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Different Ways to Print Online Web Page Articles Without Ads – Quick Guide



Print Webpage Articles Without Ads

If you’ve ever tried downloading a webpage, you would’ve tried to save it as a PDF so that it can be printed out. But for some pages, you may have ended up with the ads being printed out as well which makes it very inconvenient.

There are times when we like a website and its content so much that we would like to keep a copy of it by our side so that we can re-visit as and when we want to. Pressing ‘Ctrl’ and ‘P’ together is what works to get the webpage printed. But this does not mean that the ads that were on the page disappear.

What is needed is that the ads need to be removed so that you can print webpage articles without ads. There are changes that are necessary so that the webpage can be free from all of the ads when it is downloaded.

There are some third-party tools that are needed on your browser to make the article free from ads. Only then you can print webpage articles without ads. The other option is to remove ads by default when you’re going to be printing.

There are also pop-ups and other unnecessary things that apple apart from ads and these can restrict the webpage from being free from any ads. Thankfully, the process to clean up pages like this is very simple.

There are online web tools that can help you remove ads from webpages so that you can print the article as you want. And in this article, we will be looking at precise and detailed guides to help you download the articles that you want with no ads.

What is the Extra Junk that is Seen on Webpages?

The first thing that is important when printing a webpage is that it needs to be free from all junk and ads so that it can be printed in a legible and clean manner. There are ads on the webpages, yes, but apart from that, there are also other junk pop-ads like scripts and flyers that can be pretty difficult to remove when it comes to printing. But, there are tools that are available to help in this process of ad and junk removal.

There are third-party tools and add-ons that are available for you to be able to remove ads and all the junk that clutters up the page. This way you can print out the pages you want with ease.

The reason why you need to remove all the clutter apart from ads on the page is that, since they are pop-ups, they can appear on your documents when you’re making them print-ready even if there are no changes on the printed format. This is why each and every piece of junk needs to be removed so you get a clean page.

How to Print any Article as it appears?

There are two buttons that you need to press simultaneously from your computer keyboard to be able to print a webpage. ‘Ctrl’ and ‘P’ together will give you a pop-up window from where you need to confirm the printing process. Once you select the printer that is connected to your desktop, you are ready to print.

This is a very simple and easy process, but the problem is removing all of the ads and junk that appears on the page. To remove all of that and print webpage articles without ads, you need to follow the guide given in this article.

Ways to Print Webpage Articles Without Ads Online

While there are many extensions that are available on the desktop, this is not the case for mobile devices. But there are still tools that you can use to get the webpage you want and print it from your mobile directly using a wireless printer.

We will be looking at how you can print a webpage directly from the mobile device that you have, and this works for both iOS and Android devices.

How to Make a Webpage Ad-Free?

There are many ways to make a webpage free of ads, and some of them are:

  1. Using a browser that is ad-blocking.
  2. Use a webpage viewer that is free.
  3. Print by connecting your mobile device to a wireless printer.

What this means is that you need to make the webpage free of ads first, and then you need to use a wireless printer that is connected to your mobile device to print out the page that you need.

Steps to connect Mobile with Wireless printer?

But what are the steps to connect your mobile device to a wireless printer?

The first thing to do is to make sure that you keep the active wireless connection in your area if you want to connect to a wireless printer with your phone. Then you need to make sure that both the wireless printer and your phone are connected to the same WiFi network, after which you need to follow the steps given below.

  1. There is an app on the Play Store that is called the ‘Cloud-Ready Printer,’ and you need to install this app onto your mobile. Then connect to the WiFi network that is the same one that the wireless printer has been connected to.
  2. Once you have connected to ‘Google Cloud Print’ after all of this, you can easily print any webpage that you want from your phone to the printer.
  3. On the app, there is a three-dot icon that you need to tap and then press on the ‘Print’ option by selecting the document and the pages that you need to be printed.

And that’s it; that’s the process to print webpage articles without ads. But note that this is a process that you need to go through with only after you’ve used the live online tools on your phone to remove all the ads from the webpage that you want to print.

How to Print an Ad-Free Webpage from Your PC?

If you want to print webpage articles without ads on the PC, there are some simple steps that you need to follow to make the webpage free of ads so that you can print it out.

