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Simple Methods on How To Fix Sorry There Was A Problem With Your Request Instagram 2022 on Android and iPhone



Fix sorry there was a problem with your request on Instagram: Instagram is a wide globally recognized platform that mitigates bots and automation in the system of work because of which you may face a lot of problems be it device-centric or technical.

This error occurs when your Insta account is locked by Instagram because your IP address has been banned by them. The automation characteristic of Instagram causes temporary blocks and bans like this which makes innocent people suffer.

Sometimes many people have complained that they have got unexpectedly logged out from their Instagram automatically and while re-logging, they are seeing “ Sorry there was a problem with your request on Instagram ”.

sorry there was an problem with your request

If you are wondering why this happens and how to fix Sorry there was a problem with your request error on Instagram, then you are at the right spot, keep reading to check out. Also, why don’t you take a break from your regular boring work life and have a look at our best Insta captions article to get amazed. Now, let’s get back to the topic we are discussing for today!

Why is it Showing Sorry there was a problem with your Request Instagram 2022 Error While Logging in?

Instagram can show you “ Sorry There Was A Problem With Your Request 2022 iPhone or android “ while you are trying to login due to two main reasons:

  • If you post something offensive, inappropriate, or violate Instagram’s guidelines and policies like nudity, sensitivity, abuse, sexual harassment, cyberbullying, violence, triggering national or religious sentiments, etc.
  • Secondly, if a large number of people have unanimously reported your account.

For any of the above two reasons Instagram temporarily bans your account via an app on a specific device by blocking the respective IP address and displaying Sorry, there was a problem with your request Instagram 2022 whenever and how many times ever you try logging in.

However, some of the reasons for not being able to login into the account be like Weak internet connection, using an older version of Instagram, and cache bulk. Want to solve this problem in no time then read the below 8 Best & Quick Tricks To Solve Sorry There Was A Problem With Your Request on Android and iPhone.

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How to Fix Sorry there was a problem with your request on Instagram for iPhone and Android?

If you are logged out of your Instagram automatically and you are unable to login into it from your device it is very difficult to approach Instagram itself to fix your issue.

For such a situation we have provided you with 8 most beneficial steps following which most of you will be able to solve the issue of sorry there was a problem with your request on Instagram and re-login to your account :

  1. Basic Steps
  2. Using Forgot Password or Get Help Feature
  3. Login via Facebook
  4. Temporarily disable your account
  5. Create Instagram clone
  6. Use parallel space
  7. Change IMEI number and Android ID
  8. Factory reset

Now let us see in detail how to perform the about mentioned 9 methods easily :

1. Basic Steps

At first, you need to make sure whether the issue is due to any technical problem or not. To fix that you need to follow the basic steps that are required in solving any random problem of any random app.

  • Steps include checking whether you have a good internet connection.
  • Try turning your Wi-Fi device on and off, switching the data service from one sim to the other if you have a dual sim internet connection, and turning the airplane mode button on and off.

Turning WIFI on & off

  • Next, you need to check whether you are using an older version of Instagram and re-install immediately if any update is available. Go to the Google Play Store if you are an Android user or to App Store if you’re an iPhone user and select Instagram from my apps. If the button next to it shows an update then you have a new update available, download it immediately to have the latest bug-free version for your use.

Update Instagram

  • Next, check whether you have any device storage issues going on or not and clear cache data junk to allow the app to work smoothly and efficiently. If your Instagram keeps crashing and you are frustrated as to how to fix it, feel free to reach out to our article How To Fix Instagram If It Keeps Crashing.

Clear data

  • Lastly, you need to make sure whether Instagram is having a server down altogether or not and wait for developers to get it working right.

2. Forgot Password or Get Help Signing in

This is tried and tested that when most of the users use Forgot password or Get help signing in and get a verification code to re-login into their accounts, they have eventually been able to do it without the app showing sorry there was a problem with your request. Follow these steps :

  • Go to the login page of your Instagram application which asks for credentials like Email / User ID and password to log in and click on forgot password. 

Click on forget password

  • You will be taken to a page that asks you to re-enter your email and phone number to send you a verification code to reset your password.

Re-enter your email and phone number

  • Once you receive the verification code as a text message write that code at the time of login.

Enter confirmation Code

You will be able to smoothly log into your account now without getting any errors.

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3. Log in via Facebook

If you are not being able to login to Instagram directly then the next best option is to log in via Facebook, for this, you need to:

  • Open Instagram on a different device and try to log in.
  • Next, you need to unlink your Facebook account, for this go to your Instagram account center from settings, and remove the Facebook account from related accounts.

Remove Facebook account from related accounts.

  • Now you will have to create a new Facebook account to connect with your Instagram account and once that is created, grab another phone where you can log in to Instagram via application without getting the error that we’re discussing in this article.

