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‘Say It 1000 Times…’: Mohammad Shami Raises No Objection To “Jai Sri Ram” Chants



Mohammad Shami Raises No Objection To Jai Sri Ram Chants

Mohammad Shami Raises No Objection To ” Jai Sri Ram” Chants: Recently, Ayodhya Ram Mandir has been built and many of the celebrities, cricketers, and many of them have been invited to the Pran Pratista ceremony.

At that time the entire nation was gripped in the ceremony, and at that time as everyone was chanting, “Jai Sri Ram”, Mohammad Shami did not object to chanting the religious chants.

What is the problem in saying Jai Shri Ram… say it 1000 times, what difference does it make?: Mohammad Shami

India’s fast bowler and Arjuna Awardee winner Mohammad Shami was presently recovering from a heel injury. Due to that, he was out of Action after World Cup 2023.

Mohammad Shami while he was speaking to News 18, a clip of an interview has gone viral on social media. In that Shami said,

“In every religion, you will come across 5 to 10 people who won’t like the person from the opposite religion. I don’t have any objection against it.”

“Like how the topic of Sajda came up. If Ram Mandir is being built, then what’s the problem in saying Jai Shri Ram, say it 1000 times. If I want to say Allahu Akbar then I will say it 1000 times. What difference does it make?”

Earlier on his YouTube channel, he said that was why he had sat down on his knees.

“I was bowling a fifth over in a row, I think, and was bowling with an effort beyond my ability. I was tired. The ball was beating the edge so often, so when I finally got that fifth wicket, I went down on my knees.

Someone pushed me, so I moved forward a bit. That photo was widely circulated across social media. People thought I wanted to do Sajdah but didn’t. I’ve got only one advice for them, please stop such nuisance.”

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“First of all, mai kisise nhi darta iss cheez se (I’m not afraid of anyone when it comes to this),”

“I’m a Muslim, and I’ve said this before, I’m proud of being one. And I’m a proud Indian too. For me, the country comes first. If these things bother someone, I don’t care.

“I live happily, and I represent my country, nothing matters more to me. As far as the controversies are concerned, those who only live to play these games on social media, I don’t care about them.

As far as Sajdah is concerned, if I wanted to do it, I would have. It shouldn’t concern anyone else.”

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