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How to Tether an Internet Connection with an Android Phone to Laptop or PC?



How to Connect Mobile Internet to Laptop Complete Guide

Do you want to find how to connect mobile internet to laptop complete guide and you are simply confused by the many options out there? There is no need to worry as the process is really simple. Usually, people believe that a mobile hotspot is the only method to connect mobile internet to the laptop. But that is far from the truth.

The problem begins when users are unable to create a hotspot. In this case, tethering your mobile to your computer works. But sometimes, even that doesn’t work. This happens because you are not allowed to connect the internet to your laptop by the admin.

If you want to check the best ways on the topic called How to Find WiFi Password Mobile can refer to the guide linked here and collect the quick & simple process on it.

In this case, you can easily get it by tethering your connected device to the computer. Tethering is a simpler process as compared to hotspots and it also saves a lot more battery by charging up your phone during the connection.

What is Tethering and Mobile Hotspot?

Tethering is a feature provided on all Android and iOS devices through which you can share your network and mobile data with other electronic devices after a simple connection. Mobile Hotspot acts like a router that can share a network over a sufficient range. The mobile hotspot works on an active network SSID that starts working after you turn it on.

If you are using tethering, you can only connect your mobile network to one device whereas, you can access your mobile internet via hotspot on multiple devices.

Best Methods on How to Connect Mobile Internet to Laptop?

Here are a few methods to help you connect your mobile internet to a laptop.

Method 1: Using Tethering (iPhone)

You need a wired connection or a USB cable in this method so that you can go online via your mobile data. The steps are quite simple.

Step 1: In the first step, you need to connect your USB cable to the USB port in the laptop and plug in the other end to your mobile.

Step 2: Open the settings page on your phone, go to network and internet, and finally click on Hotspot and Tethering. Find the USB tethering slider and enable it. In this step, you will also find out whether you have connected your USB cable to both ends properly or not.


Step 3: You will get a Hotspot Tethering warning which will inform you that continuing with this process will interfere with your mobile data. Click on OK to allow the process. You will get a notification on your phone that tethering is active.

Method 2: Connect Mobile Hotspot to Laptop with Bluetooth Tethering

Step 1: Open the settings page on your phone and open Bluetooth. Set your phone to discoverable mode.

Step 2: Press “Win+I” on your keyboard to open the settings page. Go to devices and switch on the Bluetooth on your computer.

Step 3: Go through the pairing steps as given on your laptop. After Bluetooth is paired, open settings on your phone and select Bluetooth Tethering in Hotspot and Tethering.

Step 4: Expand the Windows system on your laptop to right-click on the Bluetooth icon and select “join a personal network”. You will be able to find your phone’s icon. Finally, select connect and then click on the access point to successfully use your mobile internet.

Method 3: Using Mobile Hotspot Connect Android Mobile Data to PC

Step 1: Open the settings page on your phone, and find Tethering and Mobile Hotspot. Click on Mobile Hotspot to enable it or you can also find a portable wifi hotspot.

Step 2: After the first step, your mobile is converted to a wifi router. You can connect your mobile internet to your laptop through the password and default name on the screen. You can change your default name and password by clicking on 3 dots in the right-hand corner and then on configure hotspot.

Step 3: Click on the WiFi symbol on your laptop and select your mobile’s username. Enter the password, click on OK, and wait for a while until your laptop is connected.

From here you can also gain knowledge about How to Increase Mobile Hotspot Range and fix slow internet issues while working.

Advantages and Drawbacks:

Just like every other medium, tethering and mobile hotspots come with their own set of advantages and disadvantages.

  • You can access your mobile network on multiple devices through a mobile hotspot but only one connection is possible through tethering.
  • Through tethering, you can charge your mobile, but a mobile hotspot drains your battery at a faster pace.
  • You do not need any password for tethering and you do not need a USB cable for a mobile hotspot. However, you have the option of disabling the password for the mobile hotspot.


While a Hotspot is generally the easiest option to connect mobile internet to a laptop, it is essential to know the other methods in case of emergencies. If you wish to save power, Tethering via a USB cable is the best option for you. Know we hope How to Connect Mobile Internet to Laptop Complete Guide helped you a lot with your problems. Also, find more guides like the above on and resolve all your hurdles while working with internet connections.

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