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Can I Get Grammarly Premium for Free as a Student | Alternative Apps Like Grammarly Premium for Free 2021



Grammarly Premium for Free

Grammarly Premium for Free 2021: Grammarly is more than just a red-line corrector. It’s a complete grammar solution that helps your documents be perfect by making it easy to find and repair issues in more than 250 common mistakes. With greater precision, it highlights more problems, so you have all the information you need to deliver the best content possible.

Grammarly will not simply give away free premium accounts. However, if you really want to use this application the way it was meant to be, you will need a premium account. We’ll tell you exactly how to get a free Grammarly premium account during this article.

Grammarly free premium accounts

Grammarly is no stranger to providing a free service to users. In addition to its free online service, Grammarly also offers a 30-day free period for new users to try the premium version of the software before they commit. After this trial ends, users can choose whether or not to buy the software.

A free trial of premium features is available to all Grammarly users. If you are currently running a premium plan and want to increase your member limit, feel free to contact our customer support team or simply try out any of the existing free trials.

This article lists several methods that you can use to get a free Grammarly premium trial and lists alternatives that might help you to create better-structured and more informative content.

Is there a way to get Grammarly Premium for free in 2021?

If you want to get Grammarly Premium for free, there are several ways you can get it. Whether you’re a student looking for a discount or a writer trying to write better, the following three methods will help you get it for free:

Method-1: Asking Grammarly Team

If you change your Grammarly plan from free to premium, you will no longer have access to Grammarly’s free trial. Since this is a paid service, the free trial option will not be available.

A business that has a team member limit of less than 100 can get a free trial on Grammarly. This will give users the chance to test the app before paying for it. If you’re provided the Free Trial option manually for your account and want to take advantage of it, here are the simple steps to follow:

Grammarly team to avail you a free trial

  • Visit Grammarly’s website to create a free account and start using the grammar checker on your computer.
  • After creating your account, click on ‘Grammarly Premium’.
  • Choose the service that fits your business from our three options: Grammarly Premium (for businesses), Grammarly Personal (for individuals), and Grammarly Business (a team plan).

Grammarly Premium Plan 2

  • When you’re ready to complete the purchase, select the mode of payment and provide your details and address. Get started with your Premium Trial today! Remember — if you wish to stop using the app before your Premium Trial is over, you can simply change the subscription settings in Google Play or Apple Store.
  • When the installation is complete, follow the instructions to activate your new Grammarly Premium service.

Remember to contact the Grammarly support team with a free trial period before your account is closed if you don’t want it anymore.

Method-2: Become an Affiliate at Grammarly

Grammarly launched an affiliate program so that you can help its users and earn money at the same time. You will get a free month of service if you sign up, and forever afterward, 10% of every sale will be credited to your account. Moreover, you will get access to premium features not available on the standard version.

Grammarly Affiliate plan

Step #1: First, visit the Grammarly Affiliate website.

Step #2: Just sign up to create your account as a Grammarly Affiliate.

Step #3: Next, insert your blog details or website link and the payment method.

Step #4: Provide your account and user details.

Step #5: You will get a verification code from their side to confirm your details.

Step #6: Once you obtain the verification code log in to your Grammarly account.

verification of Grammarly

Step #7: An affiliate link will be generated for you; upload this very same link to your blog or website and start your free premium and other affiliate rewards.

Method-3: Grammarly Premium Free for Students

With the “Free for Students” method, you can receive a free Grammarly Premium account by signing up with an accredited college or university email address. This method is completely unlimited and free, although the validity of the account is subject to your school’s verification process.

Grammarly Premium for students

Step #1: Visit the Grammarly@edu official website and create your account.

Step #2: You will get a verification link on your registered email Id. Click on the link and get your email verified.

Step #3: After confirming your email address, you will be redirected to a page with access codes.

Step #4: Accepting these codes will enable students to use Grammarly Premium for free.

Select Best Grammarly Premium Alternatives | Apps like Grammarly Premium for Free

Grammarly is one of the best apps to help improve your writing skills and general grammar checking, but it’s not the only option. Other alternatives offer their services with some extra features that Grammarly doesn’t. The three best alternatives for Grammarly Premium are –

Ginger Grammar Checker

Ginger Grammar Checker is a free tool that every good writer should have. It’s a simple and fast grammar-checking software that helps you write better and faster. Just type your text and Ginger will help you write properly.

Ginger Plag Checker

Ginger uses natural language processing to improve the quality of your written communication — it makes sure you don’t repeat the same mistake twice and can suggest alternatives so you don’t need to worry about your writing anymore.

Ginger Grammar Checker software can detect and fix almost all types of grammatical errors in any kind of text. With a powerful, yet simple tool for rephrasing and writing with a unique style, the Ginger Grammar Checker is one of the most comprehensive grammar checkers available — and it’s free!


White Smoke plag

WhiteSmoke provides you with the most comprehensive proofreading tools. Whether you’re looking to correct simple spelling mistakes or build out your vocabulary, WhiteSmoke has you covered. Its patented technology analyzes your writing for contextual spelling errors, choosing the wrong word, punctuation mistakes, and more.

You can choose between three revisions of each error — with the option to personalize your settings with custom dictionaries and rule-based exceptions.

ProWritingAid Free Grammar Checker

ProWritingAid is a tool that has been developed to provide authors with a quick and accurate grammar and spell-checker. As a powerful, yet free program, ProWritingAid helps identify overused words, vague words, and other grammatical errors in your writing. It will save you a great deal of time and help you ensure that your work is as good as it can be.

Pro Writting plag checker

ProWritingAid’s free grammar checker tool for writers checks your writing for spelling, punctuation, and grammar errors — all with just a few clicks. Get immediate feedback on your documents as you write, and show new hires how to use the tool to avoid embarrassing mistakes down the line. Customize it for your company’s style of writing by changing or adding its natural language rules.

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Bottom Lines

And with that, I’ve come to the end of this post about how you can get access to Grammarly for free. Grammarly premium is the best service available for free for everyone. If you are looking to buy Grammarly premium, you can get it by following the above-given methods.

We hope that these methods have helped you in getting the Grammarly premium for free. As I’ve described above, there are no longer any options for a free trial, but if you’d like to use the premium version of Grammarly for free, you still can—it just has to be via one of the company’s affiliate programs.