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Best Ways for Setting the Bandwidth Limit for PLDT ADSL Router in 2022



How To PLDT ADSL Router Bandwidth Limit

How To PLDT ADSL Router Bandwidth Limit: PLDT Router is among the widely used routers across the Philippines. It is straightforward to set the PLDT router and limit its bandwidth.

PLDT offers a home ADSL router included with the packages. Suppose you also have this router. The data connection is limited with multiple active clients; in that case, you may benefit if you limit the PLDT Home ADSL’s bandwidth to save overall data usage.

You may also use the PLDT router’s QoS setup to get enhanced control over the downloading and uploading speed of various wifi users connected with the router.

You can select some specific devices using their MAC address and then limit the speed for those. There is also no need for an Ethernet cable to complete the setup as the process is done entirely online via your browser.

Furthermore, if you wish to block some devices, you may also enable the MAC restriction for the router or follow the process of hiding the wifi SSID. This will be the best one to help prevent any unwanted connection to the router.

Below is a brief description of the speed limit process to be followed for wifi. You are only required to use the Traffic Shaping option on the router for accomplishing the same. If finding the traffic shaping option is difficult for you, follow the steps mentioned below to limit the PLDT router’s wifi bandwidth.

Steps for Limiting Wifi Bandwidth on the PLDT Router

  1. First, visit the ADSL login window and log in using the credentials: USERNAME – adminpldt and PASSWORD – 1234567890.
  2. Now open the Advanced Settings section, select the QoS option, and select the Traffic Shaping option.
  3. Next, select the Add option for setting the limit of the bandwidth. A form will open, there fill Src MAC with the concerned device’s MAC. Next, fill the Up Ceiling, Down Ceiling, Up Floor, and Down Floor and click on on Apply
  4. After clicking on the Apply option, click on Save/Apply option to make the Save or Apply button

After this, the QoS is completed for the concerned device of which the MAC was entered. Now the person using that device won’t be able to utilize extra bandwidth from your wifi.

Do Refer: Limit Bandwidth Netgear

Advantages of Traffic Shaping (QoS):

Here is a list of the benefits associated with Traffic Shaping (QoS):

  1. If your device does not have a speed limit, you can operate it at maximum speed.
  2. Other wifi users cannot access any higher speeds than you have specified for them. Your information will be kept safe.
  3. You will have increased download speed and will be able to complete a download in less time than previously.
  4. The QoS configuration is permanent. The MAC address is the essential aspect of this. To correctly limit Wifi Speed and Bandwidth, always use the correct MAC address.


And that’s all about How To PLDT ADSL Router Bandwidth Limit. Hope you understand the solution completely via this post if not just comment us down and our experts & researchers will definitely answer you. Thanks for reading!

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