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How to Tell is a Snapchat Account is Fake or Real: Snapchat Account Checker



how to tell if snapchat account is fake

How to Tell is a Snapchat Account is Fake or Real: If someone you know creates a Snapchat profile, double-check that it’s them by looking at their Facebook Friends list or who they follow on Instagram. If they both follow the same people on Snapchat, it’s very likely that it’s them.

If you suspect a Snapchat account is fake, you can easily report or block it. If you are aware of the Snapchat account, you can investigate a few factors to determine whether it is genuine or not.

Although a high Snapchat score indicates that a Snapchat account is the oldest, it does not imply that the account is Real. Yes, it is possible that the account is not fake, but this is not always the scenario.

Also, if you find some popular Snapchat profiles and are confused about seeing the original ones, this Snapchat score will help you find the real profile, as the account with the highest score is more likely to be a real genuine Snapchat account.

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How To find out If this is a real Snapchat account?

To determine whether a Snapchat account is genuine or not, you can directly video chat with the person, and if the person agrees to do so, it means that the Snapchat account is genuine, and there is no doubt in that case.

Having a high Snapchat score and a high Snapchat reputation, on the other hand, helps a profile look incredibly cool and realistic to other users, and the stories shared on a regular basis makes a profile appear to be a real Snapchat account.

Below are some basic steps check the Snapchat account is real or fake,

  • Check out the person’s profile image and the first few photos from their camera roll.
  • Look for the story that is posted by them. If the story is having selfies and group photos of the person, it is more likely that the profile is real or belongs to a real Snapchat account holder.

How to Check Verified Accounts?

Now that Snapchat has introduced the Official Stories feature, as well as the emoji indicator, it’s easier to identify your favorite celebrity’s profile.

For Example, When you search for Ariana Grande, an emoji will appear next to her name, indicating that the account is real. Her photos will also be published under the Official Stories heading.

snapchat account

In the above image, you could see Ariana Grande with the black star inside the yellow circle highlighted, which indicates a verified account, To view her daily activities, you could tap on subscribe option available next to the name.

What are the Signs of a Fake Snapchat Account?

Below are some of the signs that may indicate that an account isn’t real, even if we’re not talking about celebrities but about someone you know.

  • Although not everyone prefers to use their own photo as their profile picture, choosing a default photo or not having one at all can appear suspicious.
  • Make sure it’s someone you know who creates a Snapchat profile by looking at their Facebook friends list or who they follow on Instagram. It’s likely to be them if they both follow the same friends on Snapchat.
  • Check the content that a person post, if it does not accurately reflect their real-life behavior and ideas, then it just does not sound like them.
  • There is little or no engagement, and it has nothing to do with their real-life interests.

All of this does not necessarily indicate that an account is a fraud, but it can raise some red flags. Some people, on the other hand, prefer to silently observe what others do on social media.

What to do When You Discover a Fake Snapchat Account?

The first and best step you can take is to block and report an account that you believe is fake.

Below are the steps on how to report a Snapchat account.,

Step-1: Tap on a user’s name and hold for a second.

Step-2: Tap on More.

Step-3: Tap on Report.

snapchat account

The Snapchat team will check the account you have reported and take action accordingly.

How to Know if Your Snapchat Account is Threatened?

You wouldn’t be happy if someone created a profile with your name and photo and pretended to be you. However, it could be even worse if someone hacked your account and began posting or messaging your friends in your place.

Of course, your true friends will notice something is wrong right away, but here’s what you can do if you notice some of these signs,

  1. Your friends are reporting that they are receiving strange or spam messages from your profile.
  2. You keep getting notifications that someone logged into your account from another location.
  3. You were logged out without your knowledge.
  4. The email address or phone number you entered into Snapchat has now been updated.

This is indeed suspicious, so change your password and enable two-factor authentication right away. When you want to log in from a new location or device, you can choose to receive a log-in code via SMS. This will add another layer of security to your account.

How to Track Snapchat Account IP Address?

It is simple to track the Snapchat IP address of any account. With the Grabify IP logger application, you can easily access the Snapchat IP. This application works well and allows you to obtain the IP address of any user who clicks on a link.

You will need content that people want to click on, and this is how you can track the Snapchat account IP address.

Step-1: Go to the Official website of Grabify IP Logger

Step-2: Now, share the shortcut link with the Snapchat profile that you want to track; it is best to use one shortcode per account and send the short link to that person.

snapchat account

Step-3: Keep an eye on the access link; if a person simply clicks on it to view the content, his IP address will be logged, and all details such as location will be recorded on that dashboard.

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