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Complete Guide on Removing the Write Protection from an SD card or a Pen Drive



Remove Write Protection SD Card

How To Remove Write Protection SD Card: Have you been able to see an error message that states, “The disc is protected from writing?” Usually, written secured or protected pen drives, USB sticks, and SD cards cannot be formatted. In addition, since the pen drive covers write, you can only add or delete new files after removing the writing protection from it.

However, for files saved on the USB or SD card, you will not have a delete and rename option. Therefore, these files cannot ever be moved or copied to your PC.

the disk is write protected alert window

You have to format that write-protected USB flash drive to re-usable the SD card and pen drive by adding new data. You may accomplish it effortlessly in various ways. The article talks about three functional approaches that will undoubtedly assist you in removing the write protection on the SD card.

With the use of a writing protection tool, removing writing protection is considerably more manageable. You can download and run several devices on your PC quickly. If you wish to format a USB stick, use any formatting tool for SD. The purpose of this tool is to remove USB protection from its user-friendly interface.

While the write protection problem can be removed from your SD card via the control prompt, any of these programs can be used to format write protected storage cards (micro SD), HP, as well as Sandisk pen drives.

Why Write Protection Error Occurs? Reasons

This shows because of one of the three issues if you cannot format an SD card:

  • The administrator locked the disc.
  • Due to critical uses, the disc may be damaged.
  • A virus affected the disc.

All Pendrive or SD cards can be used to use the strategies that are described in this post. You may also remove writing protection by using these ways, which will be discussed in this post. This post will also help you in this scenario if you are looking to format your PNY micro SD card.

A write protection switch can be included on several pen drives that enable or deactivate the write security feature. It’s a fallacy that writing protection is a person’s problem. This condition happens even if it was due to a virus effect. Just scan the drive to confirm that this gets corrected with the antivirus.

Many kinds of viruses cause this in the pen drive or the USB device. However, these pen drives or USB flash drives can be saved by setting write protection from their security settings to save specific crucial files.

How Do I Remove Write Protection SD Card Windows 10/7, Mac, Linux, Android?

If your SD, Pendrive, or USB card has this difficulty, the below-mentioned methods are helpful. These methods are tested on HP, PNY micro SD cards & SanDisk drives and presented step by step in this post. There are four primary methods for formatting a write-protected SD card and Pendrive if you want to remove the write protection.

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Also, remember that a virus might harm your SD card too and show you that your card is protected by writing. So now let’s get these four formulas to retrieve this problem from your SD card and help to format it:

Fix 1: Using a free tool for Write protection removal on Pendrive

If you’re seeking a utility that formats your written or SD cards, EaseUS Tools M is the right software available for free. This utility can be downloaded from and installed on your Mac OS as well as the Windows PC.

So if you are getting an error like the disc is being written secured on your Mac, and you wish to format a protected SD card or pen drive to your Mac, this is the right spot. To do this, follow the step guide provided below:

Step 1: Download and then install the EaseUS Tools M on your device.

Step 2: Open the tool’s dashboard and then search for the Write Protection option.

open the tool's dashboard

Step 3: After you click on the option, select the SD card drive or the pen drive from the available list and then proceed.

Step 4: You will find a Disable option visible on the screen, click on it, and complete the process of write protection.

This tool is available for free for everyone and can be used on Mac OS and Windows devices. It is a lightweight tool and takes minimal space in the PC drives.

Fix 2: Turning the Switch off for Write protection on SD Card

Some pen drives contain a switch for write protection that secures the data. Many people are unaware of this write protection switch for MicroSD or SD cards that can lock or unlock it. This is to ensure that unauthorized access is denied for data file protection.

Note that while an SD card switch blocks the data protection, the files and other modifications on the micro SD cards cannot be added or removed. However, if you turn off the switch after you slide it down, the write protection gets removed, files can be added or withdrawn, or the SD card can be altered.

This switch is present in most of the micro SD cards. So, if you face that a write-protected SD card cannot be formatted, verify if it is switched off.

This is an extra part of this strategy, which could in the future be useful for you.

However, as you insert the micro SD in your camera, you may be having a problem, and it shows that it is written securely when the slider on the switch is unlocked. This occurs if the switches don’t operate properly. Thus internal hardware has been broken in the SD micro card, or the camera sensor is not functioning correctly.

