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Firefox Search is Not Working Issue | How To Fix Firefox Ctrl+F Not Working 2021?



Firefox Find on Page Not Working Fixed

Firefox Find on Page Not Working Fixed: Mozilla Firefox is one of the most common search engines and sometimes is preferred even over Chrome since it is faster and is lighter. However, this does not mean that there are no issues whatsoever with this browser. One issue that many people come across is the search bar disappearing when they want to search for something.

If this has happened to you, you may have tried different keyboard commands and maybe even tried working around internal settings to have the search bar restored back. In this article, we will be looking at what is to be done when this particular problem arises.

One solution is to use the ‘Find on Page’ feature to find on the webpage a particular word or a phrase. To access this feature, you would need to press the ‘Ctrl’ and ‘F’ buttons together. This will have the search bar open up, where you just need to type in whatever it is that you want to find. Do Fix Snapchat not Loading Snaps & Google Reviews are not showing up

But what if doing this does not work, and the search bar still isn’t appearing on Firefox? Now, if the ‘Find on Page’ feature is not working, there may be other issues. It is, therefore, better to disable all of the add-ons that you may have on this browser or see if the browser needs to be updated and do so. There are many different ways to have the Firefox ‘Find on Page not working fixed, as you will find as you read on.

There may be times when even if you press the ‘Ctrl’ and ‘F’ buttons together, the search bar doesn’t appear no matter how many times you tried it. However, there are methods and fixes that can help sort these issues out. The various solutions have been categorized in this article that will be able to help you.

Steps for Fixing Quick Search on Mozilla Firefox

If the option for quick search isn’t working on the browser, it may be possible that it has been disabled. It is, therefore, good to check and change the settings if this is the case so that quick search can be enabled for you to use.

Here are the steps that you need to follow to enable quick search on Firefox again:

  1. Type in ‘about:config’ in the URL section of your browser first.
  2. Then you need to get the exact item by finding it with ‘typeaheadfind.
  3. Lastly, you will need to locate the ‘accessibility.typeaheadfind.manual’ from the list that will appear before here.
  4. Change the value next to it to ‘True,’ if it is ‘False.’

make it true whenever it is false

Remember to change the setting to ‘True’, and once this is done, the search bar will once again be enabled on your browser, and you will see the Firefox ‘Find on Page not working fixed.

How Can I Find a Text in a Webpage on Mozilla Firefox?

The method to locate or find any text on Firefox is very simple and is as follows:

  1. Firstly, you need to open the webpage that you want the text from.
  2. Press ‘Ctrl’ and ‘F’ so that the search bar will appear on your screen.
  3. Then just type in the word that you wish to find.

Another method to find access to the search bar is from the ‘Menu’, from where you need to click on ‘Find’ for this particular feature.

access the search bar option

Four different types of settings will be offered to you on the browser through which you can highlight text, choose the entire word, or match the cases.

Best Methods to Fix ‘Find on Page’ is Not Working Issue on Firefox

If you have tried the quick fix mentioned above but still find that the issue persists, here are some other methods that you can try to have the Firefox ‘Find on Page not working fixed.

Method 1: Resetting the Mozilla Firefox Browser

If you have been using Mozilla Firefox, you also have the option to completely reset the browser. This is one option that you can try to fix the issues with the search bar not working. What happens when the browser is reset is that the cookies and cache all get cleared from Firefox.

This is necessary because then the browser is made lighter, and if the issue has been caused due to a memory load on the browser, it will get fixed instantly.

click on clear now button

If you need to reset the browser, the process is very easy. All you need to do is go to the settings, and you will find the Menu option, under which you can press ‘Reset.,’ after which you will see the Firefox ‘Find on Page not working fixed. But please note that if you reset the browser, all the saved files and passwords will be deleted from Firefox.

Method 2: Disable Add-Ons

While add-ons or extensions, as they are called, are important, sometimes they can create problems. One is that when there are so many of them, it can be difficult to figure out which one it is that is creating the issue, which is resulting in the search bar not appearing. Disabling add-ons is another method that can fix this particular issue.

remove extensions

The process here, too, is very simple. You need to go to the option that says ‘Extension’ on the Mozilla Firefox browser and to the section that has all of the add-ons. Then you need to press ‘Remove,’ and all the extensions that you have on your browser will be removed.

Method 3: Logging Out of the Browser

There are times when the problem may be with the login account on Firefox itself. When many different add-ons are added using this account, even removing them can leave some of the settings unchanged.

There may be certain personal settings that were first set for the account. But once you log out of your Firefox account, all of these settings that were placed will return to the default setting. This results in the browser working perfectly, and this is why the ‘Find on Page’ feature may be restored to the browser.

It is possible that the site preferences that were set caused this feature from your browser to be turned off using your account. This is why you could try logging out of the account and then reload the page. If the issue has been caused because of the site preferences, following this method should solve the issue.

Method 4: Update to the Latest Version or Re-Install

Apart from removing add-ons, logging out, and resetting the browser, another option is to update the browser to the latest available version. It is possible that sometimes if you are using an older version of Firefox, you will not get access to certain features. And because of this, certain features may possibly not work on this version of the browser.

This is why it is important to update the browser to the latest version available, or you can re-install, and you will get the latest version. In this manner, all HTML issues with the websites will be fixed. And if this is what caused the problem with the search bar, it will be fixed as well.

Method 5: Get a Third-Party Search Extension

There may also be cases when only a certain web page is showing the issue with the search bar. What’s happening here is that there is a set of HTML here that is preventing the browser from showing some features. This can, in turn, result in the search bar being impacted, which is why the solution is to get a third-party extension so that you can use the search bar as an add-on.

There are many different third-party extensions that you can use to look up words on web pages. This can solve the issue with the search bar.


The last thing to mention here is that you can also try checking your keyboard if you happen to be using an external one. The ‘Ctrl and F’ commands may not be working because of issues with the keyboard.

If you’ve confirmed that this is not the case, you can try the other methods that are mentioned here. In most cases, resetting, updating, and disabling add-ons are methods to have the Firefox ‘Find on Page not working fixed

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