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Here’s How To Fix Instagram Camera Not Working Issue 2022? | 10 Simple Methods to Resolve “Unable to Access Camera” on Instagram Error



Fix Unable to Access Camera in Instagram

Fix Unable to Access Camera in Instagram: Instagram is one of the most virtual social media platforms ever. It is all about posting pictures, stories, boomerangs, life updates, starting your online business, etc. However, the camera is one of the most prominently used features of Instagram. So, a camera error or not being able to access the camera even if all of the app permissions issues can be a bit annoying.

But guess what? You can fix this Instagram bug very easily and that is what we are here for. In this article, we are going to share with you a few simple and quick tricks to help you fix “Unable to Access Camera in Instagram” and also to prevent any such error from happening thereafter. Let’s have a look at how!

Effective & Quick Ways To fix Unable to Access Camera” on Instagram Story/ Posts/ Reels?

When you open Instagram it asks “enable library, enable camera, and enable microphone access”. Even after you have given all the access asked it is showing “Unable to Access Camera”. Here are a few step-by-step tricks through which you can solve this issue quickly and easily along with the solution you can also have a look at the best insta captions to make your posts or stories or reels engaging.

Having said that, first, you need to make sure if there is any hardware glitch or any other technical issue with your device because of which your camera is not being able to be accessed. Sometimes there can be a hardware issue rather than software, so make sure to check that first.

However, when you get lost the access to Instagram notification and it is not working properly then check this guide- Fix Instagram Notifications Not Working and fix it at a faster pace.

How to Fix “Unable to Access Camera” in Instagram?

By using the ten methods mentioned below you will be able to easily fix “Unable to Access Camera” on Instagram. Let’s have a look at the solutions without any further delay!

  1. Rechecking app permissions
  2. Update Instagram App
  3. Update Camera App
  4. Clear cache and data from Instagram
  5. Uninstalling and reinstalling Instagram
  6. Removing recent apps
  7. Checking for Pending System Updates
  8. Factory reset
  9. Reboot your phone
  10. Service Centre

Let’s see a detailed explanation for these ten methods to help you solve your Instagram camera not working problem in no time.

1st Method: Recheck App Permissions

Whenever you open your Instagram after installation, a bunch of permissions is asked from you which include access to contacts, camera, library, gallery, location, etc.

While doing this, it may happen that you forget or miss out giving the access to camera permission as allowed which eventually will hinder your camera from working while using Instagram.

Hence, rechecking and giving the camera access is so important to avoid such issues. If not given the camera permissions then here’s the step-wise guide to do it and fix the Instagram camera not working issue:

Step 1- Click on the Settings option from your device.

go for settings app

Step 2- Select Apps from the list of the settings menu.

click on apps option

Step 3- Click Manage Apps under the Apps menu to enable the camera access.

under apps menu tap on manage apps option

Step 4- Choose Instagram from the list and continue with the next steps.

tap on instagram app

Step 5- Next, tap on App Permissions and check out the options you find to allow the camera access.

click on apps permission option

Step 6- Select the Camera option to display all the required details.

choose the camera option

Step 7- Now, you have to deselect the Don’t allow option and choose the ‘Allow only while using the app’ or ‘Ask every time’ options as per your choice.

enable the camera access by choosing the proper option

2nd Method: Update Instagram App

Updating any application to its latest version is necessary in order to get the latest features of debugging, app security, and stability.

Hence, updating the Instagram app will not only provide you with the best features but will also ensure any existing bug fixes including the Camera if the error caused there was due to any bug and make sure the app works at its best. The following are the steps:-

  1. Open Google Play Store in Android or App Store in google play store on android
  2. Click on your emoji and select Manage Apps and Manage Apps and Devices
  3. Then, click on Updates available and click on Instagram to check for updates. If it shows Update, click on it since updates are available, if it shows Open, then there is no pending update.

choose updated available option and check

For Instagram camera not working in IPhone:-

Instagram camera not working in IPhone

For Instagram Camera not working on Android:-

Instagram Camera not working on Android

3rd Method: Use Native Camera App

It is always advisable to use the native camera app which is in-built into your device’s system. Usage of any 3rd party camera app may not function while using Instagram and may show “Unable to Access Camera”. Here’s how to check:

Step 1- Tap on System Settings and choose Apps.

click on apps option

Step 2- Tap on System App Setting and check whether you are using the Camera present over there or not.

select system app settings unders apps

Fourth Method: Clearing Cache & Data from Instagram

Cache memory or cache files are basically small bits of information that get stored in the memory of your device whenever an application is being opened and used. Sometimes excess cache gets corrupted as junk files resulting in app malfunctioning.

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Hence, cache and data memory clearing can free up unnecessarily occupied storage from the device’s memory resulting in all the features functioning smoothly including the Camera. Let’s see how?

Step 1- Tap on System Settings, then click Apps and choose Instagram.

tap on instagram app

Step 2- Click on Clear Data and clear your cache and data.

Clearing Cache & Data from Instagram

5th Method- Uninstalling & Reinstalling Instagram

Uninstalling an application and then reinstalling it helps in clearing up a lot of space from your memory and helps all the features to function smoothly by allowing every feature to get their respective share of space for functioning.

