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How to Fix a Muted Video on TikTok (2 Ways) | Check Reasons for Why is Tik Tok Muting My Sound



TikTok Muted My Video

TikTok Muted My Video: Tiktok is a short video app that lets you create your own videos, upload clips from other users, or watch viral videos from around the world. With its ever-growing profile, Tiktok has become the first place to be seen, watched, and shared.

Have you ever wondered why TikTok muted your video? Or why do your posts never go public? If so, it’s probably because you used copyrighted music in them. Users should be careful about posting background music or sounds or sharing videos with copyrighted material because violation of copyright law can get you into legal issues.

In order to avoid copyright infringement, avoid using music from your device or from sites like YouTube or Spotify in your TikTok videos. So, how do you fix a muted video on Tiktok? How do you save a video from being deleted due to copyright infringement? Let’s find out.

Why TikTok Removes Sounds?

TikTok lets you post fun videos to share with others. Its simple, intuitive interface makes it easy to create something entertaining while also being quick to watch. TikTok empowers users to be creative by using filters that help define their style or adding captions that bring their sense of humor into the mix.

If you use your own music for your Tiktok videos, then you can take it one step further by using the new ‘private’ setting. Instead of posting to public channels, the video will only be watched by your followers. This way, you can share your music with your fans, all while keeping it safe from re-uploads and copyright infringements!

There are other reasons that could also mute TikTok videos, such are described below:

1. Due to Copyright Content

TikTok has the right to mute your videos if it detects copyright content. It might be because you are using someone else’s faces or music. If this happens, there are two things you need to do: first, ask for permission from the copyright holder to use their content.

Second, you need to ask TikTok to unmute your video by verifying that you have the right to use the content. When you’re using an app like TikTok to promote the business, you’re probably using copyrighted musical content to accompany your videos. To use commercially available music or sounds in your videos, you need to create a personal account rather than a business one.

2. Not available in Region

Another reason that might mute your TikTok videos would be the lack of availability of that video in your region, not because of censorship but because of a lack of availability of the video. And this is a fact for most websites and apps.

3. Technical Error

Technical issues are common when using apps because of the large number of users. If you are unable to access the app because of a technical issue, restarting your device or reinstalling the app can solve this problem. Another reason could be that the TikTok app you’re using is outdated. Visit the App Store to update your app and continue using TikTok.

Well, if you’re facing some other issues like How to Fix ‘Tapping Too Fast’ on TikTok, click on the direct link available on this page and make it simple while resolving.

How to Resolve TikTok Muted My Video?

Copyright issues are common with TikTok videos, especially for international fans who want to enjoy content from creators living in other countries.

The app automatically mutes videos that contain copyrighted material, making them difficult to enjoy. However, there are several ways to ensure that you can enjoy all the content on the platform without any problems. Here

Here are two methods to upload your Sound without Copyright issues

(Direct Method) Steps on Upload your Sound without Copyright Problems

  • Firstly, re-upload your TikTok video.

upload your Sound without Copyright issues

  • Open TikTok and select the ‘Add’ option.
  • Next, select the ‘Upload’ button.
  • Next, you will get a crop option; if you want to cut your video into short clips.
  • Next, make it Private.
  • Then click on the ‘Add to Favorites’ option to add it to sound.
  • You will find the video in the ‘Sound ‘section. Tap the ‘Sound ‘option to add music to your video.
  • Then, click the ‘Shoot with this sound’ option to use the sound, and your video will be uploaded without any copyright error.

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Using a Third-party Tool

  • First, make a note of the audio used in the video, which is indicated next to the music icon.
  • Search the song on YouTube, Google, or a third-party audio-video tool like InShot. Save it and then use it.
  • Next, open the app and click on the ‘+’, option, press ‘upload’, and choose the file you have downloaded.
  • Crop the sound needed according to the video and click on the ‘Next’ option.
  • Select the sound to a full tone and click on the ‘Next’ option to upload your video, and your video will be uploaded without any copyright error.

Tips to avoid Mute Videos of TikTok Issue

Follow these effective & quick steps and make your mute issue fix:

  • Firstly, you have to open your TikTok app and click on the ‘Add‘ option.
  • Next, Go and hit the ‘Upload‘ button.
  • After that, you will find a cutting or cropping video option (optional step).
  • If you’re done with this step, click on Next.
  • Go for the ‘Sound‘ option and add music to your video.
  • Hit on the ‘Volume‘ option, you will redirect to the ‘Added sound‘ option where you have to choose the volume as ‘0’. After choosing the volume of your video to ‘0’ upload the video.
  • At last, the video will be uploaded without any copyright mistakes.

Apart from following these steps, make sure you’re updating your TikTok app. You can also keep your video content short to avoid copyright claims. Ask the content owner for permission; that way you don’t get muted. You can also try to modify the original content – maybe remix or mashup.

Hence, to avoid getting mute on TikTok, add a sound to your video while editing it on the app. However, if you have a business account instead of a personal one, TikTok will take down the video, so make sure your account is set to personal.


Copyright issues are a major problem for creators of the TikTok app. To avoid them, make sure you use the TikTok app’s editor to add a song to your video. Videos that do not use the TikTok app’s editor and include copyrighted music will be detected as such and set to private. If you want to resolve this TikTok Muted My Video Issue, you need to follow the above steps to make sure videos play with music.

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