There are multiple options that you can choose from to do this, you can use the distilled page option, or you can use any browser extension. But there are also other tools available like those that can make the webpages free from ads from the site directly.

Please note that the process is the same for Mac or Windows, but the steps are slightly different for both.

Steps to Print Ad-Free Web Articles on a Mac

If you’re using a Mac, then there are some methods that you can try out to remove the ads on the webpages so that you can download them later on to print.

  1. The first thing is that you can use any tool or application to remove all the ads and other junk from the webpage and to print press ‘Command’ and ‘P’ together. Once this is done, select the printer that you want to be able to print out your page.
  2. Another alternative is to use the online tools, and these are ones where you need to enter in the URL of the specific page that you want to be printed. Then follow the same process to get the print from the printer that you have connected to your Mac device.

How do I Print Web Pages without Ads on Windows 10?

If you’re not a Mac user but instead have Windows 10 on your PC, follow the same process.

Use a browser extension or any online tool so that you can have the webpage clear of any ads; press ‘Ctrl’ and ‘P’ and then select the printer that is connected to your system and, in this way, you can successfully print webpage articles without ads.

Ways to Remove Ads from Web Pages with Online Tools [Mac]

There are tools that you need if you want to remove ads from the webpage. And these should be tools that do it automatically so that you can get an ad-free webpage and then directly print it out without any of the ads and the junk.

The tool or the website in question is Print Friendly.

Print-Friendly is a site that also can be used as a Chrome extension. This is what you can use to get ad-free webpages printed out with no hassle whatsoever.

By Print Friendly

  1. If you want a webpage that is ad-free with Print Friendly, then you need to first copy the URL of the webpage that you want to be printed. Paste it directly onto the homepage on Print Friendly in the text box that you will see as soon as you go to the site.
  2. Once all of this is done, you will be taken to the light page version for the purpose of printing out the page. You can edit or remove parts of the text if you want as well, but the main advantage is that there will be no ads or any such junk. The format as well on here will be entirely professional.

Print Friendly

Use Print Friendly to print webpages.

PDF Extension and Print Friendly

  1. You need to install the Print Friendly & PDF extension on the Google Chrome browser so that you can get a quick ads-free preview without the hassle of any extra steps. Once you have the extension, you can easily visit any of the webpages that you want to be printed out.
  2. Once the webpage has been opened up for you to be able to take a print, click on the extensions so that the lite version shows up.

The last thing to do is to press the ‘Ctrl’ and ‘P’ buttons together, then the ‘Print’ button that is on your screen. Then go through the same process so that you can get the prints that you want.

Add the Print Friendly extension to Chrome to use for any webpage.

How Adblockers Work to Get Ad-Free Webpages?

Adblockers work to get web pages ad-free so that you can print webpage articles without ads. But how does this work? It is important to understand that what this does is that it disables the JavaScript from the webpage that is responsible for the ads being generated automatically.

Adblockers will remove ads from your webpages.

If you want to make the work easier for yourself, then you should install the ad blocker as an extension on the browser that you work on. This will, in turn, create ad-free websites by default, and then you can print out the pages that you want with no ads on them.

These extensions are great because they are very helpful and are free. You can get them for every browser, like Chrome, Mozilla, and even for Safari if you’re a Mac user.

Use Chrome Hidden Reader Mode to Print Pages Without Ads

There is a default feature that the Chrome browser has if you want your webpages to be free from ads and junk. This feature has to be enabled so that you can get a ‘Distill Page’ that you can then print out.

This is an option that only works on the PC and only if you have the latest browser version of Chrome. To get the option for a ‘Distilled Page’, you need to enable the feature, and only then you can view the webpages with no junk or any ads. And then you can print webpage articles without ads with the same process as has been mentioned in this article.

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If you want a webpage for your work or personal use, you would want to be able to print webpage articles without ads. This can be done on your PC as well as your mobile devices. On your mobile device, you just need to be sure to be connected to a wireless printer that is on the same WiFi network.

In the case of a PC, this works for Mac as well as Windows, first, use tools and extensions to remove the ads and all the other junk from the webpage that you want. Then you need to follow the process given above to be able to print webpage articles without ads.

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