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How to become a Fashion Blogger on Instagram and Make Money? | Tips to become Instagram Fashion Influencer and get Paid



How to become a Fashion Blogger on Instagram and get Paid
Wanna become an Instagram Fashion Influencer and don’t know where to begin with? It is simple to begin a blog but getting paid from Social Media Giant Instagram is a difficult task. If you are wondering how does Instagram pays money to Fashion Bloggers well don’t worry as we will tell you how. In this article of ours, we will share with you the tips on how to become a fashion blogger and make money, why you should become a Fashion Influencer.

Why Start a Fashion Blog and become an Influencer?

If you are passionate about Fashion and Style you might have come across plenty of Instagram Profiles of the topmost influencers in the Fashion Industry. The Fashion Blogs not just provide a platform to bloggers but open up doors for plenty of opportunities their way. Here are the steps on why you should become a Fashion Influencer and the opportunities that come with Fashion Influencing.
  • You will be invited to many fashion shows and events sitting right in front of fashion icons.
  • You will receive clothes and makeup to review for free as a part of brand endorsements.
  • It can be a great way to make it in Fashion Industry.
  • Beauty and Style are the most popular guides as per Google and with a blog, you can be discovered in search results.
  • Beginning a blog can be a great way to make your mark in the Fashion Industry.
  • It can be a great way to build a connection with your audience and thus can charge more money for sponsored posts.

Step by Step Guide on How to begin a Fashion Blog and Make Money from it

Follow the ultimate guide over here and clear all your doubts on how do fashion bloggers make money. Go through the simple steps listed below and make money by starting an Instagram Fashion Blog on your own.

Step 1: Pick a Fashion Blog Name

The first and foremost step before you start an Instagram Fashion Blog is to choose your niche and name. After selecting the niche it’s time that you choose your account name. The name itself should be reflective and users must understand what your blog is about seeing the name.
  • However, if you feel the name you have thought of is already exists then you can do one thing i.e. add words like my, the, or, etc.
  • You can also try adding dashes between the words as it makes your name unique.
Brainstorming Instagram Fashion Blog Names Ideas
  • Have a look at competitor’s fashion blog names
  • Pick words from your relevant niche
  • Get inspired while reading fashion magazines
  • You can use a thesaurus to select a word list
  • Use other languages in your Blog Names
  • You can even change the spelling of fashion-related words.
  • You can select your own name in the fashion blog name.
  • Mix and match to get different names ideas.
By following the above guidelines and tips hurry up and choose an eye-catching name for your Instagram Fashion Blog and become a Fashion Influencer.

Step 2: Get your Instagram Fashion Account Registered

As you have picked the Instagram Account Name for your fashion blog it’s time to create your Account. Here is how you have to do it. How to create an Instagram Account through Mobile?
  • Firstly download the Instagram App from the Play Store or App Store.
  • Tap on open after installing the App.
  • Then Signup with your Email or Phone Number in order to create a New Account. You can even login with Facebook to sign up with your Facebook Account.
  • Once you are done registering with an Email or Phone Number create a Username and Password. Fill up information in your profile and then click on Done. If you register using Facebook Account then you will be prompted to log in to your Facebook Account in case you are Logged Out.
How to create an Instagram Account through Computer?
  • Visit website
  • Then enter your Email Address, Create a Username and Password or Simply Sign up with Facebook Account.
  • If you get registered using Email simply Signup. However, if you register using Facebook you will be prompted to log in to your existing Facebook if you have logged out.
  • Whenever you signup with an email make sure to enter your email address correctly so that you can access it when needed.
  • If you forget your password you need to access your email in order to retrieve your Instagram Account. While signup Instagram will ask for your Full Name. Make sure you choose the proper business name so that it’s easier for people to find you on Instagram Search Function.
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Step 3: Customize your Instagram Profile

Click on the Edit Option of your profile and fill up your account details so as to distinguish it from others. Add this information while setting up your account initially itself.
  • Add Profile Photo and you can do so by selecting a photo from your Social Media Handles such as Facebook or Twitter. You can also choose from your library or take a photo.
  • Choose a photo from your selected source.
  • Click on the Name field to add a respective name. This name will let other users find you on Instagram. If there is already an account with a name you have thought of Instagram will prompt you to use another name.
  • Add website URL if you have anything to add.
  • Tap on the Bio field and add respective Bio Information.
  • Review your private information as this can only be seen by you.

