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Guide on How To Change Personal WhatsApp To Business Account in 2022 on Android & iPhone



How To Change WhatsApp To Business Account

How To Change WhatsApp To Business Account: WhatsApp Businesses are growing immensely amongst online shopkeepers who use this platform to advertise their goods and make sales. Not every person can manage to have two different working numbers. What if you have only one phone number and you already have a WhatsApp account in it?

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Well, you can switch it to a Business account from a personal account and within the next few minutes, you are going to read about the same and vice versa. You will also study the various features of WhatsApp Business and other topics related to it. Make sure to also visit our Best WhatsApp Web Tips and Tricks article, once you finish this up.

How to Change Normal WhatsApp to Business Account?

Owing to busy lifestyles, online sales and shopping trends are emerging. People love to place an order online in two minutes and get it delivered within a few days, saving both time and energy. In such a case if you are an online business person you may wish to open a WhatsApp Business Account for selling your products.

But what should you do if you have only one number where you already have a running WhatsApp account? Don’t worry, because you can easily switch your personal whatsapp to a WhatsApp Business account. Let’s see what the methods are in further segments of the article.

What happens when you switch to WhatsApp business?

When you plan to open a business and operate it over the Internet, you may need to switch to WhatsApp Business. Switching to the WhatsApp business not only provides you with a global platform to operate your business but also allows you with a number of features to promote it. You get to add your business category, social media links, email, official account link, business logo, hours, and an n number of multiple features catering to the various segments depicting your business.

How to Change WhatsApp to Business Account with Backup?

You may wonder that if your shift your regular WhatsApp to a WhatsApp business account, will you lose all the previous chats that you did on your regular one. Well no! lucky that we have a backup feature, we can use this to open a WhatsApp Business Account along with keeping our old conversations intact.

  • Firstly, you need to take a backup of your regular WhatsApp chats. Go to WhatsApp settings, followed by chats, then chats backup, and reach out to Backup now. Must follow How To Backup WhatsApp Chat? for details.
  • If you take regular 2:00 AM WhatsApp local backups then you might skip this step as well and uninstall the regular WhatsApp to download the new WhatsApp business app and create with the same number.

Local backup whatsapp android

How to Change WhatsApp to Business Account on iPhone & Android?

If you are wondering How to change normal WhatsApp to Business Account on Android or iPhone, the steps are given below:

1. Firstly, don’t forget to take a chat backup of your regular WhatsApp conversations as mentioned above, and then uninstall your regular WhatsApp.

2. Next, go to your Google Play Store or App Store and install WhatsApp Business.

WhatsApp Business

3. Grant the required set of permissions and do the other system setups accordingly. Now comes the time for verification and account creation.

WhatsApp Business from normal Whatsapp

WhatsApp will automatically track your previous number and ask you whether you would want to use the same number or a different number. Tap on the same number and you will see your regular WhatsApp getting converted to WhatsApp business.

Steps on How to Change GB WhatsApp to Business Account?

If you are already a GB WhatsApp user and want to shift your account to GB Business then there are a few steps you need to follow. Uninstall GB WhatsApp and install GB WhatsApp Business. Since these are unofficial third-party modified APKs, you need to download this from external web links. Here are the steps:

GB WhatsApp Business

  • Next, at the time of verification, provide the same phone number as your normal GB WhatsApp. Thus, your GB WhatsApp is changed to a business account now.

Unfortunately, since these are unofficial versions of the main application, these don’t provide us with any chat backup option to restore. Your GB WhatsApp account will be visible as a business account elsewhere, but you will not be able to restore your old conversations from the regular account back.

WhatsApp business informations

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How to Change WhatsApp Business Account Name?

If you wish to change your WhatsApp business account name you can easily do it from the profile settings. Let’s see the steps for the same:

1. Open your WhatsApp business app and go to its three-dot configuration button on the top left corner and tap on Business tools.

WhatsApp Business Tools

2. Next, under the menu for Business tool, you will find the option for Business profile, tap on it.

WhatsApp business tools full page.

