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What is the Purpose of the Yellow Heart Emoji on Snapchat and Why Does It Appear?



What does the yellow heart mean on snapchat

What does the Yellow Heart Mean on Snapchat: The Yellow Heart, also known as the Golden Heart 💛 represents your #1 Best Friends status with your friend on Snapchat.

Millions of users use Snapchat every single day. Despite this high number and the app’s popularity, it can still be pretty daunting for users, especially new ones to get the hang of it right away.

There are a lot of things on Snapchat that don’t explicitly make sense. One of them is the various cryptic emojis that appear beside your friends’ usernames on their own accord, disappear, get switched with other emojis, etc all the time.

In this article, we will be especially focusing on the yellow heart emoji- what it stands for and what brings the change of these emojis at random-seeming times.

yellow heart

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Before we dive into the article, you can also check out the linked video below to gain an understanding of the yellow heart emoji on Snapchat.

What does the Yellow Heart mean on Snapchat?

Snapchat uses different emojis, including hearts of different colors to show the progress of your relationship with your friends. These emojis are like small tokens or trophies for completing snap streak milestones with your friend.

Yellow heart on Snapchat

The Yellow Heart, also known as the Golden Heart 💛 represents your #1 Best Friends status with your friend on Snapchat. It means you are best friends with each other on the app based on your snap streak history. If this emoji appears next to your friend’s name, it means that you snap them the most, and they too, in turn, snap you the most.

What is the purpose of the yellow heart on Snapchat?

Like any other emojis Snapchat bestows you with, the yellow heart emoji serves a purpose as well. It shows that both you and your friend share snaps and communicate with each other a lot. It means that you two are best friends with each other on the app based on your snap streak history.

However, this is not a permanent addition to your Usernames, it only stays there as long as you maintain the same conversation frequency and pattern with them.

How long does it take for the Yellow Heart to appear on Snapchat?

There is no fixed time or amount of interaction that can ensure when the yellow heart emoji appears. There has to be frequent interaction for at least a while before it appears. It certainly doesn’t appear when you have just started interacting with them. The interaction should also be pretty similar from both sides in terms of frequency. If just one person puts in the effort and the other person does not, the yellow heart emoji will not appear.

Sometimes the yellow heart can appear in a matter of hours by exchanging snaps or chatting with a person nonstop. Whereas, at some other times it may take days to appear.

Though it is noticeable that maintaining snap streaks play a significant role in its appearance. It often appears when you and your friend have a strong snap streak game going on equally from both sides.

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Why did my yellow heart disappear on Snapchat sometimes?

The yellow heart emoji might disappear for two reasons-
  1. It gets replaced with a red heart❤️.
  2. You two are talking to other people more than with each other on Snapchat.

In the first one, the yellow heart gets replaced with the red one when you two have been interacting for two weeks or more.

In the second one, a yellow heart only appears when both of you exchange the most number of snaps with each other among your friend’s list. So when it disappears, it just means that you and your friend are not interacting as much as before. Instead, you are communicating with other people more, which is why the yellow heart disappeared.

If it disappears from your list but not your friend’s, you are at fault. If it appears on your screen but not your friends, it means they are talking to someone else more.

Why does the red heart on Snapchat change to a yellow heart?

The red heart mean on Snapchat is awarded to you and your friend when you two accomplish staying #1 best friends with each other for two weeks or more on the app. You do so by maintaining a streak and communicating with each other more than the others. If it changes to a yellow heart, it simply means that you two haven’t been keeping up the #1 best friends streak lately.

It is nothing serious to be worried about unless it means a lot to you. Just keep exchanging snaps and you will get the yellow heart back in no time.


The yellow heart emoji is nothing but a small token of achievement accomplished by the frequent exchange of snaps and communication.

If you have any more doubts about What does the yellow heart mean on Snapchat? Please post them in the comments section. Tell us if this article helped you in any way and if you liked our article, be sure to check out our other works as well!

Neha Bansal is a Delhi based engineering graduate and has done her Post Graduation in Human Resource Management. She has a deep interest in startups, business & technology.

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