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Best Ways to Get Chegg Answers for Free 2022 | Access Unblur Chegg Answers Links Online



How to Get Free Chegg Answers

How To Get Free Chegg Answers 2022: Chegg is a great place for many different kinds of people that need questions answered online. However, Chegg is premium, and this means that only users that pay for it can see the answer links or ask questions that they want, depending on the plan that they chose.

Chegg offers plans starting at $14.95, and the plan chosen can be cancelled at any moment in time. If you have a question of any sort or require a solution, then Chegg experts are the ones that can be of help to you.

You need to register for an account on Chegg to have access, though. But there are some other ways that can help you get answers, and there are alternatives that can help. There are also sites that give temporary services and help students get Chegg answers for free.

There are free Chegg accounts that people have shared online to be able to get free unblur Chegg answers, or you can get the $14.95 plan that can be cancelled at any moment, even the very next day if needed. But there are also free alternatives to Chegg that you can use to get solutions.

In this article, we will be looking at all the methods that you can try to get free answers from Chegg and other alternatives that can be used instead of Chegg.

How to Get Free Chegg Answers?

There are multiple methods that you can use to get free answers from Chegg, and these have been listed in this article as you read on.

1. Try Chegg Study

Chegg is a website that gives people solutions to many different academic and educational queries. All you need to do is pay the price, and then you will get solutions to all of your questions and queries in a very simple and easy manner.

You can look up Chegg solutions on search engines as well like Bing, Google Chrome, Firefox, and such. But this process works on the basic principle that it can be accessed if you get the Chegg subscription so you can get the solutions that you want for the fee of $14.95.

The subscription, as mentioned before, can easily be canceled when you feel that you no longer want it. You don’t even have to worry about a cancellation fee as Chegg won’t charge you extra if you cancel a subscription or free trial.

However, this free subscription is there only for a time duration of one month, after which you will have to pay the fee if you want to continue using it.

To use this app, you just need to log in with your Google account for great convenience, and then you can just post the questions that you have. You will get all the solutions that you are looking for very quickly.

There is a way to get a free subscription without having to pay for it, though, and this is what we will be looking at here.

To get free Chegg answers, this is what you need to do:

  1. The first step is to install the Chegg Study app on your device so that you can use it.
  2. Then you go to get a subscription model for one month that is worth about $14.95 and, you can cancel later.
  3. The next thing to do is to select the option of ‘Try Chegg Study.’
  4. After this, you need to create an account by just filling in the required details of the email ID as well as the password.
  5. You will then see two pals appear on your screen, but you need to select the one that is $14.95.

Since they don’t charge money for cancellation and cancellation is available at any moment, you don’t have to worry.

Then just proceed to use the app, and you will find more than 10,000 textbooks that you can use along with all the answers of the experts.

2. Use Unblur Chegg Answer Links with Free Accounts

Chegg is a platform that gives great services in how it gives answers to any sort of academic questions.

There are many ways for people to be able to unblur the answer links and this without having invested any money. One of these ways is to use free Chegg accounts.

This is how you can get free Chegg answers:

  • You need to copy the question completely and then after you enter, click on the button that says ‘Get Answer.’
  • Once you select the question page, then link the email ID.
  • The last thing you need to do here is to select the option that says ‘Submit,’ and after at least 30 minutes, you should have the answer to the question that you have.

There is another method to unblur the answer links on Chegg with free accounts. Here too, the first thing you need to do is to select the question link to which you need answers. Then you need to open the Telegram app and look for channels that give free Chegg accounts.

It is in these groups that you will directly be able to get the answers that you need by asking the questions, or you can also request free Chegg accounts. There are certain people that share their Chegg accounts that have premium plans, and these are used by multiple people.

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If you become a member of such a group, you can all get the benefits of a premium Chegg account for free. You can create a group yourself if you want to share prices with other members or can give your own plan out for free.

But there are already plenty of online communities and groups that offer these services for free. You can easily find them by looking them up on Google or any search engine of this sort.

Best Chegg Alternatives in 2022

Chegg is a great website that helps people get solutions for all of their academic queries and all that we need to do is put up their questions. But there are also other alternative websites that can be used to get answers. These are three excellent alternatives to Chegg, and they are:

1. Google Lens

Google has a feature that can be used to find out what something is or find its name. Apart from this feature, Google Lens is a technology that is AI-inspired, and it can search through the entire internet and give you the answer you want in a couple of seconds.

For example, if you have any questions like math ones or otherwise, you just need to tap on Google Lens and use it to scan the question. It will then give you the exact answer that you’re looking for in just a few seconds.

Google Lens is, therefore, one of the best alternatives to Chegg. Chegg is a paid site where you need to annually feed in the questions and the answers, but Google Lens is free and not manual.

2. is a platform that is known for the online tutoring services that it offers. The site function online alone, and it gives answers to any queries.

You will find certified masters, professors, and teachers of various niches on this site, and they will be able to answer the questions.

The application process for teaching is also online, and once the application and the interview sessions are done, and you’re accepted, you will be able to teach students and also assist them with assignments and homework. This site can help teachers and students alike.

3. Eduboard

Eduboard is a space where questions can be asked by students on more than 40 different subjects. Students are given a student-friendly environment and an excellent learning experience.

Here the students can help with their homework, and they can ask questions regarding their subjects and also place orders for essay writing and homework where the prices are set according to the work.

The tutors that want to apply need at least a master’s degree in the specific subject that they want to teach or need to have graduated from a college in Canada.

This website assists in completing assignments as well, so teachers can teach as well as earn a bit of money from here.


In this article, we looked at the different ways students can get free Chegg answers, and the methods listed are ones that work. There are also alternatives offered to those that want to try other sites that are like Chegg and that give solutions to queries.

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