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What is the Longest Snap Streak? | How to Start & Work on your Longest Streak on Snapchat?



What Is The Longest Snapchat Streak

What Is The Longest Snapchat Streak 2021: Social media apps, especially Snapchat are quite smart. They know how to hook their users and increase their app’s consumption. This is done so by introducing features that require users to come back again and again. They assign certain “tasks” that users are supposed to accomplish. In turn, users are given the illusion that they won something.

Longest Snapchat-streak

Snapchat does so by its unique feature of sharing and maintaining Snap streaks. By introducing this feature, Snapchat makes sure that the users continue to stay on their platform and make Snapchat a daily habit. The ultimate reward for doing so? Title of ‘No.1 snap streak holder.’ To get to this level, you have to be an avid Snapper.

Other than this, Snapchat also rewards general everyday users with different emojis next to their Snapchat Username. These emojis are given out whenever you reach a time-set milestone with your Streaking partner. These emojis show how much and for how long you two have been exchanging snaps consistently.

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What Is The Meaning Of ‘The Highest Snapchat Streak’ 2021?

The Highest Snapchat streak means exactly what it implies. It is the highest score anyone can achieve out of all the Snapchat users. Reaching that level is not an easy task. It is time-consuming and requires both you and your streaking partner’s efforts, patience, and creativity too.

The number of days you have been able to maintain a streak shows beside your name. This is done so through different emojis. The numbers beside your name have their separate meaning.

To be safe and avoid losing your streak, you should try to exchange snaps with your friend at least thrice a day. If this is something important to you, you can set daily reminders to share snaps.

After this, the most important part is to make sure your friend does not forget to snap you back. To ensure the reply, you need to step up your Snap game. Send good snaps that garner a reply. You can also try to get your friend to set reminders too. Ultimately, try to start your journey to get the highest Snap score with a friend who is just as dedicated as you in these terms.

If you set a habit to send a streak daily and get one back by the end of the day, you can manage to hit the 1000 day Snapchat streak target. Developing this habit is the only way to top the Snapchat streak easily.

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How to Start the Snapchat Streak?

There is a lot we do not understand about the algorithm on which different social media apps run. The same is true with Snapchat. Nevertheless, there are specific rules that we can follow to up our game and get to the top of the Snapchat streak.

First and foremost, make a list of all the people you trust to go with on this journey. Like any successful journey, your partner in it matters the most. Make sure that they too are just as dedicated and enthusiastic about being at the top of Snapchat’s streak as you are. You do not want someone who will leave you in between later. You need someone trustworthy who will snap you every single day.

Next, send a snap to everyone on your trustworthy list and wait for their reply. This is to expand your options. Do this every day and see who is constant in their responses and who is not. After you have sorted out the constant ones, tell them about your plan and see who accepts. Now you have found your streaking partner(s) who will help you reach the top Snap streak level.

Be consistent in your exchanging of snaps. As we mentioned in this article, look out for the Hourglass emoji and send a snap in time. Set regular alarms to help you not make a mistake and lose all your progress.

List of things that do not count as snapping and do not get considered for your Snap Streak-

  1. Your text conversations in a Chat, make sure to send Snaps too.
  2. Sending snaps to many people together in a Group. It would surely make it easier for you but Snapchat doesn’t allow it.
  3. Sharing Stories does not count either, the snap should be for one particular user.
  4. Sharing Memories does not count as snapping either.
  5. Snaps shared on Spectacles do not count for your Snapchat streak.

What Do Snap Streak Emojis Mean?

