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Here’s Detailed & Best Method To Send A Snap To All Your Contacts on Snapchat 2022



Send A Snap To Everyone

Wondering how to send a snap to everyone at once? There’s a great option to do that on Snapchat. Snapchat is an incredibly popular social media app used to take photos or videos, send them to friends, and even draw on them.

Snapchat offers a number of features that go unnoticed. Using the platform as a whole makes it possible to send direct snaps to your friends, see your story as it is being uploaded, and snoop on your friends as they post photos. Learning how to use Snapchat will increase your overall enjoyment of the app.

Snapchat has a new feature that lets you send Snaps to multiple friends by creating your own set of shortcuts. You can add people on your friends list directly into this new shortcut, so next time you want to send a specific Snap to these people, you need only click the shortcut and then share it with them.

This new shortcut is completely customizable — you can add one or more Snapchatters into it and nobody else. So the way to send streaks to all your friends at once is either creating a group and adding everyone into it or using an app like SnapAll to make the process easier. With SnapAll, you can create streaks with up to 200 people in just a few taps.

How to Send streaks to everyone in your Snapchat contact list at Once Using Snapchat Shortcuts without Group?

When you send a snap, you’ll see the shortcuts, so follow the steps:

  • Tap on the option New Shortcut on the Shortcuts tab
  • To create a new shortcut, add an emoji, then tap on all the people’s names. After that tap on “Create Shortcut.”
  • Now that you created a shortcut, just keep scrolling on the list and tap on it. Then click the send icon to send your snap to all of your contacts at one time.

Note: You can simply edit that shortcut and add those new people to that.

Selecting Multiple Friends on Snapchat for Sending a Snap

Grouping friends together on Snapchat can be tricky. But with the Xposed Framework module Snapall, you can save time by selecting several friends at once! All you need is an Android phone with the Xposed framework installed.

To select all at once on your Snapchat:

Step 1: Install SnapAll using the Xposed framework app.

Step 2: Now, go to the framework and activate the module. Then, restart your phone to start working with it on Snapchat.

Step 3: Now, this will add a new box option to your Snapchat where you can select all of your friends at once.

How do I Send a Bunch of Snaps to a Person at Once?

To send multiple Snapchat photos to one person at one time, these are the steps to follow

  • Install Snapchat on your Phone.
  • Tap on the overlapping icon below the camera.
  • Under Memories click on the camera roll.

Sending a bunch of Snaps to One person 

  • Tap the icon in the top-right corner if you want to send more than one file. Select all of the desired videos or photos.
  • Once selected click on the right arrow icon.
  • Now send the snaps individually by clicking on the boxes next to the contact’s name.

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How to Send Multiple Snaps to Everyone using Mobile Data?

The process to send multiple pics to someone using Mobile Data is explained in the following way:

  • Turn off Wi-Fi and mobile data on your phone, or keep it in Airplane mode.
  • Open Snapchat, tap the camera button, and take a photo or video.
  • Add text, filters, and any editing you want to do. Once you are satisfied with the look of your post, tap the arrow on the right  to proceed
  • Select and add the contacts that you would like to send the multiple snaps to. Tap on the right arrow.
  • Now turn on the Wi-Fi or mobile data to connect to the internet after sending multiple snaps.

Methods To Send Snaps From Snapchat

  • When connected, the snaps you recorded will automatically be uploaded. The upload will start at once

When connected, the snaps you recorded will automatically be uploaded. The upload will start at once

Does it commence the streal while sending a snap?

If you use Snapchat, you might have a friend with whom you regularly chat. If the two of you are on a Snapstreak, it means that you send messages to each other more than three days in a row.

When you scroll down on your friend’s list, you will see the Snapstreak symbol. Underneath the symbol is an indication of how long you have had that person on a streak. For example, if it says 7′, then that person has been on your streak for seven consecutive days.

How can you keep the SnapStreaks working?

If you want to keep your SnapStreak alive, the 24-hour rule applies: both of you should send a Snap to one another within 24 hours of each other.

Can I automate sending a snap to everyone on my Snapchat?

SnapManager–SnapHub is the only app you need for creating your groups, managing followers, automatically send snaps, and more.

The SnapManager – SnapHub app has a few features. The first is that it automatically accepts friend requests. It also lets you publish your Snapchat story from the app automatically. You can manage multiple accounts at once and therefore snaps can be automatically sent to all at once.

Steps to use the SnapManager – SnapHub app:

  • Download the SnapManager – SnapHub app.


  • Use the SnapManager configuration Wizard to move the database to the storage, instead of keeping it on your hard drive.
  • The SnapManager configuration wizard helps get storage set up correctly. From there, you can make backups of your storage with SnapManager.
  • In the event that you need to restore your data, you can use the Snapmanager restore.


We hope your search on how to send snap to everyone on Snapchat at once has ended with our article. If you want to send a Snap to multiple friends at once, there are two ways of doing so on Snapchat. The first is simply by using the ‘Shortcuts’ on the app and setting it up as shown above.

The second way, which is more convenient, is to use the SnapAll module that you can install with Xposed Framework. This module allows you to select all your friends and send streaks to them instantly with one click.

Now you know the complete process and facts about it but if you want to gain some more knowledge about a Snapchat app, kindly visit our websites and 

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