For this, you can just long-press the application from your device’s home screen and click on uninstall.

Uninstalling instagram

Again install it from the Google play store or the app store.

install instagram app

6th Method: Removing recent apps

If too many applications are kept open in the background, it consumes a lot of RAM space and hinders the functionality of the actual app we want to work upon, here Instagram

Hence, removing recent apps is the best solution because it stops all the applications happening in the background thereby preventing cache memory from getting stacked up unnecessarily, thus fastening and allowing all the features to work properly including the Camera and also saving battery. Here’s how?

Step 1- Click on the Hamburger (3 horizontal lines).

Step 2- Click on the cross button in a circle option and all the background applications will be cleared.

removing recently used apps and clear space

7th Method: Check for System Updates

If any system or software update is pending or you started it but it got stopped due to poor Mobile data or Wifi internet it causes applications and their features to crash, lag or randomly close at times. Like this, Instagram also gets crashed sometimes to fix Instagram keeps crashing issue click on the available link.

A system update can be a result of the camera app not working on Instagram. Hence, check for any pending system updates and install them right away which also helps in improving a few features that were previously buggy. Here’s how?

Step 1- Go to System Settings and click on About Phone.

tap on about phone under system settings

Step 2- Click on the name of the latest version of your phone and check for updates. It will show Updates Available if any pending update is available and you should install it right away. It will show No Updates if there is none.

click on current version of your phone

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8th Method: Factory Reset

Factory Reset basically ensures clearing the entire data load, freezing, crashing, or any other problem of any of the features of any application by removing all the data at once. It is always advisable to take a backup of your data before you plan to do a Factory Reset in order to avoid loss of valuable information.

Here are the steps:-

Step 1- Go to System Settings and scroll down.

Step 2- You will find the options Backup & Restore and Factory Reset. Click accordingly.

click on factory reset

9th Method: Rebooting your Phone

Rebooting your phone helps to give a fresh start to all the features of any application if they have freezed or crashed previously rather than spending more time, memory, or battery in solving the frozen feature.

This helps in starting afresh with clean RAM and no junk files. You may see many features start working so smoothly if just once you restart your device, that’s what we are exactly talking about here.

For Rebooting your device, long press your power button and click Reboot amongst the four options available.

rebooting your phone

10th Method: Service Centre

Going to the nearest service centre could be your last resort to check whether there is an internal hardware problem with your device because of which your camera isn’t working.

For a quick understanding of the process, we have given this video on how to allow camera access for Instagram. Let’s make use of it too:

Tips & Tricks to Fix Camera Not Working on Instagram Problem

Here are a few tricks and tips that you can follow in order to avoid getting the “Unable to Access Camera” on the Instagram issue in the future:

  1. Avoid using Instagram if your phone has a low battery or is heated.
  2. Clear cache quite often to avoid piling up junk files. Delete any unnecessary media from your device in order to avoid overloading your memory and ensure smooth and fast app functionality.
  3. Refrain from using 3rd party or MOD applications, they harm your device.
  4. Check your antivirus regularly in order to keep an eye on the security of the applications.
  5. Keep your system and its applications up-to-date by performing the updates that come to give yourself the pleasure of the latest features and bug solutions.
  6. Close the unimportant recent applications once they have become a lot in order to not waste unnecessary battery and RAM.
  7. Set the camera permission as “Allow Only while Using the app” rather than “Ask every time” to avoid your chances of missing it out.

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FAQs on How to Enable Camera Access on Instagram 2022?

1. How can I fix “Unable to Access Camera” on Instagram?

To fix this, you need to try a couple of tricks. You can start with rechecking your app’s camera permission, updating your Instagram app to the latest version, making sure you are using your native camera and no 3rd party one, try reinstalling, clearing cache and data, or factory reset as the last resort.

2. Why is my Instagram camera not working on android/iphone?

An Instagram camera may crash due to many reasons. First, you need to make sure whether there is any technical hardware glitch in your device because of which your camera is not working. The other reasons could be Camera access permission getting denied, using an old version of Instagram, using 3rd party camera, or Instagram server down.

3. Why can’t I enable Camera Access on Instagram?

The reason probably could be you have missed out on allowing the permission of Access Camera, photos, and library that pops up on screen whenever you install it. Try rechecking your app permissions to solve this.

4. How to fix “Unable to Access Camera on Instagram in Laptop?

Fixing Unable to access the camera on Instagram on a laptop will be tricky because it completely depends upon the laptop’s webcam, many of which don’t support 3rd party application access. Hence, it is recommended you try the process from a mobile coz handling Instagram from mobile is much easier.


Instagram is all about photos, stories, filters, and goofy effects, all of which will mean nothing if the camera itself is not working. Firstly, you need to make sure the reason for “Unable to Access Camera” is whether due to any technical issue in the hardware of your device itself. For this, you can open your camera and click a few pictures normally. Sometimes, the reason for the Instagram camera not working could be Instagram itself if they have their servers down.

If none of the above cases have occured and still your Instagram is showing “Unable to Access Camera” then we have shared some tricks to solve this issue in every possible way and also to avoid such problems in the future. Hope you could make the best use of this. For more such easy yet useful Instagram articles like Instagram bio ideas, etc. stay tuned to

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