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How to Check Whatsapp Last Seen If Hidden 2022 | How to see hidden last seen on whatsapp



How To See Last Seen On WhatsApp If Hidden

How To See Last Seen On WhatsApp If Hidden 2022: If you ask how to see last online on WhatsApp, then it is very easy, where you just simply need to open your app and check the time stamp given below the contact name. But, the scenario can be a bit tricky if the person has blocked you or has his/ her last seen hidden as Nobody or My contacts except. 

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Not to worry, in this article, we have introduced some amazing applications that would help check the last seen of contact even if it is hidden. Make sure to read this article till the end and also don’t forget to check our WhatsApp DP Images article to get amazed.

Steps on How To See Last Seen On WhatsApp If Hidden without any app

If someone has hidden their WhatsApp last seen due to privacy reasons, that means they have changed the last seen privacy to Nobody. In such a case, if you are curious to check their last seen WhatsApp will not provide any default in-built app to do the same.

You will have to depend on any third-party applications to get it done for you. But for those who want to check the hidden last seen of people but don’t want the hassle of downloading any third-party application for the same can follow a few methods.

Firstly, you can ask a mutual friend of yours to check for the last seen of that particular person and let you know about it. This is only possible if the other contact has hidden you by setting the last seen privacy as My contacts except, and has saved the contact of the mutual friend to whom you are asking to check for the last seen.

For other methods, stay tuned till the end of the article. To know about the best WhatsApp last seen hacking method, you must take reference from our Guide on WhatsApp Unblock Hack 2022 article.

How To See Last Seen On WhatsApp If Someone Hide or Blocked You?

People on WhatsApp can block each other due to misunderstandings or any other personal issue. If someone blocks you, you will no longer be able to see their profile picture, last seen, or profile about. In such a scenario, being desperately curious to check whether the other person is online or not and how long is he/ she active on WhatsApp is quite natural.

The basic way by which you can keep a track of their last seen is to ask any of your mutual friends to check it for you or you will have to use a different number that is not blocked.

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Steps on How To See Last Seen On WhatsApp If Hidden iPhone

When it comes to your iPhone, downloading a third-party application can be difficult owing to the high-security background of iOS. iOS doesn’t allow you to download a third-party app if it is not from an authenticated source. Hence, downloading an app that actually works for both iOS and Android mobile is necessary. One such example is LastLog. Here are the steps to follow:

1. Go to your MAC App Store and download LastLog-Online Tracker. Not that this is a paid application and bestows upon you multiple features.

iphone lastlog

2. After installing the app, launch it and grant the necessary iOS permissions.

3. After this comes the time to add a contact to the app you want to monitor. Click on +Add Number to add the contact you which to check last seen for.

iPhone lastlog add number

4. Add the correct number of the person with his country code and proper name. Click Save after adding the contact to continue.

iPhone lastlog number save

5. Wait for 5 minutes for the app to set its notifications. After this, you will be getting constant alerts for every time the contact is online or offline. The notification alert looks like ABC is < online/ offline > now at <time stamp>.

Additionally, when you open the LastLog dashboard, it will also show the last seen of the particular contact which is invisible on your original WhatsApp.

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Steps on How To See Last Seen On WhatsApp If Hidden on Android

If you are unable to check the last seen of a person on your WhatsApp Android because either he has hidden it or blocked you then you have to download WhatsDoc. Let us see the steps that you need to follow:

  • Open the Google Play Store on your Android device. Search for WhatsDoc Online and click on the install button to download it.


  • After downloading, the app will ask for access to your clock, contacts, and WhatsApp. Next, you will also have to set the Auto start button of this app from your System app settings.

Whatsdoc autostart

  • After all the configurations are set, you will have to sign in to this app with your email ID and add a contact. Note here that this app provides you a free trial for 21 days, after which you will need to buy it at a minimal monthly or yearly price.
  • Add the number along with the country code and the name, followed by tapping on Save.

  • After adding the contact, you need to set the notifications for online and offline time stamps. For this, turn on Online Notifications Enabled and Offline Notifications Enabled.

WhatsDoc online Offline enabled

  • After 15 minutes, the app will start functioning. It will give you notifications for when the contact is online and offline and also analyze the data to give you a summary report of his average activity status over the day.

WhatsDoc report

To add more numbers or to extend your plan beyond 21 days, you will need to buy and upgrade your plan accordingly. For more information on such tracker apps, you can refer to our 8 Best Whatsapp Online Tracker Apps article if you want to see more options.

How to check last seen on WhatsApp if blocked Using App?

If you are wondering about How To See Last Seen On WhatsApp If Blocked on your own, then you can easily do this with the help of third-party applications. There are multiple apps on the internet but Yansa- tracker for WhatsApp has proven to be the best. Let’s see the steps now:

1. Open your Google Play Store and install Yansa- tracker for WhatsApp. This is basically a free app, but if you want an ad-free one, you can make a monthly subscription to it.

Yansa last seen tracker

2. Next, Yansa will ask for your system permissions like contacts, WhatsApp, storage, etc. Make sure to grant all of them to ensure the smooth functioning of the app.

3. After your app is ready, you will need to sign in with your google or phone number and select WhatsApp as the app on which you want to monitor.

Yansa Choose WhatsApp

4. Next, click on the plus sign on the top right corner to add the contact whose last seen you want to check on WhatsApp. Add the proper number of the person including the country code and the name. Then click Ok.

Yansa add mobile number

5. After this, the app is going to take some time to configure on its own. Once ready, it will show a notification as soon as the contact is online on WhatsApp. Next, it will show another notification when the contact is offline allowing you to check the last seen.

Yansa notification

6. This app also provides you with a report of the time duration for which the contact was active on WhatsApp.

Yansa activity report.

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Tips on How can I see if someone is hiding me on WhatsApp?

You can suspect someone is hiding you from seeing their last seen or status by paying attention to certain things. The points you need to check on are:

  •  If you see you are unable to check their last seen, ask your mutual friends whether they can’t too.
  • Use a third-party modified application that helps in viewing hidden statuses. Check if you can see the same status on your original WhatsApp or not. If yes, then they have probably hidden you.
  • Lastly, if a moment before you were able to see their profile picture, last seen and about but not anymore whereas they are visible elsewhere, then the contact has probably blocked you.

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F.A.Qs on How To See Last Seen On WhatsApp If Hidden 2022

1. Can someone see my last seen on WhatsApp if I can’t see theirs?

Generally both of the last seen need to be visible to everyone or my contacts to make them visible to both of you. But, if the person has blocked you, you will not be able to naturally see his/ her last seen, but the other person whenever unblocks you can check your last seen and block you again.

2. How do you see someone’s last seen on WhatsApp if they have hidden it?

WhatsApp doesn’t allow you with any default feature to do this. You have to use third-party applications like Yansa and WhatsDoc to do this. These apps trigger a notification every time the user is online and offline and hence help you keep a track of their activity status.

3. How to see hidden last seen in GB WhatsApp?

GB WhatsApp is itself famous for its hide online or freezes last seen features. Hence, if a person is using GB WhatsApp to hide their last seen, there’s no possible way to bypass it.


So, these were some amazing tricks that you could follow to keep a check on a person’s last seen on Android and iPhone, even if it is hidden or he has blocked you. You will get plenty of apps in the market to choose from.

But knowing what actually works the best is important and this article tells you about three such amazing applications. For more such useful articles like Best WhatsApp Web Tips and Tricks, stay tuned to NewsOzzy.Com.

Neha Bansal is a Delhi based engineering graduate and has done her Post Graduation in Human Resource Management. She has a deep interest in startups, business & technology.

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