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How To Resolve Prohibitory Symbol on Macbook Pro in 2022? [Best Guide]



Prohibitory Sign in Macbook Pro

Prohibitory Sign in Macbook Pro: If your MacBook is stuck on the Prohibitory symbol, it means that there is something blocking your operating system. A Prohibitory Symbol is a circle with a line through it and you can see it on boot when you are unable to start your MacBook with the current version of the Operating system.

Usually, the symbol simply goes away with a restart but if it still does not go away, you need to find ways to fix it without disrupting your files. There are several ways available so you can try all the ways to get this issue fixed.


The most common way to fix the Prohibitory symbol is to boot your Mac into the internet boot method and run the latest Mac OSx. There is also a special command that can run by pressing 4 keys at once. But first, we need to understand why the Prohibitory symbol appears.

Why did I Get the Prohibitory Symbol Issue on Macbook Pro?

The Prohibitory symbol occurs mostly due to a fault in the hard disk or the system folder. There might be different reasons behind this issue.

Valid System Folder

When there is corruption in the disk or the system folder, your MacBook might not be able to boot through that system folder. This is why the Prohibitory symbol keeps showing and you can fix the disk from the ‘Disk Utility option.

Disk Damaged

Damage to the hard disk can also be a reason for the Prohibitory symbol showing up on the MacBook. If your laptop has fallen on the ground, the disk can be damaged due to the displacement of the hardware.

If you are not sure about the damage, install the macOS on an external hard drive. After this, try to access the internal hard drive. If you are unable to access the files, you can be sure that that hard disk has been damaged.

Updated Mac OS X

The Prohibitory symbol can also appear if you have updated your MacBook and are trying to install the updated software. The symbol appears because the laptop is forced to shut down sometimes during the installation process. This is due to bugs in the installation that shows the sign.

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How to Fix the Issue of Prohibitory Sign in Macbook Pro?

There are many ways to effectively resolve this issue and you require some commands to skip to the boot menu where you can select the options accordingly.

Check Disk Space for Reinstalling macOS

The first step you need to do before installing the updated version of the macOS is to check the space on your hard drive. If you are seeing the Prohibitory sign during installation, back up all your important files and then try formatting before reinstalling.

How to Reinstall Mac OS using Command

  • Press the Command and R key on the keyboard simultaneously. This opens the Mac tool menu.
  • Go to the OS X utility menu.
  • Select the ‘Reinstall OS X’ option to complete the process.


If you are still seeing the Prohibitory symbol after reinstallation, you need to get it checked. There is still one more option you can try.

Fix Using Internet Recovery

You can try this option if the Reinstallation method fails. Here, you might be able to fix this issue but the action takes place completely over the internet. As some resources were missing in the last step, all the resources here will be taken from the internet.

Before starting the process, you need to ensure that your hard drive is functioning properly. Follow these steps after checking.

  • Turn off your computer and press Command + Shift + R at the same time. Turn on your computer while pressing the above keys simultaneously.
  • After doing the inbuilt command for internet recovery, connect the internet and allow network access.
  • Set up the OS X utility menu after the file has been downloaded. Select ‘Reinstall’ to allow the set-up to begin.
  • After the installation, the Prohibitory symbol will be gone and you will be able to access all the important files.

What to do if Disk is Having an Issue?

Sometimes, the problem lies with the hard disk so you have two choices here: Install Mac OS on an external drive or fix the hard disk. You can check the health of your hard disk from the ‘Desk Utility’ option.

However, it is wise to get the solution from an expert in servicing the MacBook to get the issue sorted out properly.

What Happens to the existing data after Mac OS Reinstallation?

You might be worried about your existing data if you are opting for the reinstallation process. There is nothing to worry about as the files are not being formatted in the process. You will be able to access all your files and your existing data will be kept in place.


If you are still facing the Prohibitory Sign in Macbook Pro issue even after trying the above methods, you need an expert’s opinion.

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