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How to View Private Tweets Without Following the Someone’s Account on Twitter?



View Protected Tweets without Following

View Protected Tweets Without Following: Twitter has many features of privacy, and one of them is that you can make your account private, and only those who follow this profile will be able to see the protected tweets. If you’re not following a profile that has protected tweets, you cannot see any of their tweets.

You can only see these tweets if you press the request button and the person accepts your request. The protected tweets may also be visible through messages if they have been sent as a personal message, but if you go to the profile, you will not be able to see them unless you’re following them.

If you’re wondering why this is so, then it is important to understand that the person has modified their privacy settings in such a manner that all their tweets are seen only by their own followers and no one else and hence called protected tweets.

Even if someone was to do this sometime after making their Twitter account, all the older tweets will also be protected and thereby hidden by those that aren’t following the account.

If you want to view the protected tweets of any person but don’t want to follow their account on Twitter, then you can just use a fake ID and follow them. This is because there is no other way to view the protected tweets of any person.

But there are some tools available online that have had fake followers added, and these tools can also be used to view Private tweets without following. The catch is that these work mostly for older and popular Twitter profiles. There are a few different methods to be able to view protected tweets, and in this article, we will be looking at all of these methods.

Can Protected Tweets be Viewed Without Following the Account?

On Twitter, it is a known fact that you cannot view the tweets of someone that has a private account and protected tweets unless you follow them or get their permission.

Therefore, if you want to view protected tweets without following, then you have to wait until they accept your request to follow their account.

Twitter has features that make it so that protected tweets cannot be seen by those not following the account, and this is for privacy reasons. If someone has tweeted and made their tweets public, then everyone can access these tweets.

But if they are protected, then only followers have access to these tweets. If you want to find out the best ways regarding How to See Deleted Tweets then go for the link available here.

How to View Protected Tweets Without Following the Account

It is unethical to be able to see protected tweets and see other private data, but there are ways for you to be able to do this in a legal manner.

If you want to view protected tweets without following, then you need to do as follows:

1. The first thing that you need to do to be able to see protected tweets is to send a request to the users that you want to see the protected tweets of. Users make their profiles public, and in this case, you can see their tweets, but this is not possible when it comes to private accounts.

2. Once you’ve sent your request, you need just to wait till your request has been agreed to, and you are following this account.

Send a follow request to get access to protected tweets.

Send a follow request to get access to protected tweets.

3. Once you’ve gotten approval from the person to follow their account, you will be able to see their tweets just how you would see in a public account. All their new and old tweets will now be visible to you since you’ve followed their account.

This is all that is required for you to be able to view protected tweets. But if you want to view Private tweets without following, then there is another way for you to be able to see these protected tweets.

Note that once you make an account on Twitter, your account is seen by all the users on Twitter by default, but you can certainly make your profile private to have protected tweets that can only be accessed by those you’re okay with having access to.

Best Methods to View Protected Tweets Without Following the Person on Twitter

If you want to view the tweets of a private profile or protected profiles without following the account from your main ID, you can go ahead and make a fake ID.

A fake ID lets you have access to all the protected tweets as a fake follower. We have listed here some ways that you can try to be able to see the protected tweets:

1. Fake Twitter ID

You can easily make a fake Twitter account by using some random identity factor-like another phone number.

Once you’ve made a fake account on Twitter, then you need just to send a follow request to the person whose tweets you want to be able to see without actually following them from your main Twitter ID.

One thing that you need to remember, that you aren’t being an actual real follower of this person, and you are just using a fake ID. This is part of why it works, and you just need to wait until the person accepts your request.

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Once you see that your request from the fake ID gets accepted, you will easily be able to view all the information that this person has put up on their account, and you will be able to see their protected tweets without having used your original ID.

If you have an alternate email ID or mobile number, it’s pretty easy to make a fake account on Twitter, which is why so many people have fake IDs.

If you make a fake ID on Twitter, note that you will be able to see all the protected tweets of said person, and this means all the older as well as, the newer tweets.

You can make fake IDs and follow accounts to get access to protected tweets.

Just be sure that you’re not using this fake account to hurt, spam, or bully anyone because then your account will get deleted permanently, and legal action may be taken against you.

2. Follower List

You can see the followers of the person who has a private account even if you don’t have access to protected tweets. This means that you can find the people that are on the follower list of this person, and this is needed for this particular method.

To be able to view the protected tweets, you need to connect with the user, and they need to accept your follow request. Then you need to keep watch on the profile of the follower and keep a check if there are any changes of interest.

In accordance with this, you can go ahead and make a fake Twitter ID. These are the things to keep in mind, and this plays a part in your request getting accepted by the user. To see what sort of followers the users have, you need to just take a look at the follower list and make your account with this information so that your request will be accepted easily.

The main part of this is that you will be able to make a profile that will be easily accepted by the person so that your request gets accepted.

The key things to keep in mind are the people in similar fields, countries, or even profile pictures, and in accordance with all of this, you can make a fake ID on Twitter. With this, it is more probable that the person would accept your following request.

3. Online Tools Can be Used

There is another way to view protected tweets without following the account, and that is to use tools and bots that can help, especially if the bot has pre-access to these private profiles.

You would be aware of the fact that there are a lot of fake Twitter profiles that are used by bots to be followers of other accounts.

Now, if a profile was public once and the fake bot accounts were already following it, they will be able to access tweets if the account is suddenly made private.

This is one way to be able to access these private profiles, but it may not work in all cases. But there are also many different algorithms that are used by these tools, and each one will work differently based on the different requirements that are there.

So, if you want to be able to see protected tweets, you can simply follow the account of the person or use bots that can give you access to older or protected tweets, and you won’t even need to do anything extra to be able to get access.

4. Others Can Send a Message

If you know someone who is following the account whose protected tweets you want to see, then you can ask if this person can send these tweets as a direct message.

This is one way to see these protected tweets, and the other is if this person takes screenshots of all the tweets manually.

This is how a mutual follower can help you see the protected tweets of this account without you needing to follow them yourself.

Protected tweets can be sent a messages to be viewed by non-followers.


Twitter has a security feature that lets users make their profiles private. This is important since it also makes their tweets protected. This means that those who are not following this account cannot view the protected tweets.

The only way to access these tweets is to send this person a follow request, and once this is accepted, you can view their tweets the way you would view any other tweets.

To be able to view protected tweets without following, the methods given above should be followed. You can either be a fake follower if you don’t want to follow from your main account or use one of the online tools that use an algorithm to do this.

But this is generally considered unethical and should be avoided. This article should be seen as an educational guide and nothing more. Using a fake ID is a legal way to view protected tweets, though.

Just be sure that these methods are not used to spam, bully or hurt anyone since that is illegal and legal action can be taken against you along with your account being banned from Twitter permanently.

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