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Step By Step Guide on How To Make WhatsApp Business Account in 2022



How To Make WhatsApp Business Account

How To Make WhatsApp Business Account 2022: With the emerging popularity of digital India online shopping and businesses are the most in trend. Rather than opening a shop and sitting there waiting for customers, people have extensively opened WhatsApp Business Accounts to make shopping a matter of a few clicks and seconds for you.

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WhatsApp Business Accounts come with varied features to promote your business and had started gaining huge popularity right from the lockdown when people could not go out of their homes. Are you planning to open an online business and make money from the comfort of your home? Well then, read this article till the end to know how to create one.

How To Create Whatsapp Business Account Step by Step?

If you are wondering about How To Make WhatsApp Business Account on iPhone & Android to communicate more with your customers, with the right steps you will be able to do it in no time. Let’s see how:

1. Go to your Google Play Store or App Store and install WhatsApp Business.

 WhatsApp Business

2. Put your phone number on which you want to open your WhatsApp business account and verify it to log into.

WhatsApp Business number verify

3. Next, grant the necessary permissions and provide your business name along with a related Business icon image.

WhatsApp Business name and profile picture

4. Next, select a Business Category for your account, by choosing from the list of suggested categories.

WhatsApp Business categories

5. After this, you are recommended to create a catalog for your business so that customers can have a better view of the options they will get to choose their services or products from.

WhatsApp Business create catalogue

6. Next, you can add your email ID, website link, and other business details like address, etc. by clicking on the relevant options.

WhatsApp Business email and business details

7. After this, you can additionally configure auto-generated messages to connect to your customers when you are away. Provide a greetings default message that will get automatically delivered when a new customer drops you a text.

WhatsApp Business auto generated messages

8. You can generate quick replies as well. This works by you giving shortcuts to long messages, that will get automatically typed on the message bar when you write the short form.

WhatsApp Business quick replies

9. You can also set up away messages that will get auto-generated and delivered to new customers and set the timing when you want these messages to get delivered.

WhatsApp Business away message

If you choose outside business hours, the message will be generated if a new customer texts you outside the business hours set by you.

10. To set business hours, go to Business hours under your profile and then schedule them per day according to your need.

 WhatsApp Business edit business hours

11. Once, your customers increase in number, you can easily label them by clicking Label Messages, to make drawing statistics easier for you.

WhatsApp Business label messages

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How To Make WhatsApp Business Account Verified?

You may wonder How to verify your WhatsApp Business Account if you are planning to take your business to the next level. Verification-eligible WhatsApp business accounts are those which have an extensive global reach of customers and considerable monthly turnover. Hence, to ensure more recognition and engagement you need to verify your WhatsApp Business Account.

The procedures are long and need to be given utmost attention. Here are the steps to get an official green badge for your WhatsApp Business Account API:

1. Verify your Facebook Business page

  • For this, first, go to the Security center of the Facebook Business Manager and click on Start Verification under the Business Verification section.
  • Next, enter the business details and select your Business.
  • Confirm your business and get a verification code to verify your domain.
  • Finally, enter the verification code or enter through OTP. Check your account status through this link.

2. Contact WhatsApp Business Solution Provider

After the verification of your Facebook Business is done, contact any WhatsApp Business Solution provider and give your Business details to them. They will personally verify your information and transfer it to the main team to check for eligibility for verification.

3. Application Submission

After getting all your Business related information, they will raise a ticket regarding your concern from the partner end. In case your application is rejected, you can reapply after 3 months

Steps on How To Make your WhatsApp as a Whatsapp Business Account?

If you want your same regular WhatsApp to get converted to WhatsApp Business, first you need to take a backup of your chats from your regular WhatsApp and then uninstall it. To take backup go to chats from your Accounts settings and click on backup. For more information follow this article on How To Backup WhatsApp chat? Uninstall your regular WhatsApp and install WhatsApp business from your Google Play Store or App Store.

iphone whatsapp chat backup

Once, WhatsApp Business is downloaded it will start the verification process. A message prompt will be shown on the screen asking whether you would like to use your old WhatsApp number in this business account or not. Tap on Yes.

Next, it will start a restore process of the backup taken, accept or decline it according to your choice. Thus, your WhatsApp is now converted to a WhatsApp business. Try out Business tools from settings to do the further configurations.

