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Online part time jobs for students

Easy Online Part Time Jobs for Students in Mobile: In this digital age, thousands of career opportunities are getting posted on B2B platforms such as LinkedIn, Internshala, and many more. Students, now have the opportunity to apply to several online part-time jobs which helps them to earn some form of income.

As these opportunities grow, so does the urge of the students to become financially independent. What’s more, part-time jobs are apt for students who cannot dedicate all their time to their jobs. These jobs only ask for a few hours per day or per week.

The online job market is very vast but this blog provides you with a curated list of the best online part-time jobs for students without investment. From the multitude of online part-time jobs, this blog helps you choose the job that is suitable for you. Working part-time also helps students understand in what niche can they work full-time later in their life.

Why is Online Part-time Jobs from Home Important?

When you grow up, gaining financial independence becomes important. It can be because of a number of reasons – it could be for an upcoming trip or for supporting yourself through college/school.

Online Part time employment for students helps them get the best of both worlds where they can earn money and continue their education at the same time. When you apply for online part-time jobs from home, you even get several perks – one of them is working from the comfort of your own home.

Part-time jobs also help you realize the value of money. When you expend from your own earnings, you learn to maintain your finances better. Adding to that, part-time jobs also help you enjoy your freedom without having to ask for financial support from your parents. There are several internships that provide you with certificates that act as a feather to your cap.

Moreover, online part-time jobs for students give you much-required job experience which means that when you will apply for full-time jobs, you will have an edge over other candidates.

Easy & Best Online Part Time Jobs for Students without Investment in Mobile 2022

Here are a number of online part-time work for students without investment that are easily accessible and has a huge market in today’s time. Check them out below:

1. Content Writing

Content writing which forms a major part of digital marketing and online education is in great demand nowadays. Content writing is great for students who have got a knack for putting their thoughts and opinions into work. In this niche, research also matters a lot.

This job would require you to be fluent in the language you are writing, have good research skills, and have time management skills as well. You must know how to use Microsoft Word, Google Docs, and excel. While some content writing jobs give you flexible job hours, some may give you a strict deadline to finish your articles.

Expected Salary: INR 4000-6500 for newbies, INR 40,000 for experienced content writers in reputed organizations.

2. Graphic Designing

Graphic designing has to do with designing for written material. Graphic designers are in high demand and they earn a pretty hefty salary. As companies and businesses are budding in their online presence, more and more graphic designers are getting hired.

graphic designing part time job for students

The job requires you to know the following skills – usage of Adobe, Photoshop, and Corel Draw software and technology. You will be asked to design posters, websites, logos, and layouts for online platforms. If you love designing, then you have got a huge opportunity of earning a solid amount per month in this job.

Expected Salary: INR 18,000-20,000 per month.

3. Data Entry Job

Part-time jobs couldn’t get any easier. This job doesn’t require any particular skill but some basic typing and knowledge of communication and Ms. Word, and Excel. You will have to enter the relevant information in the boxes and keep the excel document up to date. The job does not require much from you. You just have to be consistent with the work.

Expected Salary: INR 12,000-18,000 per month.

4. HR Recruiting

HR recruiters are needed to hire candidates who are most suitable fpr the job position. They need to analyze the candidate’s skills by checking the resume and interviewing them.

The job requires you strong communication skills along with good exceptional organizational capabilities. Going through resumes and doing telephonic interviews are the main tasks for HR Recruiters.

Expected Salary: Starting from INR 18,000 per month

5. Online Tutor

Tutoring can be pretty beneficial for both parties. Especially for students who are constantly in the learning culture, online tutoring is a great way to gain experience for teaching jobs in the future. Online teaching jobs are very convenient because you can teach your students virtually through Gmeet or zoom.

This job needs you to have a depth of knowledge, good communication skills, steady wifi and a critical attitude towards generally available information. Your teaching method must be simple to understand.

Expected Salary: INR 700 per hour, up to INR 20,000 per month.

6. Social Media Managing

In this digital age, social media has undoubtedly become something that we can’t live without. People consume a lot of social media info in a day and it provides ample opportunities for brands to expand their reach.

Thus, your main task would be to engage with the target audience, increase the page’s followers, keep an eye on the insights to improve the brand presence and come up with good strategies to help the brand get more outreach.

You can sign up for any social media management courses available online before you apply for these job opportunities because this job may need beginner’s experience to hire candidates

Also Refer: How to Make Money on Social Media

Expected Salary: Can go up to INR 40,000 per month.

FAQs on Online part-time jobs for students free registration

1. What is the difference between doing freelance and doing full-time online part-time jobs for students?

When you do a full-time, it means that you are solely dedicated to and invested in that particular job. Part-time jobs allow you much more flexible work hours along with less workload.

2. What are some of the topmost online part-time jobs for students?

Content Writing, Social Media Manager, and Graphic Designing are some of the high-demand online freelancing jobs for students.

3. Which online website is the best for online part time jobs for students without investment?

You can find a lot of information on our website (internal link) but you can also check out online platforms such as LinkedIn, Internshala, and Quickr to gain access to a more direct and legible source of knowledge.

4. Can online part time jobs for students be trusted?

You should always crosscheck all the information provided to you on the internet and see if anything catches your eye. Always ask for clarity in every matter. If you do the following procedure, you can work on a scam-free website.

Do Check:

Concluding Thoughts

Not just above six online jobs are available for students also there are numerous websites that post freelancing job opportunities and are looking for motivated individuals who would like to work part-time for them. Online part time jobs for students can prove to be extremely important and helpful for the individual invested in them. Especially in the pandemic, work from home freelancing jobs gained a great boost for every individual.

Part-time jobs also prepare you for teamwork. Also, it gets a lot easier when you actually go out in the real job market and sit for interviews and the entire screening process. So, start suitable online part-time employment at a young age and achieve your dreams without any delay or dot. Do visit our site and find more such articles on your career and social media ones too.

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