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Snapchat Usernames Guide: Snapchat Username Ideas, How to Change Username on Snapchat & Best Snapchat Names List



snapchat username guide & list of snapchat names

Are you dreaming of a new account on Snapchat and get a huge amount of followers list for your Snapchat profile? That’s gonna be possible by approaching the most important way ie., Snapchat Username. If your Snapchat name is catchy and creative then users on Snapchat show interest in your Snapchat profile name. You can also read How to make a private story on snapchat

Today, we are going to discuss all the Snapchat Usernames and the best ideas on Snapchat Names. Apart from the Snapchat username ideas, you guys will also find some details about Snapchat username rules, steps on can I change my username on Snapchat. Moreover, you can also get the list of the best, catchy, & unique Snapchat Names for girls & boys that you must try in 2020 for more likes, comments & followers.

An Ultimate Guide on Snapchat Username

Snapchat New Users will always have some questions in their minds while keeping the Username for a Snapchat account. Usually, people use their names and important dates as their Username on Snapchat. Your own names on Snapchat make your profile look boring but can be easier sometimes. To attract others and to increase your follower’s list, we have compiled a few Snapchat username ideas that help you improve your engagement on the Snapchat App.

Jump into the respective topic by accessing the provided links and get all the details about Snapchat Usernames with ease.

Rules of Snapchat Usernames

Here is the list of Snapchat Usernames Rules that you should follow while choosing a username for your Snapchat account:

  • Must be 3-15 characters long
  • Shouldn’t contain any spaces in the middle of the names
  • Need to start with a letter
  • Can only contain letters, numbers, and the special characters hyphen ( – ), underscore ( _ ), and period ( . ), EXCEPT that the username:
    • Can’t begin with a number, hyphen, underscore, or period
    • Don’t end with a hyphen, underscore, or period
    • Can’t contain emojis or other symbols such as @, $, #, etc.
  • Must appear only in lower-case letters within the app.

Best & Coolest Snapchat Username Ideas

There are various ideas to make your Snapchat Username look amazing and interesting. Follow these few tips and tricks to get the idea to keep Snapchat Names.

  • Make the name in a unique style by using crazy combinations.
  • Keep your interest in mind and create the username accordingly. For example: Do you love pizza? then add it somewhere in there.
  • You can also add your favourite number or important dates after the selected name.
  • Use phrases like “This is” or “I am.”
  • Add a title like ” MR, Mrs, & Miss.
  • Add HQ
  • Use INC. (Basically, it is used for company profiles)

Now, here is the list of some cool ideas that we come up with for creating the Best Snapchat Usernames for your profiles:

  1. Use your name without vowels. For instance, lvny
  2. Use something related to your favourite things. For example, percabeth23, ravenclawqueen8, etc.
  3. Make your name Short & sweet by adding a number. For instance, hannysteiny0, hstein4, etc.
  4. Create your Snapchat name by using your fav hobby. For example, bookwormy19, stampcollector30, etc.

List of Best Snapchat Names That Make You Stand Out From the Rest

Here is the list of Coolest Snapchat Usernames Ideas 2020 in different categories like Cool, Funny, Cute Snapchat Names 2020, SC Usernames for boys & girls, and many others.

Good Snapchat Names

  1. Afro-head
  2. Baxter
  3. Beloved-Angle
  4. Buckshot
  5. BugattiBeez
  6. CamBenson
  7. CarlyRaeJepsen
  8. DavahnMoore
  9. DRose
  10. EstebanSchmith
  11. EthanDolan
  12. Gozmit
  13. Halilİbrahim Göker
  14. HayesGrier
  15. Hazzle – Dazzle
  16. JayCole
  17. Josh Peck
  18. justintadlock
  19. Khoaliti
  20. Life Racer
  21. Little Mix
  22. Major Nonsense
  23. [email protected] citY
  24. probablycorey
  25. QPark
  26. RenoRojas
  27. Scotty Sire
  28. springmeyer
  29. TreyKennedy
  30. vhf

Best Usernames for Snapchat

  1. askamillionaire
  2. bustledotcom
  3. Everlane
  4. filip.novak
  5. grubhub
  6. hubspotinc
  7. msuster
  8. nasa
  9. tailopez
  10. thenytimes
  11. Threebabes
  12. warbyparker
  13. wearecisco

Snapchat Names for Best Friend

  1. Ace
  2. Baby boy
  3. Baller
  4. Bayeeee
  5. Boy Best friend
  6. Cookie
  7. DayMaker
  8. Diary
  9. Hunnit Grand
  10. Lil Boo
  11. Lock and Key
  12. Lovebug
  13. My Flirt
  14. Pookie
  15. Shawddyy
  16. Shooter
  17. Son
  18. Teddybear
  19. Thug
  20. Twin

