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Best & Great Ways to Send an Amazon Gift Cards Online to Someone Via WhatsApp, Mail, Code



Send an Amazon Gift Cards Online

How to Send an Amazon Gift Cards Online: Giving the perfect gift is incredibly difficult. This is where Amazon saves the day with an amazing gift card that is appreciated by family and friends alike. You can get an Amazon gift card for every occasion you can imagine. 

Amazon gift cards are being sold on both Amazon and third-party websites. So if you are looking to send someone an Amazon gift card, then you are at the right place. 

There are different techniques that offer you to send a gift card to your loved one instantly and there are unique techniques to share a gift card with someone for free. 

Benefits of Amazon Gift Card 

There are multiple benefits associated with an Amazon gift card. 

  • These cards are available for every occasion. You can easily customize and change the design where the code remains the same. 
  • There are various methods of shipping. You can send these cards online or you can opt for physical shipping to send an Amazon gift card to your friends. 

Different Methods to Send Amazon Gift Cards to Someone

Here, we are going to discuss various simple and easy ways to send amazon gift cards in detailed steps. So, that you can opt for any one method that is flexible to gift an amazon card to others.  

Method 1: Sending an Amazon Gift Card Online 

If you do not wish to send a card to someone physically, you can send it to their email inbox or text messages. You just have to visit the gift card page and add the amount, method of delivery, and email address of the recipient.

Your gift card will reach the person in an instant. You can opt for either email or text message to send the card and you can also add your special message before completing the checkout. 

After you finish the checkout, you can immediately check the order status on Amazon. The minimum amount you can send through a gift card is $25. 

Method-2: Printing the Gift Card 

If you do not wish to go the online method, you can send the card to someone by making it from your home. You just have to purchase the card and print it after checkout. 

You can follow these 3 steps to get your physical card. 

  • Open and go to the ‘Print at Home gift card’ page. 
  • Select the design, message, and amount of the card and select the number of cards you wish to order. 
  • Proceed to checkout after completing the above steps. After checkout, you can easily print the card at home. 

Method-3: Send via Mail 

Mailing is always better than email. This option especially comes in handy if you are sending a small number of gift cards and you wish to select beautiful envelopes to post that gift card. 

You can send via mail by going on Amazon, selecting the amount, and add the delivery address of the person. After you checkout, Amazon will begin the delivery process of your gift card. 

Method-4: Send the Code of Gift Card through Whatsapp 

Amazon gives you the option of sending your gift card in image form through Whatsapp as well. If you are sending a gift card, you can scan it and send it directly to the person through Whatsapp chat. 

This technique is useful as you can know when the person has received it. 

Various Styles and Designs of Gift Card To Send

When you are sending a gift to someone, the style, and design matter a lot. You do not have to worry about that here as Amazon has a wide range of styles and designs for you to choose from. 

You can select the design on the checkout page and you also have various envelopes available if you wish to mail the gift card. If you need more design templates, you can find them on the ‘Select eGift card’ option. 


Amazon has gift cards for every occasion you can think of and it is the perfect gift for quick and easy delivery. Amazon has over 50 templates for birthdays, over 27 templates for Thank you gift cards, 11 templates for Easter, 16 templates for weddings, and so much more for New Year’s, Father’s Day, Halloween, Christmas, and Valentine’s day. 

  • Wedding gift card: Over 16 types of eGift card templates.
  • Congrats gift card: Over 23 types of eGift card templates.
  • Thank you gift card: Over 27 types of eGift card templates.
  • Newborn gift card: Over 20 types of eGift card templates.
  • Easter gift card: Over 11 types of eGift card templates.
  • Birthday gift card: Over 50 types of eGift card templates.

These gift cards are often pre-made on Amazon and you can purchase them in the form of animated or standard print. However, you can only buy them after you select the eGift card option on checkout. 

Sending Gift Cards to other countries

If you wish to send gift cards to your friends in another country, then you can only send them via email or text. Standard delivery option is generally not available for other countries. 

These gift cards are redeemable only on Amazon so if your friend or family has purchased anything using those cards, you have to confirm that the parcel will arrive at their address only. 

Conclusion on How to Buy and Send Amazon Gift Card to Someone

You have 3 amazing options to gift an Amazon card to someone. However, be cautious when you send an amazon gift card online, it shouldn’t land on the wrong hand as once it is redeemed, it cannot be used again. Therefore, always verify all the details before sending. 

If you are comfortable with the approaches that we mentioned to finish your task or need then kindly visit our page and check out our other guide on various verticles which may help you in the future. We are having different types of tech guides along with sending an amazon gift card online guide like How to change Profile Picture on Messenger, How to Increase Mobile Hotspot Range, etc.