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Good Feedback for Teachers from Students Examples | How to Give Feedback for Teachers?



Feedback for Teachers from Students

Feedback for Teachers from Students: If you are a student and looking for steps on how to write feedback for teachers? Then stay on this page. Here are examples of writing positive and negative feedback for teachers by students. This feedback can be directly downloaded and edited by students at their convenience. Students have to know the feedback format, and mandatory fields included in the form before giving the report.

In this article, students can get the simple steps on how to write feedback for their teachers in English. Also, check what are the guidelines to be followed while giving feedback to the teachers.

What are the 3 Rules to Give Effective Feedback?

Feedback is a primary element of the incremental process of ongoing learning and assessment. Giving feedback means providing information about the aspects of understanding, performance, and teaching skills. These are the 3 golden rules to giving effective feedback to teachers from students.

  • Timely: Feedback should be given within 24 hours of the class observation so that students will feel still fresh. Giving timely feedback is important for developing a relationship based on trust.
  • Ongoing: Use a feedback loop that follows a pattern: classroom observation, feedback, practice. After allowing teachers to learn new strategies, and follow them, an administrator should conduct another classroom observation. This feedback loop (observation, feedback, practice) repeats throughout the school year to create an environment of ongoing support.
  • Consistent: It is important to check for consistency in their reviews. Both teachers and administrators should understand the reasons specific instructional practices were selected for evaluation.

How to Write Feedback for Teachers from Students?

The above written three golden rules are the foundation for effective feedback. The following are the 5 simple steps on how to conduct feedback after the completion of classroom teaching.

  • Prepare: After completion of a class, students are ready to make feedback with careful reflection f what they think. Use specific English language to write the Feedback. Try to give feedback on the specific instructional practice targeted for improvement.
  • Present Data: Conversate directly with the teacher to know how you understand their teaching. Conduct this step to avoid the teaching impact on your scores. Focus your conversation on the key points you have noted after the class.
  • Discuss Focus: After the scores have been presented, you have to discuss the focus for improvement efforts. Follow presume positive intentions, pay attention to seld and others, pose questions, pause and paraphrase techniques.
  • Make a Plan: At this point, teachers have to agree with students and focus on their improvement or change. Start asking students what are the areas that need to be changed to be successful in their teaching.
  • Follow up: Let the teacher know students are asking for changes and improvement in the teacher’s teaching techniques. After 3 weeks, again ask students to give proper effective feedback to their teachers.

Examples of Positive Feedback to Teachers from Students

The following given are good feedback comments for teachers from students. Students can copy paste these good comments for teachers for your online classes.

  • I have been learning Eight Grade Class Science from Teacher1 this winter and it has been a great experience. He is a very thoughtful teacher who puts a lot of thought into how he presents the data. His lessons were useful and engaging, and he is very patient with every student in the class and always encourages students to try. I would highly recommend him to students interested in learning the Eight Class Science subjects.
  • Teacher 2 is a very good teacher! He provides both a great mix of listening, speaking and practical learning activities and a very safe, supportive learning environment. As a student, you feel pushed to learn and try out new competencies, feel safe and supported in doing so and gain valuable feedback that helps you to improve your subject knowledge.
  • It is great to see how visible and accessible you are around the school. We need a teacher who is best at teaching academics by engaging students in normal activities.
  • Teachers require so many positive qualities like compassion, care, patience, and commitment. You have all these qualities in abundance.
  • My teacher is one of the few teachers that go above and beyond teaching. She loves her students and teachers everything with passion. She helped me to score good marks.
  • My teacher is incredible. She has created thoughtful content that challenges students while keeping it engaging and relevant. She knows how to evaluate your skill set and place you in a class of other similarly skilled students.
  • Teacher 5 was teaching Science subjects to me for 4 years and did a great job! Teacher 5 knowledge of a wide variety of high school science was immensely helpful towards my success and kept me on track for graduation. She is also friendly and reliable.
  • Teacher 6 is the absolute best! He made the information so easy to understand, and he is truly gifted at what he does. I recommend him to anyone struggling in math, he will make sure you know exactly what you are doing.

Also, Refer

Negative Written Feedback Examples for Teachers by Students

These are examples of negative comments to teachers from their students. Students can use the relevant one to give feedback to their teacher.

  • I have observed that what is being taught in the classroom appears to not be age-appropriate. And my parents are bothered about inappropriate books, and back in the syllabus and my performance in exams.
  • I am not happy with your behaviour in the classroom. You are voice is not audible to the last benches while teaching lessons. Make sure you are teaching loudly from tomorrow onwards.
  • Hi sir, we think you are teaching the subject to the blackboard, as we are not understanding a few important topics. Habituate to ask what is your understanding level of the topic after the completion of the session. So that you will know how many students are able to catch your speed.
  • The homework giving is very easy over the past few weeks and I feel bored. We are requesting to add more challenging concepts so that they will meet my potential.

Feedback Form for Teacher Evaluation by Students

Below tabulated is the general feedback form for teachers from students. Students have to tick their choice so that the overall evaluation can be considered.

Subject Average Good Very Good Excellent
1. Time Sense
Punctuality in the Class
Regularity in taking classes
Completing the syllabus of the course in time
Making alternate arrangements for class in their absence
2. Subject Command
Focus on Syllabus
Communication skills
Conducting the classroom discussions
Teaching subject matters
3. Use of Teaching Methods/Teaching Aids
Blackboard visibility and legibility
Using innovative teaching methods
4. Helping Attitude
Helping approach towards varied academic interests of students
Helping students irrespective of culture/background
Helping students in realizing career goals
5. Laboratory Interaction
Availability of teacher in class
Follows open-ended approach to conducting the experiments
Regular checking lab notebooks
6. Class Control
Inspires students for ethical control
Student’s participation in the class
Enhances learning by judicious reinforcement mechanism


Hoping that the data shared here about positive and negative feedback for teachers from students is helpful to students while giving feedback to their teachers. Visit our page to know about other topics information.

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