Celebrity Snapchat Account Names

  1. @ shawnmendes1 – Shawn Mendes
  2. @aldnama – Amandla Stenberg
  3. @anselelgort – Ansel Elgort
  4. @camilacabello – Camila Cabello
  5. @dovecameron – Dove Cameron
  6. @dualipa – Dua Lipa
  7. @finnwolfhard – Finn Wolfhard
  8. @haileybisboring – Hailey Baldwin Bieber
  9. @haiz – Hailee Steinfeld
  10. @itsmejoeyking – Joey King
  11. @jasonderulo – Jason Derulo
  12. @kjapadwsole – KJ Apa
  13. @lilireinhart – Lili Reinhart
  14. @maroon5 – Maroon 5
  15. @mileycyrus – Miley Cyrus
  16. @milliebbrown – Millie Bobby Brown
  17. @moonlightbae – Ariana Grande
  18. @postmalone – Post Malone
  19. @rowablanchard – Rowan Blanchard
  20. @thatssokhalid – Khalid

Snapchat Names for Girls

  1. aprilblossom
  2. berrybee
  3. butterscotchbliss
  4. charming chick
  5. cherry chopkins
  6. crazy cupcake
  7. cutelittledancer
  8. divinedimples
  9. dudettebuttercup
  10. greenbellglitter
  11. happyfeetme
  12. heavenly goddess
  13. honey cake
  14. honeypiehugs
  15. jolly brownie
  16. leggylass
  17. little flower
  18. littleponypink
  19. miss-sparkles
  20. naughtyangeltoes
  21. peachpuppydoll
  22. peppermintpretty
  23. pink-kisses
  24. pinkmissy
  25. prettuduckling
  26. prettykitty
  27. purpledove
  28. shymissmuffins
  29. smilesalotlady
  30. snapittysnap

Snapchat Usernames for Boys

  1. badass techie
  2. blackhawk
  3. bluejeans
  4. borntoparty
  5. bravedarkhorse
  6. covenant
  7. dark wizard
  8. darthvader
  9. fastestrunner
  10. gatskopper
  11. hellboy
  12. iamhunk
  13. iamnomonk
  14. ijustgotsnapped
  15. killerboy
  16. laughing buddha
  17. lordofkingdoms
  18. metalheadgod
  19. midnightcruiser
  20. mister-hitch-hiker
  21. mr-big
  22. notasuperman
  23. psychokiller
  24. risingjudas
  25. snap-pete
  26. spikeysniper
  27. thealchemist
  28. thebighulk
  29. thegreatwarrior
  30. ysoserious

New Peoples Snapchat Names | Coolest Snapchat Username Ideas

  1. Block Beauty
  2. BorisLaursen
  3. Buzz Pinky
  4. Candied Friends
  5. Cheeky girl
  6. Chip Dollie
  7. ChristianLemke
  8. FifthHarmony
  9. Girlie Twinkle
  10. Lazy Looser
  11. mrmrs
  12. Nightingale
  13. OsmanCanKuzu
  14. Party Babe
  15. PrayingSteveJR
  16. Princess Fuzzie
  17. Secret Lemon
  18. Soakage Star
  19. Soul Sweety

Funny Names for Snapchat Account

  1. KMAC
  3. Grayson Dolan
  4. Jacob Whitesides
  6. Josh Clark
  7. Obey Darío
  8. omargHonim
  9. One Direction
  10. photon storm
  11. rakyll
  12. shiffman
  13. Stephen Curry
  14. taylorot well
  15. Twenty ForSeven

Cool Snapchat Name Ideas

  1. 1DThisIsUs
  2. arnoldschnitzel
  3. Brittany Furlan
  4. creationix
  5. David Lopez
  6. FilthyDrops
  7. GioVolpe
  8. JerryPurpdrank
  9. jonathanong
  10. kymnonstop
  11. kytrinyx
  12. leafo
  13. lilduval
  14. MeekMill
  15. migurski
  16. miologie
  17. NORA
  19. qiangxue
  20. remy
  21. ReneeLyon
  22. SamSaffron
  23. seansauce
  24. SelfieC
  25. swankjesse
  26. turbanchino
  27. Turnip King
  28. UberFacts
  30. yesjulz

How to Change Your Snapchat Username Easily? (Step-By-Step Guide)

All Snapchat users need an answer to the most common question called “Can I Change my Snapchat Username?” Yes, you can change your username on Snapchat by following the steps given here. You can change your Snapchat username by various methods. Here, we are discussing one of the best methods ie., Change Your Snapchat Display Name. Take a look at the steps below and finish the Snapchat change username task:

  1. Open the app and choose your profile/Bitmoji icon in the upper-left corner of the screen to view your profile.
  2. Now tap on the gear icon in the upper-right corner to go to your settings.
  3. The first two account settings you see are Name followed by Username. Prefer Name option and select.
  4. Go to the Name field and delete your current display name, then enter a new one.
  5. Click on the Save button that appears after you’ve made your changes.

Also, watch this video and you will clear all your queries if you can change your Snapchat username or not:

Final Words

We expect that you’ve got plenty of Snapchat Usernames Ideas after reviewing this article till to an end. If you need to ask any queries regarding the best & cool Snapchat names then feel free to drop in the comment section below. We’ll get back to you asap with the possible solutions. Also, visit the and find more updated Catchy Snapchat User Names 2020.

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