Create facebook account

  • Clear cache data and reinstall the Instagram app on that device.
  • Then, open the Instagram application and log in by clicking on login with Facebook.

Login facebook from insta account

Well, that’s it, now it is expected your Instagram account will open smoothly without showing your double glazing sorry there was a problem with your request.

4. Temporarily Disable your Account

Instagram provides you with an option to temporarily disable or deactivate your Insta account. The basic function of this is to temporarily have a stop on Instagram if you would like to take a break by keeping your account information intact which you will be able to revive back whenever you log in to your account.

For the time being, your account will not be visible on the Instagram feed page. It’s seen that people who have temporarily disabled their Instagram account from their mobile browser and tried to log in again from their mobile application have been able to login smoothly and not see the error sorry there was a problem with your request on Instagram.

We have a detailed article based on the same, where we tell you What happens when you Temporarily Disable Instagram? make sure you refer to that too for better understanding.

Where you can Temporarily disable account

5. Create an Instagram Clone App

In many cases creating a duplicate or clone app for Instagram by using dual apps has proven to solve the issue. This is a different way of approach from the other regular ones. Let’s see how you do it:

  • First, you need to go to your system settings and click the option of dual apps.

Dual apps option in settings

  • Scroll down till you find Instagram and click on the button next to it till it changes color which will create a clone for your Instagram and add a new Insta icon to the home screen of your device.

Enable dual apps button

  • Finally, you need to click on that clone Instagram icon and log in to your account, and check whether the issue addressed here is fixed or not.

Dual apps in your phone


6. Use Parallel Space

Parallel space is a well-known application that helps you to open two different accounts on similar applications on one single device.

  • Open your Google Play Store ( for android users ) or Appstore ( for iPhone users) and search parallel space and click on the install button next to it to download the app to your device.

Where to install parellel space

  • Next, open the application and create a second server option for your Instagram, and log in to it.

This time Instagram mustn’t show sorry there was a problem with your request and let you log in smoothly.

7. Change your IMEI Number and Android ID

In case you are a user who has rooted his / her device, this step is going to be useful for you. Instagram shows an error while logging in if it has banned your IP address and blocked your account on your specific Android device. Changing the IMEI number and your Android ID will be useful. To achieve this you need to first uninstall your Instagram app and follow the below steps:

  • Change the IMEI number and device ID by first dialing ##3646633 ## or #7465625 and check the radio information. Change the IMEI number AT +EGMR=1,7,” IMEI_1 replace the IMEI with your desired number and click on send.
  • Reboot or restart your device.
  • Install Instagram from your respective Google Play Store or App store and try logging in again.

8. Factory Reset

If none of the above methods are working then the last resort that you can try on to is performing a factory reset on your device. This will do nothing but remove everything from your device, help you have a fresh start, and also alter your device ID.

Before you perform a factory reset you need to know that a factory reset will delete every frickin’ information from your device so do not forget to take a backup of the valuable ones.

  • First, take a backup of your valuable data, then go to system settings and click on the factory reset option.

factory reset option

  • Once ready, proceed to reset and re-install your Instagram app again once your device restarts after the reset.

Now you will be able to log in to your Instagram account without any errors.

FAQs on Best Ways To Fix Sorry There Was A Problem With Your Request Instagram iPhone & Android 2022

1. Why can’t I get back to my Instagram account?

Instagram generally suspends your account by temporarily blocking your IP address if you post or comment on anything offensive or disobey the Instagram policies or if people report your account unanimously. So in that case you can’t get back to your account and also it shows sorry there was a problem with your request every time you try logging in from the same device.

2. If I use a clone app will Instagram ban that too?

Well no, if Instagram is showing sorry there was a problem with your request on Instagram, you can try creating a clone Insta app by using dual apps from your system settings and logging into it. Instagram generally doesn’t ban both of the applications and you will be able to open your account from either of the two.

3. Can someone unban my Instagram account?

Yes, they can unban the account if you have posted something that is disobeying the Instagram community guidelines, or people have reported your account as malicious unanimously. Kindly, refer to our article fix sorry there was a problem with your request to get a detailed know-how of the same.

4. Is it possible to change the IMEI number on the Android ID?

IMEI number is a unique id that you get with your device and it is not recommended to change it. But if your IP address is blocked by Instagram mistakenly then you can try changing your IMEI device.


Instagram developers thrive to give an error-free efficient service but like other applications, Instagram is prone to experiencing time to time issues too. Most of the issues are generally related to internet connectivity, excessive cache data, using an older version of Instagram, and giving wrong credentials at the time of logging in.

But, Fix Sorry There was a Problem with your Request on Instagram is a very common yet frustrating problem, and the given detailed step-by-step knowledge on the same will help you a lot. For more amazing yet easy tricks like Insta notifications not working, stay tuned to 


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