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Effective Ways To Send WhatsApp Message Without Number in 2022 [Simple Steps]



Send WhatsApp Message Without Number

Send WhatsApp Message Without Number: WhatsApp is all about chatting and sharing stuff with your contacts. But have you ever faced a situation in which you quickly need to send something to somebody just for once and don’t need to save their contact? Well, in such situations, following the default method of saving contact and then going back and accessing it on WhatsApp all over again wastes a lot of time and bulks your phone with unnecessary contacts.

In such a case, have you wondered how to send WhatsApp messages without storing a number? Also, out of curiosity have you ever thought about whether you can chat without revealing your identity or not? If yes, you are at the right spot where we are going to discuss all of this.

How do you send whatsapp messages without adding number?

The default method of sending a WhatsApp message is to first add the person in your contacts and then access them from your WhatsApp contacts. But, in times of hurry, when you need to quickly send a message to someone, adding the number to your contact first and then waiting to access it through your WhatsApp could be time taking and frustrating. In such a situation, you may wonder how to send a WhatsApp message without adding a number. Let’s see the simple steps to do this:

1. Open the link phone=mobile number or simply from your favorite mobile browser followed by the country code ( without ‘+’ ) and the number of the person you want to chat with. For example type, and press enter. Next, a page will open that will ask you whether you would like to open the chat screen for that particular number.

2. Click on Continue chatting and you will be redirected to the WhatsApp messenger app where you can easily chat with this person without saving their name to your contacts.

WhatsApp API phone

A pro tip here is to always mention the country code within brackets while you enter the number to the above-mentioned link. Otherwise, WhatsApp may face errors while searching and recognizing the number. You can also send a pre-filled text to a person who is not there on your contact list by going to the below link and adding an URL encoded text.

Let’s see an example to understand this better. If you want to send for example “You Are Welcome” to a number 1234567899, type it like this:

Additionally, if none of this work for you you can use a third-party app called WhatsDirect- Chat w/o Contact. You can download this directly from the Google Play store. It is absolutely free, has a simple user interface, and helps in sending WhatsApp messages without saving the number. Just open the app, give the person’s phone number with country code and click on Send Text or Send media accordingly.

How to send WhatsApp message from fake number?

To hide your real number and text somebody online anonymously from a fake number, you will have to use a third-party software tool namely TextNow. Let’s see the further steps:

1. Go to your Google Play Store and install TextNow: Call +Text Unlimited. After installation is done, sign into this application with your Google or mobile number.

2. On the parallel side, create a clone of WhatsApp by going to your system settings, then selecting Apps, clicking on Dual Apps, and creating a clone app for your WhatsApp. You will open an account with the fake number in this cloned WhatsApp.

Dual apps option in settings

3. Next, go back to the TextNow app and give the location access and other necessary permissions.

4. After this when your app is ready, write the country code of any foreign nation on the Choose a phone number section.

5. Once the number is verified, your account will be re-verified where you will have to identify some captchas to ensure you are not a robot. Then, provide the area code you want for your fake number and choose any one of the free numbers displayed.

6. For some days, you can also use this fake number to make fake calls and SMSs. Next, put this number on your clone WhatsApp that you created, apply the country code, and verify to log into your number. You’re done, now you can chat and make calls on WhatsApp easily from your fake number.

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Steps to Send WhatsApp message without showing your number?

Texting with someone on WhatsApp without showing your number is by default not possible because technically WhatsApp uses your number for verification and identification purposes. But can you send WhatsApp message without showing your number? Well, yes there are a few ways by which you can bypass this and hide your real number from getting exposed. Let’s see the ways:

1. If you have a spare landline phone that allows you to receive calls, then you can use that number to open a WhatsApp account. WhatsApp allows verification over calls too along with SMS one-time passwords, so you can make use of that.

2. You can easily hide your original number and text from a different fake number by using a third-party app like TextNow: Call+Text Unlimited from your Google Play Store. We have discussed this in detail in the next section.

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How to send a WhatsApp message without opening the app programmatically on Android?

There are many ways by which you can read or reply to any message on your WhatsApp without opening the app actually. This process will also help you to read a message stealthily without the seen status or the other person knowing about it. Let’s see the two main methods on how to achieve this:

1. WhatsApp Pop-Up Notification-

WhatsApp Pop-Up message is basically a shortcut to the message that pops up on your screen for any incoming message. You can easily reply from this pop-up rather than closing the current app you are using and switching to WhatsApp. To turn on WhatsApp Pop-Up notifications you must go to your WhatsApp settings first, then go to Notification, click on Pop Up Notifications, and select Always show Pop Up.

Android wapp pop-up config

You must also refer to our guide on  Whatsapp Pop-Up Notifications. WhatsApp Pop-Up message is not available for users having Android versions above 9. For them, they can use the normal notification that comes by scrolling down and their notification panel. You can reply to the message and also drag it a little bit to read if it is a long message.

WhatsApp third-party mod APK-

WhatsApp APKs or third-party modified applications are nothing but modified APKs that are generally created by a group of random developers and not the main creator of WhatsApp. One of such applications is Wamr, which helps you read WhatsApp messages that are deleted for everyone by the sender.

This app is almost like a clone of your original WhatsApp including all the messages along with the deleted messages highlighted for you to understand that they are deleted for everyone in the main app. By opening this app you can easily check messages, photos, voice texts, videos, etc. without the seen notification in the main WhatsApp App.

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How to send whatsapp message from pc without number?

For PC users, you can easily connect with a person over chat without storing their number, through WhatsApp Web. Let’s see the steps you need to follow:

1. Type the official link of WhatsApp Web along with the number of the person. Type along with the number and the country code but excluding the plus sign, on your favorite web browser.

For example, if the country code is  India (+91) and the number is 1234567899, then type

2. Finally, when the chat window opens, click on Continue to chat, and enjoy chatting on your PC without saving numbers.

Whatsapp API PC

FAQs on Send WhatsApp Message Without Number in 2022

1. How to send WhatsApp messages without number online?

If you want to send WhatsApp images anonymously from a fake number without revealing your original number you must do it with a third-party app. Install TextNow: Call + Text Unlimited from your Google play store to create a fake foreign ID number. Next, create a WhatsApp clone app and open a new WhatsApp with this number.

2. How to send a WhatsApp message Google?

To send a WhatsApp message on google PC you need to first open Google, type out along with the phone number and country code of the person you want to chat with (don’t give the plus sign). Finally, click on Continue to chat to start chatting without saving the number.

3. How to send an image on WhatsApp without save number?

To send images or messages over WhatsApp without saving contact you need to type phone=mobile number on your mobile browser, along with the number and country code of the person.


So now, you will be easily able to send WhatsApp messages and media anonymously without the need to save the contact every time and waste your time or bulk your phone. We have also taught you how to chat with a fake number but remember to use it for fun purposes only and never for any other malicious intentions.

With this, we are signing off for today. Make sure to visit our Best WhatsApp Web Tips and Tricks article from our official website NewsOzzy.Com too before you guys leave. Take care and Sayonara!

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