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Online Teaching Sites – Help Students With your Knowledge | Best Platforms to Teach Online and Earn Money



Online Teaching Sites – Help Students With your Knowledge

Distance education’s newest and most popular format is online learning. It has had a significant impact on post-secondary education in the last decade, and the trend will continue. The instructor’s role has shifted due to online learning, which will be the focus of this session. Also, here we have discussed the best Online Teaching Sites – Help Students With your Knowledge.

Best Online Teaching Sites that will Inspire You

Here are the best online teaching platforms available in 2022.

Chegg Tutors

Chegg Tutors is an online teaching platform. Successful applicants receive a minimum of $20 per hour, and some of the most reputable teachers earn up to $1,000 per day. The greater a tutor’s rating, the more money they can make. is an old teaching website. Only U.S. and Canadian citizens can apply. You must pass a topic exam to access the platform. This online platform favors calculus and physics. When your application is accepted, you’ll learn how much you can make.


TutorMe provides online tutoring. The site teaches engineering, history, humanities, and social sciences. You can earn more than $20 each hour with a high rating.


MyPrivateTutor is a popular online tutoring site. Australia, UAE, and Singapore provide the courses. After applying and being verified, set your online teaching prices and availability. Why? Each session pays. Not a free online teaching platform. When you withdraw money from the site, you’ll pay 9% of your earnings plus a minor service fee.


Wize’s online teaching opportunities allow you to maintain your hourly wage. The platform pays tutors on-demand via direct transfer or PayPal with no commission. Based on their teaching experience, the business says new instructors can make $20 to $25 per hour. Subject Expert (Lead Instructor) pays extra. Wize connects tutors with students across North America and lets them provide lectures using an interactive whiteboard.


BuddySchool launched in 2007 and presently has over 20,000 tutors in over 100 areas, including Arts, Languages, Sciences, Humanities, etc. Register an account, fill out your teacher profile, and select your availability to get started. BuddySchool has fewer qualifications to become a teacher than other platforms, which means more contests for students in all areas. Positive student ratings and internet marketing can help you stand out. $5-$20 per hour is average.


Verbling helps online language teachers. Verbling requires teaching experience and native language fluency. Try this online teaching service if your native language is one of 63 available.


VIPKID is a popular online teaching platform, but you must work in the U.S. or Canada to join. The site teaches Chinese elementary school students English. Bachelor’s degree required. You’ll be offered a six-month contract and $7-9 for a 25-minute class if you pass the interview. This platform emphasizes fun online learning.


Qkids, like VIPKIDS, are reserved for U.S. and Canadian teachers. Qkids pays $20 per hour for online lessons with up to four students. Lesson plans, materials, and other resources are supplied. The site trains you to use online teaching tools. The site requires six hours of weekly teaching.


Lingoda is an excellent website for educating adults. You must have three years of second-language teaching experience to use the platform. You must speak English, German, Spanish, or French to teach online. Students and professors in different time zones hold classes 24/7.


Cambly makes online English teaching conversational. Students will learn conversation and listening skills. This is an excellent tool if you want to teach online through dialogue. You can schedule lessons or speak with students at any moment. $0.17 per minute is $10.20 per hour.


Preply matches teachers with 27-language learners. These include English, Spanish, Urdu, Hebrew, and Danish. This video-teaching platform is straightforward to use. When a student buys your lesson package, you get compensated. Directly approach students.


Italki, You can teach on the platform if you have certification and experience. You can also generate money online by tutoring kids in your native language. After setting up your video introduction and prices, you can utilize Skype, Zoom, or Facetime to communicate with students. The platform proposes $8 per lesson for teachers and $4 for community teachers depending on session length.


Netherlands-based Myngle connects language teachers with businesspeople seeking language skills. Choose from 50+ languages to teach remotely and be paid. If your language isn’t popular, there may be a wait. You can choose your timetable and rates and accept PayPal or Moneybookers. To access its student database and virtual classrooms, Myngle costs 18% per lesson.

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Simple Strategies for Online Teaching

Do you have a limited amount of time and want to learn how to teach effectively online? Then you’ve arrived at the perfect spot! Under time constraints, even for well-versed practitioners, this can be not easy. To overcome the challenges of teaching online and use its potential, however, you need the correct information.

Preparing an Instructional Strategy: Creating online lesson plans and considering learning design issues can be useful for you as a teacher. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions and the most helpful resources.

Getting your students excited about what they’re learning: An excellent online community is built by interaction, so discover how to construct a robust online community and connect with others. Focus on providing students with a framework and talking about how to set up a productive learning environment for kids at home. There are various methods you can use to engage students, and you’ll hear from some of them about their experiences.

Keeping tabs on the situation and offering criticism: You must learn how to design a practical assessment and feedback system. Knowing the best strategies for checking student progress and providing helpful feedback in an online situation is critical.

FAQs on Genuine Online Tutoring Sites for Teachers to Help Students

1. How can online teaching be effective for students?

There are various ways to communicate with students when teaching online. Online teaching can be made more effective by employing these nine tactics.

  • Know your stuff when it comes to the latest gadgets.
  • Keep a clear head and be prepared for anything.
  • The goal is to establish and sustain a powerful presence.
  • Fix the bar high for yourself and your students
  • Begin to build a community of learners by creating a sense of familiarity.

2. In what ways does teaching over the Internet improve the educational experience?

When it comes to classroom rentals, travel costs, and printing expenses, e-learning significantly impacts teachers’ budgets. Because everything is stored electronically, there is also a considerable reduction in paper consumption. Hence it is greener and cost-effective.

3. How do online learning websites impact students?

As a result, students face various challenges, including a lack of technological efficiency, trouble comprehending subjects taught, and social isolation, which makes it difficult for students to develop the communication skills they need.


Global education has been compelled to develop alternatives to face-to-face instruction due to the COVID-19 financial crisis. As a result, educators and students alike have embraced online learning on a scale never before seen.

We have covered almost all ways in which teachers can spread their knowledge to students through online learning. Thanks for supporting us by visiting our Online Teaching Sites – Help Students With your Knowledge article. For more information on Best Online Learning Apps, do stay connected to our website.

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