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All You Need to Know About Whatsapp Business Group | Features, Description & Names Ideas, Rules



Whatsapp business group

WhatsApp Business Group: Since the time WhatsApp Business has launched in the market, people have gone crazy because this is the only solution that aids time and energy. Due to busy lifestyles online shopping and managing online businesses have become the easiest option among people. This eventually increased the affinity of people towards WhatsApp Business Groups.

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A seller basically creates a group adding all his/ her clients to share product catalogs, announcements, and advertisements that would reach the clients together at the same time. Let’s read about WhatsApp Business Groups in detail.

How to Create WhatsApp Business Group?

Creating a WhatsApp Business group makes life super easy for you. You simply need to add your clients to the group and start sharing your catalogs of various products, services, and price announcements there. Everything will reach all the clients at the same time.

Also, the clients will be able to place orders in the group itself, so the other clients will be able to see if a product is going to be sold out or not. You can also share your Facebook or any other social media live link and ask them to join.

  • So, to create a WhatsApp Business group, first, you need to click on the three vertical dots button in the top-hand corner and click on New Group.

WhatsApp business new group

  • Next, select your clients, partners, investors, and all other members of the group as participants.

 WhatsApp business add participants

  • Finally, add a cool name to the group that goes with the business purpose, add some emojis for fun and save it.

WhatsApp business new name

Additionally, you can also give a suitable Group description including a link to the current group that the clients may share to other interested people who want to join. Turn on Whatsapp Disappearing Messages if you practice stock clearance and don’t want to load your chat window.

Steps on How to Share WhatsApp Business Group link in India?

Sharing a WhatsApp business group link becomes necessary because the admin will not always be available to individually add every single client who is interested in the business.

In that case, if the admin shares an invite link of the group in chat or description and any member of the group can share it with other people who are interested rather than depending upon the admin. Here are the steps for How To Share WhatsApp Group Link:

1. Open your WhatsApp Business App and go to the group whose link you wish to share. Tap on the three-dot button in the top left corner and select Group info.

WhatsApp business group info

2. Next, once the group information page opens, scroll down and tap on Invite via link in the Participants section.

Whatsapp invite via link

3. Finally, open the share link page. You can directly share the link via WhatsApp business if it is an in-home client. You can also copy-paste links or share the image of QR code for other platform clients to scan.

Whatsapp business invite via link

How to Change WhatsApp Business Group Name?

Sometimes for adding a bit of spice and variation you must change your WhatsApp business group name to keep your clients entertained too. If you are wondering how to here are the simple steps:

  • Open your business group on WhatsApp and go to the Group info as usual by clicking on the three-dot button on the top right.
  • Next when the group info page opens, again click on the three-dot button on the top right and click on Change subject.

WhatsApp business change name

  • Write a new name of your choice in the subject name section and click on OK to update your WhatsApp business group name.

Whatsapp Group Names for Business

A WhatsApp group name must depict the purpose and the products or services provided by you. If you have a clothes business the group name should be something related to fashion or textiles. If your business is about at-home salon and parlor services then the name should be best on makeover or style.

For an official product-based business then the name can be simply the company name along with ians or lites to depict they are clients of that particular company like ABCians or XYZlites.

The group name must be trendy, and attractive yet relate to the business category. Here are some of the amazing names that you can modify a little bit and use in your WhatsApp business groups:

  • Dream Team
  • Fashion Club
  • Rekha makeover
  • Market bulls’
  • Habeeb Fashion
  • Guru Rental services
  • Tulsi Movers and Packers
  • Raj’s Collection
  • Style Hub
  • Steal the deal

What is the WhatsApp Business Group limit

The regular WhatsApp Business app comes with a few restrictions. If you create a group on your WhatsApp Business then the maximum number of members that you can add there must not be more than 512 members. But, if your business is growing from small scale to medium to large where you need to deal with a bulk of clients from India and abroad then you will have to verify your WhatsApp Business Account.

You have to do it by directly contacting the Facebook Meta Business Manager team and applying for a WhatsApp Business API or by making a partnership with any of the WhatsApp Business Service Providers like Wati, BootSpace, Twilio, etc. For more detailed information on this follow our article on Guide On WhatsApp Business API.

WhatsApp Business Group Features

When you open a Business group on your WhatsApp there are plenty of features you can play with. You can change the group icon, subject name, and description as to when required right from Group info. You can label the group accordingly to distinguish between paid customers, pending payments, new orders, etc.

Provision of giving different wallpapers is also there from Change wallpaper and also mute notifications if you want to out of business hours. You can also turn on disappearing messages if you practice one-time stock clearance.

WhatsApp business group features

WhatsApp Business Group Description Ideas

The WhatsApp Group Description must contain brief lines about what the business category is, what type of products or services are available, the price range, and their aim of work.

The best suggestion for a good WhatsApp Business group description is a graceful Welcoming message so that when new clients come and join they too feel positive along with the group link.

This group link can be shared by clients to let other interested people join, without bothering the admin every single time.

What are the WhatsApp Business Group Rules?

If you are an entrepreneur who is opening a WhatsApp business group or a client who is getting added to a particular group, there are a few rules that you need to keep in mind. These are:

  • Content shared must not be sexually explicit, fraud, unverified news, abusive, promoting violence, or hurting any religious and political sentiments.
  • Tracking links with proper ID must be shared when products are shipped.
  • A proper screenshot with transaction ID must be given for online payments.
  • Complete transparency must be maintained between the clients and sellers.
  • Respect for everyone, irrespective of age, color, race, caste, or religion.
  • No duplicacy or cheating on the basis of products.
  • Total background information from both the seller and client end must be shared before making any payments

WhatsApp Business Group Messages

When you have made your first group on WhatsApp business and added new clients then you must always provide a creative introductory message first addressing all the clients. A proper Welcoming message for the WhatsApp Business group must be humble, graceful, briefing about the business category, its services, reviews, price range, and benefits in a short and crisp paragraph.

Try knowing large-scale public interest first and using popular words that people often search for, for advertising your products to bring more attention.

FAQs on WhatsApp Business Group Chat 2022

1. What is a business group on WhatsApp?

Businessmen use WhatsApp as their mode of communication with their clients. A WhatsApp business group helps you to address all the clients together by adding them to the group where you share products, and services, make offer announcements, etc. reaching all the clients together.

2. How do I find a Business group on WhatsApp?

Ask your friends to add you if they are Else you can follow Business people who come live on Facebook and Telegram and ask them to add you in their business group because you have shown interest in their products or services.

3. What is the limit of business WhatsApp group?

The maximum limit of members that you can add to your WhatsApp business group is 512 members. If you want to go beyond that you will have to verify your WhatsApp account and get a WhatsApp Business API.

4. Can we create a group in WhatsApp Business?

Yes of course you can create a WhatsApp group in your WhatsApp Business app. Simply go to the settings on the top right corner, tap on New group, add your clients and partners if any, and five a suitable group name and description.


So that was everything you needed to learn about WhatsApp Business Groups. WhatsApp business groups are similar to Messenger rooms where multiple clients are added to a chat to discuss various strategies, plans and solutions together.

Hope you found this article helpful. For more informative yet interesting articles like Best WhatsApp Web Tips and Tricks, stay tuned to our official website NewsOzzy.Com and also jump into this main guide i.e., Whatsapp Features Calls Status DP Tips Tricks.

Neha Bansal is a Delhi based engineering graduate and has done her Post Graduation in Human Resource Management. She has a deep interest in startups, business & technology.

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