WhatsApp Business from normal Whatsapp

How To Make WhatsApp Business Account To Normal?

To transfer your WhatsApp Business account back to normal you will have to do the same steps as mentioned in the above topic. Take your chat backup from WhatsApp business and uninstall it.

Install normal WhatsApp messenger from Google Play Store or App Store and verify it with the same number as your WhatsApp business.

Restore the backup that you took and do follow this guide if you take the wrong steps anywhere – Restore WhatsApp backup from google drive to iPhone.

if you don’t know-how. One thing to remember is, that you can use your number in only one account at a time.

Steps on How To Create WhatsApp Business Account link?

You can generate a WhatsApp Business account link to advertise it on various social platforms like Facebook and Instagram. People tapping on the link will be easily able to directly interact with you ensuring more engagement and better customer communication. To generate a short link for your WhatsApp Business just use the steps below:

1. First open your WhatsApp Business account and go to Business tools from the three-dot setting button at the right corner.

WhatsApp Business Tools

2. Scroll down this section, and you will see the option for generating a short link saying Invite to chat via a link or QR code.

WhatsApp Business short link

3. Share the link or share an image of the QR code so that customers can scan it and interact with you. Also, tap on the Message option, to ensure that customers can text you.

WhatsApp Business share link.

Additionally, if you want to know more about the regular WhatsApp group links, follow How to Share WhatsApp Group Link?

How To Create WhatsApp Business Account without a phone number?

As you guys already know WhatsApp needs a number to verify in order to open your account. So, to open a WhatsApp Business account without a phone number, you can’t rely on the WhatsApp default features. The third-party app that will help you here is TextPlus. Let’s see the steps now:

1. Download the TextPlus: Text Message+ Call messaging application onto your device from Google Play Store if you are an Android user, or from iTunes if you are an iOS user.


2. Open the TextPlus app and sign in with any of your social media accounts.

 TextPlus sign in

3. Next, put your phone number or email to get your free phone number and complete the entire profile setup process. In case, you do not have your number, click on the 3-line hamburger button on the top left corner of your device to get your phone number.

TextPlus phone number verify

3. Install WhatsApp business and try putting your TextPlus number there for verification. Once you get the SMS OTP for verification, wait for 5 minutes to let the SMS fail on itself. Generate the call me to option thereafter.

4. Open TextPlus, and wait for the call to enter, receive the call and note down the verification code. Now, open your WhatsApp Business with the verification code.

TextPlus resend code

If the above methods don’t work on your device try using the TextNow app or a working landline number in your home.

FAQs on How To Make WhatsApp Business Account in iPhone & Android 2022

1. Is a WhatsApp Business Account free?

Yes, a WhatsApp Business Account is totally free. Even if you want to verify it in order to get the official green badge, you simply need to verify your Facebook business account and contact a WhatsApp Business Solutions Provider.

2. What is the difference between WhatsApp & WhatsApp Business?

WhatsApp Business is mainly used for professional works like interacting with customers and promoting your Business, unlike the regular WhatsApp that is used for informal chats. WhatsApp Business in comparison to the regular one gives you a lot more features like auto-generated messages, catalogs, labels, promotional links, etc. For detailed information follow What is WhatsApp Business Account?

3. How can I make my WhatsApp Business Account?

Download WhatsApp Business from the Google Play Store or App Store and log into it by verifying your phone number. Complete the entire setup process by giving your Business information, category, description, email, labels, and autogenerated messages.

4. Can I use WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business on the same number?

Yes, you can use the same number on your WhatsApp Business as your regular WhatsApp but one at a time. No two accounts can run on the same number as per WhatsApp policies.


So, we hope that now you will be easily able to create WhatsApp Business Accounts and flourish your products and services online. Try to make your WhatsApp Business account more eye-catchy and attractive by exploring all the business tools you get along with it.

More the diverse features, the more customers will want to engage with you. With this, we bid you goodbye. Don’t forget to check our WhatsApp DP Images article and other whatsapp related guides from Whatsapp Features Calls Status DP Tips Tricks at

Neha Bansal is a Delhi based engineering graduate and has done her Post Graduation in Human Resource Management. She has a deep interest in startups, business & technology.

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