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An Ultimate Guide on Whatsapp Direct Message 2022 | Check How to Create Whatsapp Direct Messages Link?



WhatsApp Direct Message

WhatsApp Direct Message: We face situations related to one-time messages almost daily. Be it for contacting the bank for a particular issue, sending an OTP to a delivery person, or just simply not being willing to show your shopkeeper your DP and other personal details. In such cases, saving the contact on to your device first and then keeping on refreshing it till the WhatsApp icon is enabled for texting can be so annoying.

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Also, why bloat up your contact list with unnecessary numbers? Well, the one-stop solution to all of this is WhatsApp Direct Messages. We will read about the WhatsApp Direct Message link, APIs, apps, and other topics in detail below modules. After finishing this, go check our WhatsApp DP Images, Pictures, Status Photos article.

WhatsApp Direct Message Extension

Many of us, do face situations in which we need to send somebody a quick text but for a temporary immediate reason. For example, you need to send a particular OTP to an unknown person on WhatsApp for a specific reason just once. In such situations, saving the contact of the person on your phone and then accessing it all over again to send the message becomes very time-wasting. Also, when you do not need to contact the person ever again, then what is the point of adding the person on your mobile and unnecessarily bulk your contacts book?

Well, to fix this, we have been provided with some amazing one-time message URLs that we can use to directly message a person without saving his contact. The link you need to use if you are a mobile user is phone=mobile number or simply and the link you need to use as a PC user is along with phone numbers of the respective persons. We will discuss about the steps in detail in the later segments of the article.

How to Create WhatsApp Direct Message Link?

You all must have visited printing shops where you need to send your data over WhatsApp to the shopkeeper and ask them to print it out for you. In such cases, you simply need to text that person quickly if it is a crowded first come first serve shop and once in your life. There will be situations where saving the contact and texting it thereafter not only wastes time but eats up your phone’s storage space unnecessarily too.

This is where the WhatsApp direct message link makes life easy for you. In this portion of the article, we will share with you the WhatsApp direct message URL and also tell you the steps that you need to perform. Let’s go:

1. First, you need to open any mobile internet browser that you like to use. Next, in the search address bar, you will need to add the WhatsApp direct message link generator that is phone=mobile number or

2. Next, you need to retype the person’s phone number somewhere along with the country code but excluding the country plus sign. Copy this onto your clipboard and place it in the phone=mobile number section of the link address.

For example, if it is an Indian number, say +912123456789, then type the link address as or on the search address section. Place enter to open.

3. Also, if you plan to send a prefilled text to a particular contact, for example, you want to send “Print My Data” to a number say 2123456789, type the text in the form of an URL encoded text like this:

4. This, will open the WhatsApp messenger on your mobile along with the chat screen including the number of the person you want to chat with. Click on Continue to chat to start your conversation with him or her.

WhatsApp API phone

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WhatsApp Direct Message PC in Simple Steps

  • Firstly, open your favorite web browser on your PC or laptop. Next, add the WhatsApp Web direct message link generator that is on the search address bar.
  • After this, copy the person’s phone number along with the country code without the sign on your clipboard and place it in the send?phone= number section of the link address. For example, if you have an Indian number, say +912123456789, type the weblink address as in the search address section. Press on entering to open.
  • Now you will see the WhatsApp web page opening on your computer screen along with the chat screen having a QR code. Scan this QR code by going to the linked devices section of your mobile WhatsApp settings. This will open a page including the contact number of the person you wish to chat with. Finally, Click on Continue to chat to start the conversation on your PC.

Whatsapp API PC

WhatsApp Business Direct Message

Did you know you can make your own WhatsApp Business Direct message links and share them with your colleagues? Creating your own WhatsApp Business API is simple and has 3 major methods. Let’s see what these are along with the proper steps:

1. Automatic Company Link- 

To create an automatic direct message link for your clients, to text you directly without saving your number, follow the steps:

  • Open your WhatsApp Business Application and go to your Business Settings.
  • Next, go to Company settings under business settings.
  • After this, you will find a button saying Direct Link, click on it and copy the link to the clipboard that shows up.
  • Now, paste this link and share it with your desired contacts.

2. Using Universal Links-

Another option for generating direct WhatsApp business message links is to use the universal settings. For this, the link you need to use is Type this link followed by your country code and phone number, but make sure to delete the plus sign. Now, share this link with your clients and they will be easily able to message you directly by tapping on the link.

3. WhatsApp API Direct Message for Business-

Creating a WhatsApp business API link can be another quick option to connect with your clients. This is quite similar to the previous step where we use universal links. To create a WhatsApp Business API of your own, note the link phone=mobile number followed by your country code and mobile number in the send? phone=mobile number section. Now, share this with your clients and connect with them in just one tap.

4. Using WhatsDirect- Chat w/o Contact:

If none of the other steps suit you, the last resort you can rely on is a third-party application from your Google Play Store. The third-party software we will discuss here is WhatsDirect- Chat w/o Contact. This is a simple to use, free app, that not only is quick but also allows you to randomly chat or send media to people even if you haven’t saved their number. Let’s see the steps to use this app:

  • Install and download WhatsDirect- Chat w/o Contact, from your Google Play store.


  • Next, open the downloaded application and grant the necessary permissions for it to function smoothly.
  • Finally, you will see the page opening that asks for the phone number. Type the phone number you want to text along with the country code ( give plus sign here, unlike the API and universal links) and click on Send Text or Send Media according to your choice.

WhatsDirect Dashboard

By this, you are redirected straight to the chat screen of the number. Here, you can send texts, images or anything according to your choice.

Also, read our Send WhatsApp Message Without Number article for more information.

FAQs on WhatsApp Direct Message Link Generator in 2022

1. How do I send direct message on WhatsApp?

To send a direct message on WhatsApp for your PC, type on your web browser followed by the country code excluding the plus sign and phone number of the particular person. Next, click on Continue to chat from the page that opens and you are good to go.

2. Can we message someone on WhatsApp without adding contact?

Yes, you can text someone or send messages and media without adding them to your contacts. For this, you need to follow the above modules without fail.

3. What is WhatsApp direct message link?

The link for direct WhatsApp messages on mobile is phone=mobile number or and for PC or WhatsApp web, the link is


We hope now you will no longer waste your time by saving a contact first and then refreshing it till you see WhatsApp available or bulk your phone with unnecessary contacts just for one-time texts. Solve this issue quickly by reading the various simple methods mentioned in the above article and choosing what is best for you.

With this, we bid a short farewell till we meet in our next article. For more such informative articles like Best WhatsApp Web Tips and Tricks, make sure to stay tuned to NewsOzzy.Com. Bye!

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