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Why Whatsapp Images and Videos are not Showing in my Gallery – Android & iOS (2022)?



Whatsapp Images Not Showing in the Gallery

Whatsapp Images Not Showing in the Gallery: WhatsApp is the foremost popular messaging application that’s widely wanted to send text messages and share images, videos, and other documents. Sometimes WhatsApp images don’t show within the gallery. This could result in a pair of reasons which will be easily fixed.

During this article, we’ve explained a way to fix WhatsApp images not showing in the Gallery. However, for a few unexpected reasons, you may not be able to see the photographs you’ve received or downloaded from WhatsApp.

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So, during this article, we’re visiting to show you ways to repair Whatsapp images not showing in Gallery on your Android or iPhone devices. Hopefully, you’ll be able to retreat to those important and precious images.

How to Fix Whatsapp Photos Not Showing in Gallery Android? (Quick Ways)

Here we have explained or furnished the five best approaches to solve the problem of whatsapp images not showing in the gallery:

1. Enable Media Visibility in WhatsApp

Basically, connected with the media visibility settings in whatsapp raises the problem of whatsapp photos not displaying in the gallery. In case we disable the media visibility, then all downloaded media from other gallery applications can be hidden by whatsapp. To turn on media visibility in WhatsApp:

  • Launch the WhatsApp Application on your phone.
  • Click on the three-dot menu available on the page.
  • In the dropdown menu, choose the Settings option and open the Chats section.
  • Drag the toggle next to Media Visibility towards the left to enable it.

enable the media quality

This will activate Media Visibility for all contacts. All the WhatsApp images will now start discovery in your gallery.

2. Delete the .Nomedia files get in your WhatsApp media folder

Why are WhatsApp images not showing in my gallery although the media visibility is turned on? This may happen if you have got a .nomedia, enter the WhatsApp media folder. Any folder that contains a .nomedia file won’t have its files show up in other apps.

  • Launch the File Explorer or File manager app
  • Tap on its settings on your phone, this might be the three-dot icon or a round icon.
  • Select Show hidden files, to enable it.
  • After doing this, move to the WhatsApp folder
  • Tap on Media> select WhatsApp videos. If you see a .nomedia file, delete it.
  • Do the identical for WhatsApp images.
  • Also, check the private folder, and if you see a .nomedia file, delete it.

You can also Fix Common Problems with Whatsapp by referring to this available link and enjoy using whatsapp personally and publically.

3. Duplicate Photos to a Separate Folder

If any of the methods above haven’t worked for you properly then you can follow these steps carefully and solve your issue asap:

  • Firstly, launch the File Manager on your device.
  • Check out the WhatsApp folder within the internal storage directory.
  • Follow this step properly: WhatsApp > Media > WhatsApp Images.
  • Look forward to the pictures within the folders of the ‘WhatsApp Images’ and ‘Private’ directory.
  • Just view the pics and choose them to copy to a separate folder on your phone’s storage.

4. How to look for WhatsApp videos and photos in Gallery?

By default, you must be able to find all the media under the gallery session. If you continue to need to ask why WhatsApp videos aren’t saved in the gallery, you almost certainly don’t understand how to search out the files. To search for WhatsApp videos and photos within the gallery, follow the steps.

  • Launch the File Explorer or File manager app
  • Go to the WhatsApp
  • Tap on WhatsApp Media
  • Then, tap on WhatsApp Images or WhatsApp videos, or Stickers

5. Check the space for storing

Sometimes, the matter of Whatsapp images and videos not showing in the gallery may happen when the space for storing on your phone is low. If this can be the case, just attempt to remove some documents, videos, or videos you are not needing and so check again whether the difficulties are often fixed.

Best Approaches to Fix Whatsapp Images Not Showing in the Gallery iPhone

1. Grant Photos Permissions for WhatsApp

The steps that you should follow to grant photo permissions are as follows:

  • Go to the Settings option on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Now, check the dropdown menu and make use of the Privacy section.
  • Tap on Photos and select WhatsApp from the list of accessible applications.
  • Modify it to all or any Photos if not by default and that’s it.

2. Allow WhatsApp to Save Images to Camera Roll

Have to save every pic manually to your camera roll or allow the Save to Camera Roll option in WhatsApp settings. Turn on WhatsApp to automatically save images to the camera roll by following the steps given below:

  • Launch WhatsApp on your iOS devices.
  • Tap on the Settings icon shown within the right corner at the bottom of the page.
  • Go for the Chat Settings option.
  • Turn on the ‘Save Incoming Media‘ or ‘Save to Camera Roll‘ options.

Finally, you’re good to go with all whatsapp photos displayed in the photos or gallery app. Still, facing issues then reboot your device once.

The Bottom Line

It shouldn’t be difficult to seek out an answer if you’re having difficulties viewing the WhatsApp images in your phone’s Gallery. In most cases, updating the app or restarting the device will resolve the problem, but if it doesn’t you ought to undergo the phone’s and WhatsApp’s settings and check if the problem is hidden there. If none of the solutions work, you’re suggested to do DroidKit to locate and look at WhatsApp on your phone.

To avoid WhatsApp Images not showing in the Gallery issue next time, you’ll be able to use AppTrans to make a frequent backup of WhatsApp’s data on your computer, and so use that backup to transfer the whatsapp photos to your phone’s gallery. Did you discover this text useful? Let us know within the comments.

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