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Whatsapp Chatting Short Forms | How to Know Others Whatsapp Chat | Whatsapp Chatting Online



WhatsApp Chatting

WhatsApp Chatting: WhatsApp is a powerful feature-packed application that is a one-stop solution to all your communication needs. You get to chat, share photos and videos, do group conversations, connect to people over voice and video calls, etc. You can do this all from one corner of the world to another with just a free messenger app and a good internet connection.

Best Whatsapp Web Tips and Tricks

But if you are a beginner, you may want to know about all the features you get to use while chatting with somebody over WhatsApp. In this Whatsapp Chatting article, you will be reading about the exact same thing in detail.

WhatsApp Chatting Tricks

WhatsApp doesn’t only come with a huge bucket of features but also has some tips and tricks to avail them too. Let’s quickly see some of the best WhatsApp Chatting Online tricks that you didn’t know if you are a beginner and how to use them:

  • You can pin any chat on WhatsApp to remain on top no matter how many new messages have arrived. Long press on the chat and tap on the pin button on the top bar to pin a chat. You can pin up to 3 chats maximum.

Whatsapp pin chat

  • To archive a chat from your conversation heads screen, you have to click on the archive button (box with a down arrow) from the top bar after long-pressing the chat head.

Whatsapp archive

  • If you type stars in the front and back of a word or sentence it gets bold. Try typing *You are amazing* on your WhatsApp and see the magic.
  • Similarly, put underscores on the front and back of your text like _You are lovely_ to italicize them, or add a tilde like ~The meeting is late~ to strikethrough. You can also avail these features by going to WhatsApp settings
  • To block and unblock a contact you can easily do so by opening the chat< three-dot button< more< block/ unblock.

whatsapp unblock

  • To mark a particular chat as important so that you can find it immediately without scrolling through it all you can start it. You can start a message by long pressing on it and clicking the star button on top. To access these messages, you can easily click on WhatsApp settings and select Starred Messages.

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WhatsApp Chatting Group

WhatsApp is well known for its group conversations as well. Whenever we plan a trip, somebody’s birthday, or a group of close friends to share secrets, we open a group of us. Now, let’s see what are the amazing things you can do in a WhatsApp group:

1. Firstly, to create a new group you need to go to the WhatsApp settings button on the top right corner and click on New Group. 

WhatsApp new group

2. Next, you need to add the participants that you would wish to add to the group and click on the green arrow below to create it.

WhatsApp group participants

3. Once the group is created, you can add a fun name to it, give a nice group icon image and provide other configurations like disappearing messages or mute notifications.

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4. You can additionally make one of the participants as the group admin by long pressing on the contact and clicking on Make Group Admin. By doing this, you give that person the authority to add, remove members, and make other changes in the group.

WhatsApp Make group admin

5. Finally, chat, group call, and share things as much as you want. You can search for a particular message by clicking on the search button from group settings. To reply to a particular person you get an additional feature of either replying to him in the group or personally.

6. If you are planning to exit a group chat but don’t know how? Then, read our ultimate guide on How to Leave WhatsApp Group Chat

WhatsApp Exit group

How to Share WhatsApp Chatting Images?

To share WhatsApp chatting pics with your friends and family you can use two options. One is the general paper clip button that allows you to share anything on WhatsApp or by directly clicking on the camera button to share images. Let’s see the steps now:

1. Open your WhatsApp and open the chat in which you want to share the WhatsApp pic. Click on the paper clip on the bottom message bar and click on gallery. You can also directly click on the camera image if you would like to capture an image immediately and send it.

Whatsapp send photos

2. Click on the specific folder that has your photo and select it.

3. You can also edit this photo by adding captions, emojis, drawings, texts, etc. by clicking on the respective options. For more guidance on editing photos and videos on whatsapp, just have a look at this guide: How to edit photos and videos on whatsapp.

4. Finally, click on the green triangle button on the bottom right to send this image to your contact.

How to Change WhatsApp Chatting Background?

WhatsApp conversation screen may look a lot more fun if you give customized WhatsApp chatting wallpapers. You can choose from the default ones and your own gallery as well. Let’s see the steps:

1. Open your WhatsApp and go to the respective chat whose wallpaper you want to change.

2. Click on the top right three-dot chat settings and select Wallpaper.

WhatsApp wallpaper

3. In this section, you will find various themes of system wallpapers under light, dark, solid colors, the default WhatsApp wallpaper, etc. You can click on My Photos to give your customized image as wallpaper from your gallery. To remove it later on back to the default one, you should click on Remove custom wallpaper.

WhatsApp remove custom wallpaper

4. After setting the wallpaper, pinch-zoom in and out to adjust it on your screen. If you add any solid color, you get custom WhatsApp doodles along with it.

Steps to Share WhatsApp Chat Link

In many professional groups, you have seen people sharing a chat link and asking other people to join in with that link. Have you ever wondered How to share this link? Well, this is easy:

1. First, go to the WhatsApp group whose link you want to share and click on Group info. Mind you, you need to be the Group admin if you have to share the Group link.

