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WhatsApp Disappearing Messages Feature in iPhone and Android in 2022 | How to Turn On/Off Disappearing Messages?



Whatsapp Disappearing Messages

WhatsApp Disappearing Messages in iPhone and Android in 2022: WhatsApp has come up with a new feature that comes in handy if you are concerned about your safety as well as system storage. The new feature of WhatsApp Disappearing Messages meaning is to set a self-destruction feature for specific chats after it reaches a certain span of time.

In this article, we will talk about the WhatsApp new feature Disappearing Messages, how it works and how to enable or turn it off for personal as well as group chats. Keep reading till the end and also make sure to have a quick look at the amazing Whatsapp DP Images, Pictures, Status Photos article before signing off.

How do WhatsApp Disappearing Messages work?

WhatsApp came up with the new Disappearing Messages feature to mainly focus on privacy and storage saving. With this feature, you no longer need to manually delete messages whenever your system is out of storage space. The WhatsApp disappearing Messages is an auto-delete feature that deletes your chats for certain contacts automatically after setting a time duration. You can set the time duration from 24 hours to 7 days to 90 days (3 months).

People use this feature extensively for exchanging confidential messages between the sender and recipient which are saved elsewhere. The disappearing message features delete all these chats automatically which saves your sensitive data from getting leaked in times of exigencies like theft, lost, etc. We will discuss the settings and how to manipulate WhatsApp disappearing messages in the further segments of this article.

WhatsApp Disappearing Messages Settings

WhatsApp Disappearing messages is like putting an expiry date on your chats. The messages are going to get automatically and permanently deleted once the date is reached. Though WhatsApp Disappearing messages is a privacy-oriented feature, it has storage-saving benefits too. Let’s see what features we get in here. These settings have no effect on the previous messages that you have shared in the chat.

You can set your WhatsApp disappearing message configurations individually to self-delete both personal as well as group chats. You can also customize and set specific WhatsApp Disappearing Messages configurations for specific chats according to your fixed timer. WhatsApp’s new Disappearing Messages feature is compatible with a wide range of mobile versions (Android and iOS), WhatsApp Web, WhatsApp Blue stacks applications, WhatsApp business, etc.

How to enable WhatsApp Disappearing Messages?

If you are wondering how to turn this amazing feature of WhatsApp on, then read this section very carefully. We have provided you with some quick and simple steps here to enable WhatsApp Disappearing Messages both for Android and iOS users respectively.

For Android users:

1. Go to the WhatsApp settings of your Android device first by clicking on the three-dot button on the top right corner. Then go to the Accounts section from the menu that follows. Next, you have to select the privacy menu.

WhatsApp privacy

2. Once you scroll down the privacy section, you will find the option for Disappearing Messages that says Default Message Timer. Click on that and turn it on.

Whatsapp disappearing msgs Android

3. Once you go to the Disappearing Messages section, you will find the time duration stamps for which you want to keep the chat visible. Click any one of the timers from 24 hours, 7 days, or 90 days after which you want your messages to get automatically deleted.

Whatsapp web disappearing msgs timer

Thus, you have turned on Disappearing Messages for your WhatsApp. The contacts on your device will view a message on their conversation screen while texting you, saying: <Your name>uses a default timer for disappearing messages in new chats. All new messages will disappear from this chat <your timer> after they are sent. Tap to set your own default timer.

Whatsapp disappearing msgs screen 2

You will get a notification for turning on Disappearing messages for new chats on your WhatsApp chat screen as well, something like the image given below:

Whatsapp disappearing msgs screen 1

For iOS users:

1. Firstly, take your iOS device and go to the Account Settings of your WhatsApp application. You can also directly go to your system settings, then your WhatsApp and scroll down to click on the WhatsApp Settings. There, you need to click on privacy to fetch the Disappearing Messages option.

Whatsapp disappearing msgs iPhone

2. Click on the default message timer and select the time duration amongst the 4 options, after which you want your messages to get deleted automatically.

Whatsapp disappearing msgs timer iPhone

How to turn off WhatsApp Disappearing Messages?

WhatsApp disappearing messages turn off is very similar to the steps you perform for turning it on. Be it your iPhone or Android, first check whether your Disappearing Messages are on or not. You can easily check this either on account settings or chat screen of any new chat.

If the default timer for disappearing messages is on go to the WhatsApp settings of your Android or iOS device. Next, go to accounts followed by the Privacy menu. Scroll down the page where you will find the Set default timer option for WhatsApp disappearing messages. Turn that off.