When you begin a Snap streak with someone, Snapchat shows different emojis next to your partner’s Username to signify how long you have been maintaining a streak with them. The Fire emoji is the first to present. It appears after you have been exchanging snaps with your friend for two or more consecutive days. Other than this, there are three more emojis that appear signifying your Snap streak status. In total, they all are-

  1. Fire emoji– It is the first to appear after exchanging snaps for two or more consecutive days. It shows that your Snap streak has begun.
  2. Hourglass emoji– If this emoji appears, you need to send or receive (whichever has not been done that day) a snap soon. It appears when you haven’t exchanged snaps that day and your time is about to be up. You will lose your Snap streak if you miss.
  3. 100 emoji– This emoji means that you and your partner are doing a good job maintaining your streak and have done so for 100 consecutive days. It appears after crossing the 100-day mark.
  4. Mountain emoji– It is the rarest emoji to appear. It indicates long streaks. Usually, top-level users have this emoji beside their name and it takes a very long time and dedication to appear.


What Is The Current Longest Snapchat Streak?

Snapchat started featuring the Snapchat streak on April 6, 2015. Since then multiple top streak records have been made and also broken. Users enjoy the glory of being on top for a while but ultimately, due to some reason they falter somewhere and some other users overtake them. This is also why anyone, including you, our current reader has a chance of being on top as well.

Given below is the 2021 list of highest snap streaks attained per month till now-

  • January-       2099
  • February-     2127
  • March-         2158
  • April-            2188
  • May-             2219
  • June-            2249
  • July-             2280
  • August-        2309
  • September-  2307
  • October-      1639 (so far)

There are multiple highest streaks set every day, we have only listed the highest of the month.

To know how to get your Snap streak back, click and read our article- How To Get Your Snap Streak Back On Snapchat In 2021.

Snapchat Streak Rules

There are many methods you can put an alert for snapping before time passed.

  • By Adding Values before Friends Name
  • Setting Reminder
  • Snap Daily Two Times

What is Snapchat Score?

The Snapchat score calculation system is quite difficult to track. It indicates your in-app activity, however, no one knows what algorithm is used to calculate the score we see. The Snapchat score doesn’t have any particular use, but who doesn’t like to have a top score or compete with their friends over silly stuff?

Factors That Influence The Snapchat Score

Even though it is completely clear, the Snapchat algorithm takes a lot of in-app activity into consideration while calculating the Snap score. Thus, the factors that influence and are taken into consideration while calculating the Snap score are as follows-

  • The number of snaps sent and received.
  • Counting of days of continuing Snapchat streak with another user.
  • The number of stories sent.
  • The total number of users added to your Friends’ list.

Trophies You Can Unlock With Your Snapchat Score

Similar to Snap streak emojis, you can unlock various trophies when you cross a milestone with your Snapchat score. At present, there are seven trophies that you can achieve by increasing your Snapchat score. They are given below-

  1. Baby Emoji – score of 10
  2. Glowing Star Emoji – score of 100
  3. Sparkles Emoji – score of 1,000
  4. Circled Star Emoji – score of 10,000
  5. Explosion Emoji – score of 50,000
  6. Rocket Emoji – score of 100,000
  7. Ghost Emoji – score of 500,000


How To Check Your Snapchat Score?

You can find your Snapchat score quite easily. Tap on your Bitmoji icon in the top left corner of your screen. Your profile will pop up where you can see your Snapchat score along with your Username. That’s it!

If you want to see further information about your profile, like how many snaps you have sent or how many snaps you have received, tap on your score. Two different sets of numbers will appear on your screen. The one on the left represents the number of snaps you have sent, and the one on the right represents the number of snaps you have received.


If you have any more doubts and questions about Snap score, you can check out our article on- How to increase Snapchat streak or score in one day.


Now you know everything there is to know about The Current Longest Snap Streak. Not just that, but also how to maintain Snap streaks and get to that top-level yourself. So now, put whatever you gathered from this article into actual practice and start snapping.

If you have any more doubts about what is the longest snap streak and how snap streaks work, please post them in the comments section. Tell us if this article helped you in any way and if you liked our article, be sure to check out our other works as well!

Keerti Agarwal is a Freelance Content Writer. She writes guides, both short and long-form. She enjoys reading and exploring new things. She is open to learning and gaining new experiences.

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