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8 Ways That You Can Try To Fix Snapchat Not Loading Snaps Issue in 2021



how to Fix Snapchat Not Loading Snaps

Is your Snapchat malfunctioning? Is it not loading any posts and making you worry and frustrated that something is wrong? Do not fret. It is not something to be so agitated about. With immense popularity comes a lot of stress on the application. Sometimes social media apps tend to not function properly. Therefore, in this article, we will share 8 ways you can use to fix Snapchat not loading snaps.

Most of the time, messages known as Snaps load on their own, but sometimes they ask you to “Tap to Load”. It usually works but in case your screen remains blank and no Snaps appear, go right ahead and try these methods instead.

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Why And When Do Snaps Not Load On Snapchat?

The majority of times, poor internet connection is the culprit. If your internet connection is slow, Snaps might not load automatically. The app will instead ask you to load them one by one manually by tapping on the “Tap to Load” pop-up.

If slow internet is not the issue, there are a number of reasons that could be posing the problem. Corrupted cache files, data restrictions, battery saver mode, bogs, etc. could be the culprits. Go through all the approaches explained in detail with a guide and pictures till the problem gets solved. So put on your detective hats and get deducing!

Different Approaches to Fix Snapchat Not Loading Snaps

Try these approaches one by one and in no time, your Snaps will be back to loading automatically again.

Approach 1- Check For Internet Connectivity Issues

As we mentioned earlier, poor internet connection is of the major reasons why your snaps might not be loading. Therefore, start fixing by making sure that the internet is connected and working properly on your device. Just do so by opening YouTube and playing any random video. If it plays smoothly, your internet is fine, but if it buffers, you have found the culprit which is causing Snapchat to malfunction.

Try disconnecting and reconnecting to your Wi-Fi network. Restart your router. If these don’t work, try switching to Mobile data instead. Once the internet starts working properly, open Snapchat and sees if the snaps are loading normally again or not.

Approach 2- Restart Your Phone

If your Internet was not the issue, try the good old “turn it off and on again” method. Restarting your phone (whether Android or iOS) is enough to solve a lot of small issues. Try the same for this issue as well. Long press the Power button until the pop-up shows on the screen and then tap on the Restart option.

Once your mobile phone restarts again, open Snapchat and see if it fixed the issue of Snapchat not loading posts. If yes, great, but if not, move on to the next method.

Approach 3- Clear Cache And Data For Snapchat

Every app stores some basic data in the form of Cache files. This data is saved so that when the app is opened, it is able to display something immediately. It is meant to reduce the start-up time of the apps. However, sometimes old cache files can get corrupted and cause the app to malfunction. So if you are facing problems with Snapchat, clearing its cache and data files might be able to fix the issue of Snapchat not loading posts.

Don’t worry, deleted these files will not cause any harm to your device or app. New files will immediately generate and take their place. To proceed further, follow these steps-

  1. Open Settings on your phone.
  2. Click on the Apps section to view installed apps on your device.
  3. Here, search for Snapchat and tap on it for app information.Search Snapchat and click on it
  4. Tap on Storage.Snapchat storage
  5. Both the options to Clear Cache and Clear Data will appear on the screen. Click on them.clear cache and clear data
  6. Once deleted, open Snapchat again and see if there is any improvement or not.

Approach 4- Exempt Snapchat from Data Saver Restrictions 

Like we mentioned in the first approach, a stable and strong internet connection is very important for social media apps to function properly, including Snapchat. So in case you have turned on any Data saver, it might be interfering with your app’s proper functioning.

Data saver is a built-in Android feature and It is very useful as it helps you conserve your data. You should probably keep your Data saver on if you have a limited internet connection as it eliminates any background internet usage. This includes automatic updates, auto-sync, downloading messages, etc. However, these could be slowing down your internet speed and why your posts are not loading on their own.

