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A Quick Guide on WhatsApp Business Account | How to Setup Whatsapp business app & its benefits?



What is WhatsApp Business Account

What is WhatsApp Business Account and what are the perks that are up for grabs in this feature? We have all been wondering about that since the WhatsApp business account feature was first launched in 2009.

With innumerable active users, WhatsApp is one of the leading social media giants. If you have a WhatsApp account, it is perhaps not odd at all for you to have this compelling question. The word “business” in itself piques our interest. More so with the globalization of commerce and trade.

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If you are an entrepreneur, this news is for you! WhatsApp business account has been launched to aid seller-buyer communication. This is very similar to your regular WhatsApp messenger account except for some traits which are in the interest of building a bridge between sellers and buyers.

There are a few more nuances to this topic which we will explore in the section below. So, stay focused and dig deep into the question – What is a WhatsApp business account?

What is WhatsApp Business Account and Standard Account?

A WhatsApp business account is a fascinating add-on to the normal WhatsApp messenger account. This is a feature specifically dedicated to serving the needs of customers. It creates an exclusive buying experience for the consumer.

WhatsApp Business account has allegedly improved WhatsApp from being a mere messaging platform to a platform that promotes sales and can be used for transactions in this B2C model as well.

Because of this thoughtful feature, WhatsApp has now become an attractive tool for commerce and many entrepreneurs have already upgraded their offline business with online and whatsapp business features. WhatsApp chatbot comes to great use while using the WhatsApp business retail space.

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How to Create WhatsApp Business Account?

WhatsApp business account is a really easy and free-to-download app. If you own a small business, this can greatly revamp your business. Here are the steps you need to be aware of before loading the app:

  1. In case you already possess a WhatsApp Messenger account, you can easily transfer your regular account to your new WhatsApp Business Account.
  2. Your chat history and media will also be migrated to this new account. You cannot transfer back your WhatsApp Business chat history to your standard account if you decide to stop using WhatsApp’s Business account.
  3. You can access WhatsApp Business and Messenger Accounts at the same time if the two accounts are linked to two different phone numbers. Remember that you cannot use the two accounts with the same phone number.

Steps to Set Up Whatsapp Business App

To complete the setup of your WhatsApp Business App, check below:

  1. Download the WhatsApp Business app from Google Play Store.
  2. Complete all the verification steps.
  3. If you want, you can recover your account from a systematic backup
  4. Set up your business name.

WhatsApp Business Account Features and Benefits

Following are the special perks that you can utilize if you have a WhatsApp Business account. Read below:

  1. Build a Business Profile
  2. Avail Quick Replies Feature
  3. Set up Greeting Messages and Away Messages which are automatic
  4. Label contacts
  5. Receive message statistics
  6. Set up product catalog and collections
  7. Access interactive business, message
  8. Integrate Facebook marketplace
  9. Process WhatsApp payments
  10. Broadcast message feature

Wade through this bonus whatsapp business account features and benefits –

1. A Business Profile

Build your unique business profile by keeping in mind essential information such as a business description, a website link if any, an address if there is an offline outlet, and providing legible contact details. This helps to gain the user’s trust and good faith in you.

Your WhatsApp Business profile must contain a representative profile picture with an authentic identity. You can receive a “Verified” badge beside the name of your company once WhatsApp has confirmed that your business account is verified.

You can make the above changes by opening “Settings” in your app, then clicking on “Business Settings” and “Profile”.

2. Quick Replies Feature

Some consumer questions come with common answers. You can quickly save your replies and reuse them for common questions. This saves you time and effort of rewriting the same piece of information again and again. Press “/” on your keypad to access the quick replies feature.

3. Automatic Messages

Whatsapp provides two kinds of automatic messages that can be set up – one is a “greeting” message and another is an “away” message. You can set up a “greeting” message every time a user starts a dialog with your company. You can also schedule it again after two weeks of inactivity.

This instant reply is quick and helps alleviate the stress of introducing your company several times to potential consumers. You can make these changes in the “business setting” part of your app.

You can even set up “away” messages in the same way. Go to Business Settings – then – Away Message and activate it. Away messages are sent when someone is trying to connect with you beyond your working hours.

4. Labeling Contacts

WhatsApp Business allows you to personalize and categorize your own contacts by labeling them as per your wish for quick access. You can conveniently keep everything organized with this measure. You can find the menu to change the label on the client’s page.

5. Gain Info about Message Statistics

WhatsApp Business allows you to use vital functions such as the number of messages that were sent or delivered and read by your target consumers. You can view Statistics from the Business setting of the WhatsApp Business app.

6. Catalog and Collections

The collection was first added to WhatsApp in October 2021. This has revolutionized users’ buying experience. Catalogs allow your business account to exhibit your products to customers so that they can easily view, access and share. This helps your business to expand through WhatsApp connections.

Collections are like folders containing a set of items for the business account. Users can simply navigate through your product folders if they are interested in buying. You can sort each catalog item with precise information, description, product code, and price.

7. Interactive WhatsApp Business Messages

Interactive business messages let the business owner add interactive and more user-centric buttons to your texts. These buttons can be categorized into 2 types:

  • CTA: This button can redirect the user to your business website or can redirect them to make a call.
  • Quick Reply: Clicking this button enables the user to reply with pre-set texts without having to type in their queries and answers manually

8. Facebook Shop

You can now link your WhatsApp Business account to your Facebook marketplace. This provides customers the option to visit your Facebook shop through your WhatsApp Business app. For this, you need to have your registered phone number linked to your WhatsApp Business.

Manage your Facebook page and Catalog permissions and then link your WhatsApp account to your ship. Remember to add your WhatsApp Business account number to your Facebook shop. Customers can now chat with you on WhatsApp through your Facebook shop.

9. WhatsApp Payments

WhatsApp payments are now accessible to both business and personal accounts. This has been launched by Facebook and in countries – India, US, and Brazil.

10. Broadcast Message

If you are saved as a contact in your consumers’ phones, you can now broadcast your messages. This saves a lot of your time. Broadcasting messaging is limited to 256 contacts at one trial.

FAQs on What is Benefits of Whatsapp Business Account

1. What is the difference between WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business accounts?

In comparison to a personal messenger account where you can only have only a profile picture, your contact number, and your bio description, WhatsApp business accounts come with dozens of bonus features.

2. Can I use WhatsApp Business for personal use?

Both WhatsApp business accounts and messenger accounts can be used on the same device if they happen to be linked with two different phone numbers.

3. Is a WhatsApp Business account safe?

Yes. The conversations are end-to-end encrypted. WhatsApp regularly enhances its precautionary features. WhatsApp Business account is safe and secure from cyber fraud.

4. Does WhatsApp Business show your phone number?

Your personalized WhatsApp Business account will not show your phone number. Only your business account number will be displayed.

5. Is WhatsApp business free to use?

You can download WhatsApp business on your phone for free, without any charges levied.

6. Can I use whatsapp and whatsapp business on the same number?

No, that is not possible. You have to link two different phone numbers to two different accounts only then can you use them at the same time on the same device.


We hope that this article provides you with detailed insight into the WhatsApp Business account and its features. With WhatsApp business advantages, a lot of small startups have expanded into large-scale successful businesses.

You can read a detailed guide to several other features relating to WhatsApp and its newly launched updates on Keep an eye on our articles which go up regularly on our website.

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