Step 4: Click Awesome Pictures

One more renowned way to make your Instagram Famous is by adding some nice pictures. Have a walk-through on tips on how to click Instagram Fashion Photos. They are as follows
  • Try to click Pictures in Natural Day Light as it can be great for Fashion Photography.
  • Click Fashion Pictures from Best Angle. Taking Pics from the top can be a great option. If you aren’t sure on which angle to choose try different options.
  • Make the Image more interesting with some editing.
  • Use a professional phone camera lens to get extremely stunning and close-up images.
Instagram Fashion Styling Tips
  • Find Best Light
  • Use Backgrounds
  • Choose the Right Subject
  • Show Scale and Proportion
  • Select Natural Angles
  • Adjust White Balance
  • Pick a Right Camera
  • Keep Lighting Simple
  • Tell a Story
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Step 5: Begin Posting on Instagram

As you have come up with a Blog it’s time to create some fun Posts. Go to the left menu and Tap on the “Posts” Option. Posting Pictures on Instagram regularly can help you build your audience however doing it right is equally important.
  1. Tap the ‘+’ icon at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Select a Photo or Video from the library. Instagram will show you the pictures you have already taken. If you want to take a photo or video within the Instagram app itself you will have an option at the bottom to do so. Once you are done choosing the image click on the Next in the Top Right.
  3. Crop your image to get the right fit of dimensions.
  4. Picking up a filter is optional and Instagram will give you up to 25 filters and you can see how your photo appears in that particular filter option.
  5. Type your Caption and be creative and make sure your caption is engaging while uploading a photo. Text can be a great option to optimize your post in Instagram’s Search Algorithm.
  6. Utilize Hashtags for Post Optimization. Popular Hashtags in Fashion Industry are as follows
    • #fashionista
    • #fashiondesigner
    • #fashionlover
    • #fashionkids
    • #fashionstyle
    • #fashiondiaries
    • #fashionweek
    • #fashionaddict
    • #fashionphotography
    • #fashiondesign
    • #fashionhijab
    • #fashioninspo
    • #fashionable
    • #fashiongram
    • #fashionblog
    • #fashionpost
    • #fashionshow
    • #fashionmodel
    • #fashiondaily
  7. You can tag your friends by clicking on Tag People to tag them on Instagram Posts of yours. You can even include their handle by placing an @ symbol in your caption.
  8. Add your location. Tap on Add Location in Posts Page thus making it easier for people to find your post.
  9. Use emojis as they can be eye-catching as well as engaging at the same time.
  10. Share the post on other social media platforms and when you are ready to post tap on the Share button in the top right.
  11. Edit the post in case you have done any typo errors or so. Once you are done with choosing a post click on the publish button on the right side of the screen and publish it.

Step 6: Promote your Instagram Fashion Blog

Creating an Instagram Fashion Blog and Posting Content is the primary step. However, in order to grow your blog you need to spend some time on it for promoting. Simply post it on your other social media handles like Facebook or Twitter. This can be a great technique as not just your friends but also friends of friends can see them if they share the links. All you have to do is create high-quality content on a consistent basis in your Instagram Fashion Blog to promote it and grow organically.

Step 7: Fix to a Regular Publishing Schedule

Another way to grow followers on Instagram and become a Fashion Influencer is to make people come back to your blog. Consistency is the key so set expectations with both followers and for yourself. Fix to a Proper Content Publishing Strategy and decide on when to publish in prior and plan accordingly. Test and decide which content is working out and which one is not working out. Blog Content Strategy Blog Content Strategy is an action plan for implementing everything that you have figured out so far.
  • Know your niche
  • Identify your potential readers and know what they are looking for.
  • Add the value that you want to provide.

Step 8: Make Money on Instagram

Once you have put the effort into creating and posting Fashion Content making money is quite simple. There are different ways through which you can make money and they are as follows Making Money on Instagram through Affiliate Marketing In this kind, you will get money when someone buys a product. Find merchants to affiliate with and amazon affiliates can be a great place to work with. You just have to use the link they provide and be sure of the kind of relationship you maintain with them. Make Money through Sponsorships or by Selling Your Own Products The second option is to go beyond Fashion Blogging and get into Marketing through e-commerce. You can do brand endorsements or sell your own products to make money. Go through our article on How to make money on Instagram to learn in detail about ways to make money.

Step 9: Become an Instagram Fashion Influencer

A great strategy to make money on Instagram is to become a Fashion Insta.
  • Choose your targeted niche.
  • Set up a business account on Instagram and it’s completely free.
  • Boost your Follower Count and this can be done by keeping a few tips in mind. Use bright and natural lighting. Use engaging and catchy hashtags and try to post on a consistent basis. Keep up to fashion trends.

FAQs on How do Fashion Bloggers Make Money

1. Do Instagram fashion bloggers get paid? As Digital Influencers and Bloggers are bringing more sales compared to celebrities these days marketers are building campaigns for fashion influencers and paying them based on the clicks or sales they generate. 2. How do you Fashion Bloggers make Money? Fashion Bloggers make money through several ways like
  • Become an Influencer and Get Paid to Advertise Products
  • Promote Affiliate Links
  • Start an Online Instagram Shop
  • Teach Your Audience and Get Money
  • Make Money Indirectly by Advertising Your Brand
  • Become an Instagram Consultant or Coach
  • Earn Money from Your Content
3. What are some good tips for writing good Instagram Captions?
  • Try to keep the content fun and engaging.
  • Make use of emojis but don’t overdo them.
  • Make sure the tone is informal
  • Try to keep the content brief
  • Proofread for grammar and spelling
  • Showcase your personality.

Final Words

If you like the article on How to Become a Fashion Influencer and Make Money do are it with your friends and family and spread the word. Do leave your suggestions through the comment box so that we can look into them. Bookmark our site for more updates on How to Make Money through Various Social Media Platforms.

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