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Everything You Need to Know About How To Limit WiFi Speed for Others on Different Routers



Limit Wifi speed

Have you shared your WiFi password with your friends or neighbors and they are using up all your internet? Do not worry as we have a few tricks up our sleeves to limit WiFi Speed. In this process, you are only limiting their speed and by limiting their speed, you have a chance to get a higher speed than other users.

You can use these tricks on any device, PC, or MacBook but make sure that you have the general SSID so that you can access the router terminal through IP.

For increasing your WiFi Speed, all you have to do is:

  • Download a speed checker tool through the store and test your download speed.
  • Find the IP address of the connected network through any Mac scanner tool.
  • Allot an uplink and downlink bandwidth to your neighbor’s device by using their IP address.

If you wish to limit your WiFi Speed, you can open your router dashboard to log in and go into the wireless settings. Click on QoS setup and add your Mac IP address to limit your WiFi Speed. If you still find some interruption in your speed, there are additional settings you can opt for.

  • Login to your router IP.
  • Go to status settings after login and click on the active client table to collect the IP address.
  • Go to advanced settings on your Mac and click on QoS setup to set a bandwidth limit.
  • Click on add to define a bandwidth Speed for the other user.

By following this process, you control the permit of internet access to all your WiFi users. You can follow the speed limiting guide if you have no idea how to set up the bandwidth number.

How Can I Limit WiFi Speed from MacBook?

Limiting the speed from a MacBook is easy and you just need your Safari browser to open the router interface through the IP and login to continue. After this, you just have to find the IP address of the device and limit the WiFi bandwidth.

The ideal limit for you is 1.5 MBPS so you need to keep this in mind before setting the control. Therefore, if your plan is 2 MBPS, you are leaving 500 kbps for your neighbor.

Steps to Limit WiFi Speed in Digisol Router

As Digisol is the most common router in use, you can set the WiFi Speed very easily.

  • Log in with your credentials on the router IP
  • Click on status to go to the active client table.
  • After that, go to advanced and click on QoS setup.

click on add option

  • Add the desired value in the fields.
  • Find Source IP and set the limit on Up and down the floor, and Up and down ceiling.
  • Click on ok to set up the wifi limit on Digisol Router.

How do I Limit WiFi Speed on TP-Link Router?

TP-Link is also widely used, therefore, you just need to find the client list and use their IP address to limit bandwidth.

  • Log in with your credentials on router IP
  • Find out the IP address of the user and select the address to limit the bandwidth.
  • Click on Bandwidth control and then go to the Rule List.

bandwidth control rule settings page

  • Put your desired values in the box. Put the IP address of the user in the IP range and the bandwidth limit in egress bandwidth and ingress bandwidth by keeping the minimum and maximum value in mind.
  • Click on save to limit the WiFi Speed.

How to Limit WiFi Speed on D-Link Router?

D-Link is gaining immense popularity across the world so if you have a D-Link Router, this one is for you.

  • Log in with your credentials on router IP
  • Go to status and then click on the Client table. You will find the list of all your users, so note down the IP address of the targeted user.
  • Click on Advanced and then go to Traffic Control. Click on “Add” to add new values for the user.

click add button on advanced settings page

  • Put your desired values for bandwidth limit in Up floor and down floor. Finally, click on add to save the limit.

Limit WiFi Speed on iBall Router

  • Log in with your credentials on router IP
  • You need to go to DHCP>>DHCP client list to find the list of active users. Here, you can find the IP address of your targeted user.
  • Remember the last 3 digits of the address of your targeted user and then go to bandwidth control to enable IP QoS.
  • Enter the IP address digits in the IP range field and select mode to maximum bandwidth limit.

save the data by tapping the button

  • Enter your desired values and give a name in the description field. Save the values by ticking on the enable box.

Can I Limit WiFi Speed on Tenda Router?

Tenda is decently priced and that is the reason for its immense popularity now. However, Tenda Router has been subjected to criticism due to its internet speed and you can increase your WiFi Speed by following the process.

  • Log in with your credentials on router IP
  • Click on Advanced and go to the DHCP clients list to find the IP address of your targeted user. Note down the IP address for further use.
  • Click on QoS setup and then go to Bandwidth control.
  • Enable Bandwidth control and put your desired values in the IP address field. Put the bandwidth range and click on ok.

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By going through these steps on how to limit wifi speed, you can make your browsing life easier. This is the simplest way and in seconds, you have found the solution to all your troubles. If you need other help from our end then let us know or else visit our website frequently.

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