Therefore, if you have an unlimited internet connection and do not need to conserve data, we would advise you to disable the Data saver. In case you have to use it, exempt Snapchat from its list at least. To do so, follow the below-given steps-

  1. Open Settings on your device.
  2. Click on the Wireless and Network section.wireless and networks
  3. Next, tap on the Data Usage usage
  4. Here, tap on Smart Data Saver. If possible, Disable it by touching the switch next to it.disable data saver
  5. If you can’t do that, scroll down to the EXCEPTIONS section and Select Snapchat listed under Installed apps. The switch beside it should turn blue.exempt snapchat
  6. Once, Snapchat is exempted from the Data Saver list, it should start loading snaps like it normally does.

Approach 5- Remove Battery Saver Restrictions On Snapchat

Similar to Data Saver, Android also has a Battery Saver mode which helps in prolonging battery life. It stops background apps from running idly and hence, conserves power. Although it is an essential feature to preserve the device’s battery, it can also cause hindrance in the functionality of some apps.

Snaps automatically loading on Snapchat is a background process. The app downloads snap in the background to immediately show them when you open the app. This will not be possible if Battery Saver restrictions are active for Snapchat. Disable battery saver temporarily or exempt Snapchat from Battery Saver restrictions to check if it makes any difference. Follow the steps given below to make the changes and check-

  1. Open Settings on your phone.
  2. Tap on the Battery section.battery
  3. Here, the screen will show Power Saving Mode. Disable it by tapping on the switch beside it.power saving mode
  4. Now, click on the Battery Usage section below it as shown in the image above.
  5. Search for Snapchat in the list of installed apps and tap on it.
  6. Next, open the App launch launch
  7. First, disable the Manage automatically option. Then, under Manage Manually, enable all three- Auto-launch, Secondary launch, and Run in Background.disable manage manually

By doing this, it will prevent the Battery saver from restricting the functionalities of the app and might solve the issue of Snapchat not loading posts.

Approach 6- Clear The Conversation With Your Friends

This method is for a more niche problem. Try this if snaps are loading fine for most people but not for some particular person(s). The best way to go about solving this issue is by deleting the conversation with that person(s). Before doing this, you need to know that this will delete all the previous snaps that you have received from them. It will delete all conversations that you have had with that person so far. This is one price you will have to pay personally to fix the problem.

If you are prepared to do so, follow the steps given below-

  1. First, open Snapchat and go to its Settings.
  2. Now, select the Accounts Action section.
  3. Here, click on the Clear the Conversation option.
  4. This will show you a list of all the people you have had any sort of communication with on the app. It can be through either messages or snaps.
  5. Look for the person(s) whose snaps are not loading and tap on the cross button next to them.
  6. This will clear your conversation with them and you will once again receive snaps just like before the issue arose.

Approach 7- Remove Your Friend And Then Add Them Again

If the problem continues even after deleting prior Conversations with them, you can try removing them from your Friends List and then Adding them again after some time. This will hopefully fix the problem. To know how to do so, follow the given guide-

  1. Open Snapchat and tap on the Add Friends symbol.
  2. From there, go to the My Friends section.
  3. Here, search for the affected person and remove them from your list.remove friend
  4. By doing so, you will delete all the conversations you have had with this person, similar to the previous method.
  5. Wait for some time and then add them again. If you do not remember their Username or Phone Number, find your friend by using these simple tricks.

Approach 8- Update and Re-install Snapchat

If nothing works and you are still facing the same issue, your app might be in need of an update. Most updates usually fix any bugs that might be causing any problems in the app. So check that first. If an update is not available, Uninstall the app and then re-install it. Following are the steps are given to do so.

  1. Open Play Store on your phone.
  2. Type Snapchat on the Search Bar.
  3. Open the app and see if there are any updates available. If available, click on it.
  4. However, if no updates are available, try the alternative and Uninstall it. Remember to write down your login information beforehand. In case you forget this step and lose your password, use these tips to reset your password.
  5. After uninstalling, for an extra measure, restart your phone and then re-install Snapchat.
  6. Log in and your issue should be fixed by now.


If none of the above-mentioned approaches worked, the problem may be on the Server end of Snapchat and might get fixed in some time on its own.

However, if this article on ‘How to Fix Snapchat Not Loading Snaps’ did help you, tell us about it in the comments section and if you liked our content, please check out our other articles as well!

Neha Bansal is a Delhi based engineering graduate and has done her Post Graduation in Human Resource Management. She has a deep interest in startups, business & technology.

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