WhatsApp group info

2. After opening Group info page, scroll down to the participants section and click on Invite via link.

Whatsapp invite via link

3. After you get to see the link, you can either copy-paste it, share a link to any other messenger app or share it with another WhatsApp contact directly via WhatsApp.

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How to see and recover WhatsApp chat history?

If you have shifted from one device to another and would like to have the WhatsApp chat history from the previous one you will have to recover it. You need to take a backup of your present chat history in iCloud or Google Drive and then recover it by restoring the backup onto your new device’s WhatsApp.

If you don’t know how to take a backup, you can take help from our How to backup WhatsApp chat? article. Also if you have accidentally lost your precious WhatsApp chat history, forgotten to take a backup, and now don’t know how to recover it you must read our How to restore WhatsApp chat messages without backup? article.

WhatsApp Chat Love images

WhatsApp is a free platform to share your feelings with your loved ones. In this respect, we would like to share some amazing WhatsApp Chat Love pics that you and your partner would love. For this, make sure to check our other dedicated articles like Romantic DP for WhatsApp, Wife Captions, and more. Go check them out now and amaze your partner.

Whatsapp Chatting Online

Many of you have wondered whether it is possible to do WhatsApp Chatting Online on your PC. Well, you can easily do this by either using WhatsApp Web or by downloading a third-party application software onto your PC.

  • To use WhatsApp Web, first, open onto your favorite web browser and then scan the QR code given on the screen with your mobile to log in to your WhatsApp.

Open the Whatsapp web page

  • For the next method of downloading a third-party application software, you can either use WhatsApp Desktop or download an online emulator like Blue Stacks and open any application you want on your PC.

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Short Forms of Words Used in WhatsApp Chatting | Whatsapp short form chatting

WhatsApp is all about funky styles of chatting and informal texts. This also includes various short forms to ensure quick texts that people use almost daily. But, if you are a beginner there can be a few short forms that you find someone sending you but don’t really understand the meaning of them.

This brings you to this point of the article, where we share with you some most common and famous short forms that are basic and used by users almost everybody. Let’s see what these are now:

  • LOL- Lots of Laugh
  • ROFL- Rolling on floor laughing
  • UGT- Urgent
  • ASAP- As soon as possible
  • IKR- I know, right
  • TBT- Throwback to
  • OTD- On this day
  • OOTD/ OOTN- Outfit of the day/night
  • IKYKIK- I know you know I know
  • BRB- Be right back
  • FYI- For your information
  • KK- Okay cool
  • SUP- What’s Up
  • IMO- In my opinion
  • EMO- Emotional
  • ATM- At the moment
  • NVM- Never mind
  • TBH- To be honest
  • LMFAO- Laughing my freaking ass off
  • STFU- Shut the F*** Up
  • JFO- Just F*** Off
  • TC- Take care
  • TTYL- Talk to you later
  • GM/ GN- Good morning/ Good night
  • XOXO- Hugs and kisses

How to know others’ WhatsApp chatting?

You may sometimes want to spy over others’ texts,  and to WhatsApp know who is chatting with whom. Well, the reasons could be serious instead of being for malicious reasons always. If you feel insecure about your child being involved in cybercrime or your partner being strange and dishonest with you, you would like to have a check on their WhatsApp personal conversation.

For this, we have various dedicated articles like Best WhatsApp Spy Apps in 2022, WhatsApp Last Seen Tracker Online Free, etc.

GB WhatsApp Chatting App

Modified WhatsApp APKs are in trend these days for WhatsApp Chatting Online. People have extensively started downloading these WhatsApp mod APKs due to their amazing out-of-the-box features like customized themes, backgrounds, ticks style, status saver, hide online status, record voice & audio calls, etc. One of the most famous of them is GBWhatsApp chatting app.

For all those who don’t know, these mod apps are not available on any Google Play Store or App Store and need to be downloaded externally with a third-party link. These are created by a group of random developers or individuals and not by the original creators of WhatsApp. Visit our whatsapp articles page and find out how to download and install the gbwhatsapp app.

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FAQs on WhatsApp Chatting Online in 2022

1. What is the best WhatsApp secret chat app?

You can keep your WhatsApp and its chats are hidden by providing a security finder print or pin lock to it. For better secret conversations you can download WhatsApp mod APKs like GB and FM WhatsApp which allow you to hide chat threads from the main conversations screen.

2. How to impress a girl in WhatsApp Chat?

To impress a girl on WhatsApp be sober, don’t spam with unnecessary messages, send charming good morning and good night quotes, wish on special occasions, etc.

3. What is the UGT full form in WhatsApp chat?

The full form of UGT in any WhatsApp chat stands for Urgent. To know more about such famous whatsapp chatting shortcuts, check the previous segments of the article.


So, this was everything you needed to know about whatsapp chatting if you are a beginner in using WhatsApp. If you want more detailed information on the entire WhatsApp application then you must visit our main whatsapp article ie., Whatsapp Features Calls Status DP Tips Tricks

With this, we have come to the end of our article and we hope you will make the best use of all the features mentioned here while chatting with someone. Before leaving, do check our article on WhatsApp DP Images as well, and stay tuned to NewsOzzy.Com for everything you needed regarding whatsapp and other social media tricks.

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