3. Tap on the pencil button against the first human icon that you get to see under Business information. Make changes as per your need and click Ok to confirm and save your new Business Account name.

WhatsApp business change account name

How to Change WhatsApp Business Account Profile Picture?

To change your WhatsApp Business profile picture with a new logo you can easily do it by reaching out to the WhatsApp Business Settings first, and then going to the Business tools menu. Under Business tools, you will find a section for Business information.

  • Click on the pencil button that you see on top of your current profile picture above that.

WhatsApp business profile picture edit

  • Next, choose whether you want to open the camera and upload a picture right then by capturing, or you would like to choose from your gallery.

 WhatsApp business profile photo options.

  • Note that, you will have to grant permission for the camera from system settings at this stage.

WhatsApp business camera permissions

  • After choosing your picture, crop it according to your wish, and then finally tap on Done to upload this image as your new WhatsApp Business Account profile picture.

WhatsApp business profile picture done

Steps to Change WhatsApp Business Number?

This is a crucial part of WhatsApp Business because single negligence can lead you to loss of data. If you wish you change your WhatsApp Business account phone number to a different one, you will first need to go to Business tools from settings as usual.

  • Next, scroll down to the About and phone number section and tap on the pencil icon against your current phone number.

WhatsApp business phone number edit

  • WhatsApp Business at this stage will generate a warning prompt message that says your account info groups and settings will get migrated to your new number. So be careful about the new number you choose, it should be a working one, tap on Next to continue.

WhatsApp business phone number migrate permission

  • Next, type out your current phone number and the new number you would like to shift your WhatsApp Business to and click Next. Verify this number by the OTP that will be sent to you and you’re done.

WhatsApp business current and new phone number

Can I use WhatsApp & WhatsApp Business on Same Number?

Yes, you can surely use WhatsApp & WhatsApp Business on your same number but one at a time. You cannot use two accounts on the same number. When you will install WhatsApp business on that number, your regular WhatsApp will be converted to a Business account and vice-versa. You can additionally use both your personal WhatsApp as well as WhatsApp Business Account on your same phone but they need to connect with different numbers.

How to Change Business Account to Standard Account in WhatsApp?

You may wish to close your WhatsApp Business account and come back to the original version of WhatsApp if you have closed your business or due to some other reason. In such a scenario, you may wonder How to change a WhatsApp business account to a normal account? Well, the steps are quite similar to the vice versa process.

Simply, uninstall your WhatsApp Business account and install the standard version of WhatsApp. At the time of phone number verification, WhatsApp will generate an automatic prompt message asking you whether you would like to use the same number or use a different number. Select the option for the same number and your WhatsApp Business account will be converted to the normal WhatsApp account.

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FAQs on How To Change WhatsApp To Business Account on Android 2022

1. How to change my personal WhatsApp to Business Account?

To change your personal WhatsApp to a Business account, first, uninstall your personal WhatsApp and then install WhatsApp Business from Google Play Store or App Store and open an account on the same number. You will be shown a prompt Use the same number for WhatsApp Business or use a different number. Choose the same number.

2. Is WhatsApp Business free?

Yes, WhatsApp Business is totally free to download from the Google Play Store if you are an Android user, and App Store if you are an iPhone user. For detailed information, you must visit What is WhatsApp Business Account?

3. Can I convert my WhatsApp to Business account?

Yes, you can convert your personal WhatsApp to a Business Account and avail of its features at the time of verifying your phone number. Do check this guide on How To Make WhatsApp Business Account for detailed information.


This article is going to be of great help to all those newbie Business persons out there who wish to control their business goods and sales with the help of WhatsApp but only have a single number with an ongoing personal WhatsApp account. Hope you liked this article. Share it with your friends, and next time you have a doubt, don’t panic just head out to NewsOzzy.Com and visit Whatsapp Features Calls Status DP Tips Tricks.

Neha Bansal is a Delhi based engineering graduate and has done her Post Graduation in Human Resource Management. She has a deep interest in startups, business & technology.

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