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Best Methods To Download and Save Images from Copy-Protected Websites on Chrome, Mobile, Desktop



Save Copy Protected Website Images 

How To Save Copy Protected Website Images on Android, Mac, PC, Chrome: There are many times when you would need an image from a certain website but find yourself unable to download it. The message that would show up will say something about the content being locked or the image being Protected.

What this means is that the owner of that particular webpage does not want anyone downloading or copying those images. In that case, is it really possible to save copy protected website images? And if this is really possible, what methods can be used to achieve it?

It is certainly possible to download copy-protected website images by following the methods that are listed in the article given below. Let’s get started on how this could work.

What are the Protected Images on a Webpage?

Before getting into the know-how, we will be addressing what protected images are in the first place. There are website owners that have images on their pages, but due to the possibility of unauthorized usage, the images are not available to be saved or downloaded.

So, to restrict users from saving those pictures onto their devices, there are certain HTML codes on the page that restrict this action.

Is it Possible to download & Save that Image from Copy Protected Sites?

The solution to getting across that and downloading the images is simple. You have to first open the image you want from that site on another tab. Then you need to use the LightShot tool to save copy protected website images.

Another option is to open the developer mode if you’re using Chrome and then to open the image that you want in another tab. Since the images are copy-protected, you cannot right-click to open the image in another tab otherwise.

But, there are methods that you can use to get the images you want in the resolution desired. However, please note that if you want to avoid getting a copyright strike, it is best to avoid using copyright images for any work. But you may use this article as an educational guide of sorts and no more.

Moreover, you can also copy texts from protected websites by using various methods. Want to know what are the best ways then click on the link available here and fix the issue of copying texts from Copy Protected Websites.

How You Can Download and Save Copy Protected Website Images? [Best Methods]

To be able to download and save images from copy protected website, there are mainly two methods that you can use.

You can choose to inspect the hidden image directly and download what you want from the URL. The other option is to use the print screen button that is on your keyboard to download the images that you want.

We will also be taking a look at how you can do the same through the Web Developer on Chrome and on mobile.

Method 1: Use the PrtSc SysRq Button

If you see an image on a website that you want to copy or save but find that you cannot due to restrictions, follow the steps given below for this particular method:

Step 1: Firstly, what you need to do is to have the image you have visible on the desktop screen via the URL. Then you need to press the PrtSc SysRq button that is on your keyboard.


Step 2: Once you’ve pressed that particular button, the area that is viewable gets copied onto your clipboard. The next thing to do is to open the pain program from Windows. Once it is open, press ‘CTRL’ and ‘V’ together, and you will see that total view being pasted on there.

Step 3: From the total area, you can now easily select the area that you want so that you get the image desired. The rest of the unwanted portions can be easily deleted.

Step 4: The last step in this process is to save the image that you want as a new file onto your computer.

This is the first method and is very simple to follow. This way, you can easily save copy-protected website images onto your computer.

Method 2: Use the LightShot Software on Windows or Mac

If you want to avoid having to do extra editing on another software, what you need is a third-party tool that can take a screenshot of the image just as you need it so that it can be saved onto your computer. This method provides exactly that solution and can be used on Windows or Mac. What you need to do is to follow the guide given here:

Step 1: The first step here is to find the LightShot tool on your browser and then install it onto your laptop or PC. This works for both Mac and Windows, as mentioned before.


Step 2: Once you’ve installed LIghtShot, it will be automatically activated for all of the browsers that you use. We suggest using the Chrome browser to use LightShot. Here too, you need to press the PrtSc SysRq button that was mentioned in the last stop. You will then have to select the area that you want to be saved onto your computer.

Step 3: The next thing to do is to save the screenshot of the area selected onto your drive. There is no need to edit anything any further in this step. You can, in this manner, easily save the images you want from websites that are copy-protected.

Download Copy Protected Website Images Using Web Developer on Chrome

Is there an option to download the images from your Chrome browser itself? The answer is yes for this as well. Firstly, what you need to do here, is to open the image URL that you want via the developer tool that is available in Chrome.

  • You need to first install the extension developer tool on the Chrome browser as the first step to be able to download images.


  • Then open the website page that is copy-protected and go to the area that has the image that you want. Now, you need to enable the developer tool that will be in the extension button on the browser search bar. Then click on the option that says ‘View Image Information.’


  • Then the original image URL will show instantly, and you can open it in another tab.
  • Once you open the image following the last step, right-click on it and save the image onto your computer.

This is a method that will help you if you want an image of HD quality since it will download the original image that the website owner uploaded at first.

How to Save Images from Copy Protected Websites on Your Mobile?

If you want to save copy protected website images on your mobile device as well, there is a way to do this through the method given here. The process is more or less the same here as compared to what needs to be done on the PC, but the way to do it is a little different.

The way to take screenshots on your mobile device is very easy. All you need to do is to press the volume down button as well as the power button simultaneously.

The screenshot will be saved to your device automatically. The other thing to do is to slide up or down the menu bar, as it is on your phone, and tap on the screenshot icon. The icon will look more or less the same on any mobile device.


If you use the screenshot option as mentioned, you can select the shape of your screenshot in some cases too. Otherwise, you can get just that portion of the page as you would want.

If you take a screenshot of the full page, you can find it in your Album or Gallery. You can then use any mobile editor, in-built or otherwise, to crop the picture to what you want and then save it onto your device. The process to save images on your mobile is really that simple.


There are methods that can help you save copy protected website images. This is if you are on your mobile device or even on a PC or laptop. But, note that it is better to use this article as an educational guide alone. It is best to avoid using images in this manner so as not to have to deal with copyright strikes later on.

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