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10 Essential Life Skills for Students to Succeed in their Future | What is Life Skill Education & Why Is it Important?



Life Skills for Students

Individuals may have a set of skills that they consider most essential for living a good life and wish to improve them for career success. Life skills are those necessary for adapting and coping with the challenges of living a fulfilling life. Life skills are without a doubt useful for a person’s overall development, and to grow in life. You must acquire these 10 essential life skills, which will be extremely beneficial throughout your life.

10 Essential Life Skills that can Change Life of Students

Here, we have mentioned a list of 10 those life skills that every individual should develop in themselves.


Having good relationships with family and friends, as well as society at large, requires understanding and caring about each other’s needs, desires, and feelings. Empathy is the capacity to experience life from someone else’s perspective. Without empathy, we are powerless to influence others. When we possess empathy, we may be able to accept people who are entirely different from us, which enhances social interaction, especially in the case of ethnic and cultural diversity.


To effectively communicate, you often need self-awareness to recognize when you are stressed or feel under pressure. Remember, self-awareness entails recognizing the self, own character, strengths and weaknesses, desires, and dislikes.

Creative Thinking

The ability to think creatively and critically is vital as it will help you identify, analyze, and systematically resolve problems. By learning how to be creative, you can use your critical thinking skills to identify, analyze, and systematically solve problems. In turn, this helps the organization as well as the individuals to be more productive. In the modern growing world, Creative Thinkers are most valued in various areas like

  • Digital Marketing
  • Web development
  • Visual design
  • Creative Development
  • User Interface

Critical Thinking

Analyzing information and experiences in an objective manner is critical thinking. Critical thinking can appear to contribute to health by helping us recognize and examine the factors that influence attitudes and behavior, such as values, peer pressure, and media influencers.

Decision Making

A good decision-making skill can help you in making sound decisions in your life. It teaches you how to make an intelligent decision based on current circumstances and situations. You can learn how to be good at making decisions with the help of your decision-making skills so that you can make the right decisions. Decision-making also includes prioritization, time management, and focus.

Communication Skills

The ability to communicate is the most important of all the ten essential life skills because it helps us to express ourselves both verbally and non-verbally. It helps us to express our opinions and desires. The ability to communicate effectively is a key component in many aspects of life.

It is important to have good communication skills in your life. To be an excellent communicator, you do not need to be excellent with your English speaking. That’s because communication and English speaking are two different things. You can master both things to improve your communication skills.

Stress Management

Up to 90% of all illnesses and diseases are caused by wrong beliefs, such as “I’m not good enough” or “I can’t do this”. It has been noted that stress is a major factor in physical, mental, and emotional illnesses, Effectively managing stress will enable you to be more productive and happier. We should strive to have a balanced life with work, relationships, and time for fun, learning how to manage stress is an important life skill that is needed.

Coping with Emotions

The feelings we experience are wonderful indicators of how well we are doing, when our thinking is not overtaken by negative thoughts, our feelings remain positive, and we remain joyful, loving, and peaceful. Identifying this and deciding to eliminate negative thinking can be life-changing.

In order to control our emotions, we have to learn this skill at an early age, and we must continue to learn this skill throughout our lives. The ability to deal with conflict will enhance our ability to build better relationships, increase our productivity at work, and help us to live a happier, healthier life.

Do Refer:

Interpersonal Skills

The interpersonal skills we use daily come from our daily interactions with people. These skills help us to connect with other individuals and also support us in our everyday life. The ability to communicate and communicate effectively, communicate empathically, negotiate effectively, and make informed decisions are all interpersonal skills that are worth practicing. While some people are born with these skills, everyone can improve and hone them with proper practice.

Problem-Solving Skills

Unsolved problems in one’s life can lead to mental stress and physical strain, which in turn may lead to depression and depression-related health problems. This is the essence of problem-solving skills.

Why Students Should Learn Basic Life Skills?

Life skills education benefits basic education, gender equality, democratic ideals, good citizenship, child care and protection, the improvement of the education system, the development of lifelong learning, the improvement of quality of life, as well as the promotion of the ideology of peace and standard of living. Life Skills are essential for your child’s success and prepare them for the future. They increase adaptability, self-confidence, and empathy, and help them develop leadership qualities.

  • It’s important to learn life skills for the following reasons:
  • To develop a sense of self-awareness.
  • To evaluate the situation and make the right decision.
  • Find alternative and creative ways to problems solving.
  • To gain confidence in oneself.

FAQs on Essential Life Skills That Help in Student’s Future Development

1. What are the steps to follow to make a good decision?

These 5 steps that you can follow to make a good decision :

  • Analyzing the Problem.
  • Generating the Interventions.
  • Evaluating the Solutions.
  • Implementing the Plan.
  • Evaluate the solution Effectively.
  • Take a Decision.

2. What is the life skill that a student should have?

These are the list of a few skills that are very important for the development of student life and career.

Self-control and Focus.
Positive thinking and Resilience
Critical thinking and Decision making.

3. What is life skill education for children?

This type of education develops skills that enable the child to make decisions based on abilities and intelligence in odd situations. At the same time, life experiences like this are of great significance in making the child a skilled citizen.


We cannot deny the importance of life skills along with soft skills and hard skills. Education for skill development has an enormous impact on your life. We spoke about 10 essential life skills in the above article, which are very important and you should definitely learn them. Try out our other article on Success Quotes for Students to make the most out of them.

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