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“Nonsense Interview”: Ravindra Jadeja Angrily Responds to Father’s Controversial Interview



Ravindra Jadeja Angrily Responds to Father's Controversial Interview

Ravindra Jadeja Angrily Responds to Father’s Controversial Interview: Indian Cricketer Ravindra Jadeja has been stuck in the news for controversial reasons after his father Anirudhsinh revealed a strained relationship with his Daughter in law Rivaba Jadeja in an interview.

Jadeja who is presently recovering from his hamstring injury after knowing about this interview, angrily reacted by saying “nonsense interview”.

And also he called that interview scripted. He also wrote info about that interview in X (formerly Twitter) by captioning it with “Let’s ignore what’s said in scripted interviews.”

“Let’s ignore what’s said in scripted interviews”: Ravindra Jadeja Reply To His Father

After knowing about his father’s words in the interview, he reacted by saying that the story was one-sided and it was made to damage his wife’s reputation who is currently a political leader in Gujarat.

Ravindra Jadeja who completed 15 years of his career in international cricket came to Twitter X and wrote in Gujarati that,

“All the things said in the nonsense interview are meaningless and untrue. It is a one-sided story and I completely deny the allegations. The attempts made to tarnish the image of my wife are truly reprehensible and unbecoming. I, too, have a lot to say but won’t do it publicly.”

And for that, he mentioned with a caption that, “Let’s ignore what’s said in scripted interviews.”

Jadeja’s Father Accuses Ravindra’s Wife of Creating Rift

In an interview in which Ravindra’s father participated, he accused Ravindra Jadeja of not being good with him and his sister. He mainly accused Ravindra Jadeja’s wife Rivaba of the disputes in his family.

Anirudhsinh told Divya Bhaskar, that

“I don’t call Ravindra, and I don’t need him. He is not my father; I am his father. He is the one who is supposed to call me. All of this makes me cry. His sister also weeps on Rakshabandhan.

We have worked very hard to make Ravindra a cricketer. I used to carry 20-litre milk cans on my shoulder to earn money. I have even worked as a watchman.

We come from a humble background. His sister has done even more than me. She took care of him as a mother. However, he hasn’t kept any relations with his sister either.”

“Right after their marriage, there was a dispute regarding the ownership of Ravindra’s restaurant. She (Rivaba) told him to transfer the ownership of the restaurant to her name.

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They even had a major fight because of that. His sister thought that he would manage things from now on, and agreed to sign.”

“I have some land in my village. I manage my expenses from the ₹20,000 pension of my wife. I live alone in a 2BHK flat. I have a house-help who cooks for me. I am living my life on my terms.

Even in my 2BHK flat, there is still a separate room for Ravindra.”

And coming to the match between India and England, Jadeja got injured he was presently completing his rehabilitation and due to this, he missed the 2nd test in Vizag. Still, there is no confirmation has been made about the other three test participants.

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