, just click on the Try Free option. You can start the free trial without paying any fee.
  3. Next, you will be asked to select a free virtual number for yourself to register with RingCentral. Just select whatever number you like to complete the process.
  4. Use this number then to register on Whatsapp and get verified.
  5. Once the Whatsapp verification is complete, just cancel the free trial. You can then use the fake Whatsapp account for as long as you want until someone takes over it.

3. Skype Virtual Number

You can use Skype virtual numbers to receive a WhatsApp verification code by a call on a Skype number. We can utilize these to make office calls and business partners directly on their mobiles. No restrictions to calling anybody instantly on their phone over VoIP with a Skype virtual number. Yet, you need to select the call option for the Whatsapp verification process.

You will receive the verification code by a call on your Skype number. You can then use it to register on Whatsapp with the Skype virtual number. Being a virtual number, it cannot be traced. You will not face any problem even if you disable the number later as the setup is already completed. You will still be able to use Whatsapp normally.

Unfortunately, unlike RingCentral, Skype does not provide you with a free trial that you can take advantage of. However, the charge for registering a Skype virtual number is as low as $6 per month which is quite affordable.

How to Use Fake SMS Number To Verify On WhatsApp? Benefits And Flaws

To use a fake number for registering on Whatsapp, you will have to bypass the Whatsapp verification process for a successful registration. You can use an online free number to clear the Whatsapp verification process. These numbers are available on multiple websites (mentioned above in this article) to receive free messages.

How these numbers work- When you enter the number to register a WhatsApp account, you will get the verification code for it on that live website. Now, you can provide that verification code on Whatsapp, and your new account will be registered.

The whole process is quite simple with minimal hassles. At times, you came across a long waiting process for receiving the verification code online. If that happens, just try refreshing the page a few times. That should do it.


  • The complete procedure of this method is free and it’s a major advantage.
  • Despite how low the cost is, virtual numbers still cost you some money.
  • On the other hand, you only need to use this method once to set up your Whatsapp account with this number.


  • The biggest flaw is that since the number is available online for free, anyone can use it. Thus, multiple people tend to use the same number for their Whatsapp verification.
  • In continuation to the first point, Whatsapp only lets you register once with a number on one device. Hence, if someone else uses the same online number as you, you can lose access to your Whatsapp account.

Therefore, we advise you to use these numbers only for temporary use. Do not use them for serious matters that might require you to use these numbers for the long term. Complete your task as soon as you can while using these numbers.

Now onto these numbers, their country-wise distribution, explanation, benefits, and flaws-

Use Fake US Number To Operate Whatsapp: Pros & Cons

Numbers from the USA are the hardest and most often used numbers for the promotion and marketing of products and services online. The country code for numbers from the US is (+1) number. Thus, if there is any number with (+1) next to it, it is from the US. You can use (+1) numbers to receive the WhatsApp verification code if you are using free numbers available online.

Do you want to register on whatsapp with the help of a fake US number? Selecting a number that starts with (+1) from the free websites is necessary. Later, it is helpful for requiring the verification code for a successful Whatsapp registration. The verification code comes to the online site itself.

There are multiple US numbers available online. There is an availability to register on Whatsapp using SIM or phone numbers. Simply buy a new virtual number from any online virtual number provider app. You will have multiple options with affordable plans.


As we already know, numbers from the US are most commonly used for these purposes. Thus, they are safe to use. They are also the best option to start your fake Whatsapp account. You can use this number to promote your services globally.


Since the US numbers are most demanding for promotions, you will rarely be able to access and use any US number for free. Even if you do find one by luck, the verification code may not come or will be delayed.

The best option is to just buy a US number for a small fee. You even get added benefits with a premium number. They are eligible for both call and SMS forwarding.

Operate Whatsapp With Fake UK Number: Pros And Cons

Your second option is operating Whatsapp with a fake UK number. The country code for the UK is +44. Therefore, if you want to use a UK number operated by Whatsapp, use numbers starting with +44.

Multiple websites provide +44 numbers for WhatsApp verification. The codes are sent online and can be accessed for free. The account that you open with these numbers is completely identical to an original UK number operated Whatsapp account.

You can then use the app to send messages, make calls, etc to anyone in any part of the world without any problem.

Any issues-

If you do not receive your verification code on the website, then you need to try other numbers with +44 until you receive the verification code.


  • UK-based numbers are best for you if your target audience is from the UK. It will help you solidify their confidence.
  • You can reach out to sell your services and such globally. You can message and call anyone easily with this type of Whatsapp account.


As these free international numbers are available for anyone online, anyone else can use the same number as yours. This will result in you losing your Whatsapp account. This is because one number can only be used to verify and operate one Whatsapp account at a time. Therefore, we will advise you to use these numbers only for a short period. Do not rely on them for a long-term period.

Use Fake Canadian Number To Operate Whatsapp, Pros & Cons

Similar to numbers from USA and UK, you can find Canadian numbers for Whatsapp verification online as well. You can get them from free message receiving websites available online. Canadian numbers, too have the same country code as the USA, that is, +1.

Any of these Canadian numbers can be used to register on Whatsapp. You can also get the verification code on the same online website you got the number from. You can get a free trial of a virtual number for business purposes by acquiring it from a website that gives out premium numbers.


  • Right off the bat, you will not face any problems if you are using a premium Canadian number.
  • If any website is offering a free trial for business numbers to receive calls or SMS, you can try to acquire it as you might need the verification code only once. There will be no need for that number again in the future.


  • You might lose access to your Whatsapp if you got that number for free from an online website. This happens when someone else uses the same number to register for their Whatsapp account. These numbers are available for everyone and one number is only eligible for one account.

FAQs on Free Number for Whatsapp Verification 2022 Online

1. How to Log in to Whatsapp with a fake number?

It is very simple. Use any of the websites and methods we mentioned in this article. Get a fake number from these sites and use them to register and log in to Whatsapp.

2. How can I get a fake Whatsapp verification code?

You will receive the verification code online on the same website you got the number from. Register with the number and the verification code will be sent to the online website. You can copy it from there.

3. Is using a fake number for Whatsapp safe?

Yes, for a short period, it is safe to use a fake number for Whatsapp. As these numbers are available for all, you might lose your account in the long term. Do not misuse these numbers and accounts that can get you in trouble.

4. Is a fake Whatsapp account different from the original Whatsapp account?

No, both the accounts are the same.


To conclude, we have shared all the methods we knew how to acquire and use a fake number available online to register on Whatsapp. These numbers will easily get you verified on the app through the website itself. Make sure you use the different options available according to your needs.

If you have any more doubts on How To Use A Fake Number For Whatsapp Verification or else on How to Send a Blank Message on Whatsapp Messenger, please post them in the comments section. Tell us if this article helped you in any way and if you liked our article, be sure to check out our other works as well!

Neha Bansal is a Delhi based engineering graduate and has done her Post Graduation in Human Resource Management. She has a deep interest in startups, business & technology.

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