WhatsApp Disappearing Messages in Group Chat

WhatsApp provides us with a separate Disappearing Messages configuration set for our WhatsApp Groups. Some people may wish to set self-destructive chat timers for WhatsApp chats but not for Groups, and vice versa. To access the WhatsApp Disappearing Messages setting of WhatsApp groups, follow the below steps:

1. Firstly, you need to open your WhatsApp and search for the group. Next, click on the name of the group chat from the top bar, who messages you want to delete regularly after a set time.

2. Finally, you need to scroll down till the point where you reach Disappearing Messages. Set your desired timer or turn it off according to your personal choice.

WhatsApp group disappearing messages

How to enable Disappearing Messages on WhatsApp Web?

WhatsApp Web application also allows you to set Disappearing Messages for your chats. To configure this open WhatsApp Web and scan the QR code displayed to log in to your WhatsApp Account. Next, follow these simple steps:

1. Click on the WhatsApp Web settings by tapping on the three perpendicular dot buttons placed on top of the contact head section of the screen.

go to settings under whatsapp web account

2. Next, go to the Privacy section under this menu to fetch the Default Message Time setting. Click on the Default timer setting under Disappearing Messages.

3. This page will open your options for time durations, choose amongst them which one suits best for you. One drawback here is you cannot give separate Disappear Messages setting for WhatsApp groups here, unlike you can on mobiles.

 Whatsapp web disappearing msgs timer

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Does Disappearing Messages Delete for Everyone on WhatsApp?

WhatsApp Disappearing Messages do delete chats automatically, but they can still be accessed by a few methods. If the other person has not opened the sent message and it is in the notification pop-up bar above, it will still remain visible even if you turn off Disappearing Messages. In another situation, if a contact forwards or quotes a particular message from the chat to reply to it, it will continue to remain visible as quoted text even if you turn the Disappearing Messages toggle off.

Some contacts may also save a copy or duplicate of the WhatsApp chat screen messages by taking screenshots, screen records, copy-paste, etc. In such cases, the message will be clearly visible even if it is deleted from the original chat screen. While taking chat backup, disappearing messages will be backed up, but will not show once the backup is restored. Talking about deleted messages you can also refer to our article How to Recover Deleted Whatsapp Images and Videos in Android to get some more information on this aspect.

FAQs on WhatsApp Disappearing Messages in iPhone and Android in 2022

1. What happens with disappearing messages on WhatsApp?

The WhatsApp AI automatically deletes the messages that come from new chats after you have turned on the Disappearing Messages, once the timer of days set by you passes.

2. Can someone see if I turn on disappearing messages on WhatsApp?

Yes, WhatsApp will notify the other person once you turn on Disappearing messages for that chat. The notification will come in the form of a message saying <Your name>uses a default timer for disappearing messages in new chats. All new messages will disappear from this chat <your timer> after they are sent. Tap to set your own default timer. that reflects on top of the conversation screen.

3. Why are WhatsApp Disappearing Messages not showing?

WhatsApp messages that come after turning the Disappearing messages on getting automatically deleted once the set time limit is reached. After this, it may show the messages o the notifications bar if not opened, but will no longer be visible on the chat screen.

4. Why would someone turn on disappearing messages on WhatsApp?

Turning on WhatsApp disappearing messages is solely due to privacy and storage concerns. People set WhatsApp to disappear messages automatically feature with a timer of 24 hours, 7 days or 90 days, after which WhatsApp deletes them automatically. This helps in keeping a check on sensitive chat information leaks at times of theft and also keeps a check on the system storage.

5. How to turn off disappearing messages in the WhatsApp group?

To turn off disappearing messages for WhatsApp groups, click on the Group name. Scroll down the page to find Disappearing Messages, tap on it and select the off button.


So, that was all about WhatsApp Disappearing Messages on iPhone & Android, its settings, and other topics related to it. WhatsApp prominently works for its privacy feature through end-to-end encryption and other features that come along with it. Customer data safety being the sole motive it had come up with the WhatsApp Disappearing Messages feature, but it is still recommended to discuss the sophisticated matters over chat with trusted contacts only.

Users with malicious motives, do plan every day to bypass almost every privacy feature of social media accounts through screenshots or other third-party apps, hence be careful on your part for each and every step you take in the world of social media. We come up with more such informative articles like WhatsApp Features Calls Status DP Tips Tricks on our official website, stay tuned!

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