The switch can be moved to disable write protection, and then formatting such flash drives can be utilized.

Fix 3: Format write-protected USB via Command prompt

The command prompt is a very dependable, easy way to format written flash drives. You can apply this procedure to both Windows 7 and 10. Follow the following step-by-step process:

Step 1: First, you have to connect the SD card or USB drive to the PC, click on the start button of windows, and then search for the command prompt.

Step 2: Open the command prompt as administrator by right-clicking on it.

Step 3: A DOS window will appear, type the disk part, and then click on Enter.

Step 4: After that, type “list disc.” Then click on the Enter to view all linked devices. You will see disc 0, disc 1, disc 2, etc., after pressing Enter. Disc 0 is the hard disc, and Disk 1 is the drive that can be removed. If you have any trouble recognizing it, search for each disk’s size.

Step 5: When the drive is disc 1, write “select disc 1” and press Enter to select the USB drive. When choosing the disc name, be cautious because choosing the incorrect input may delete all data on the selected drive.

Step 6: To remove the write protection, type “attribute disc clean readonly” and press Enter.

Step 7: To exit the process, type “exit,” and hit Enter, and then close the window. After completing this procedure, your USB drive will be completely free of the write-protected problem, allowing you to copy or paste anything into it effortlessly.

Fix 4: Format write-protected pen drive (registry editor)

Using the Windows Registry Editor settings is another way to remove the write protection from any USB flash device. By altering the value from 1 to 0, you may quickly change the storage policies. This procedure allows you to format the USB drive that is write-protected without any issues. Take a look at the steps guided provided below:

Step 1: To begin, go to the Start button of windows and type RUN into the search box. To open Windows Registry Editor, type ‘Regedit.’

type regedit in run window

Step 2: Select ‘HKEY LOCAL MACHINE ‘from the list of folders.

choose hkey local machine from the list

Step 3: A folder list will now appear. Select the SYSTEM folder.

Select SYSTEM option

Step 4: Select the ‘CurrentControlSet’ folder, followed by the ‘Control’ folder.

Select the 'CurrentControlSet' folder

Step 5: Folders such as ‘Storage’ and ‘StoragePolicies’ can be found here.

found storage & storagepolicies folder

Step 6: You must locate the WriteProtect DWORD file in these folders. The name of the folder may vary, but it will always begin with Storage…!

Step 7: Right-click the DWORD file and select ‘Modify’ from the context menu.

Step 8: Now go ahead and fill in the Value data. Alter the value from 1 to 0 and then click ‘OK.’

That is all there is to it. You can now format the write-protected drive without interruption after changing the DWORD value to 0.


Before you begin formatting your pen drive or SD card, take the following precautions:

  1. While you’re formatting, double-check to see if a virus causes the problem or if the device is broken.
  2. Inserting the SD card into the SD card reader on your PC can be dangerous since it can infect your computer files. That is why, while conducting any such operation, it is always advisable to keep an antivirus installed on your desktop or PC, as the virus could infect your internal drive and render your internal files inaccessible.
  3. If your micro SD card says it’s write protected even if it’s unlocked, swap it out for another camera and look for the error message. If it continues to display the same message, the micro SD card is likely damaged. On the other hand, if the micro SD card works fine on another camera, the previous camera’s sensor is defective.
  4. If you’re using the CMD to format a drive, be careful while typing the drive name because doing so could result in the disc being permanently deleted. However, if you have accidentally erased any data, you can recover them at first.
  5. Always make a backup of your vital files on your C drive since this will protect them in the event of a disaster.
  6. This error message appears when your phone’s internal SD card reader is destroyed. The error message is the same as if the disc is write-protected. So, before you do anything further, check the SD card with several card readers to see if you’re receiving the same error message or not.

Always remember to follow these steps before attempting to remove the write protection.


It’s not easy to format a write-protected USB flash disc. You can, however, use any of these approaches to resolving the write-protection issue swiftly. If you accidentally deleted data while formatting, you can retrieve it.

Still, if you require any formatting assistance, you can use any widely used formatting tool available on the internet. First, check with the CMD to see whether the situation can be resolved. Check out the Remove Write Protection SD Card guide from here and clear all your queries regarding write protection.

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