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Whatsapp Last Seen Tracker Free Lifetime APK Download 2022 | WhatsApp Last Seen Tracker Premium Mod APK



WhatsApp Last Seen Tracker Mod APK

WhatsApp Last Seen Tracker Mod APK 2022: You can get curious if someone close to you suddenly hides their last seen or blocks you. You will desperately want to track their last seen and know when they are active on WhatsApp. To fix this, if you don’t want the hassle of any third-party app then you can follow our How to check Last Seen on WhatsApp article.

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But if you want to do it better, you need third party apps. We have already discussed official apps for tracking, so why not share some amazing WhatsApp last seen tracker mod APKS with you? Read this article till the end to find out. Also, before leaving visit our WhatsApp DP Images article.

How can I check WhatsApp Last Seen Online?

The default method of checking someone’s last seen online on WhatsApp is very simple. You simply need to open your WhatsApp application, go to the contact and check for its last seen below its name. One thing to remember here is the last seen privacy needs to be Everyone or My Contacts, to make it visible to others.

iPhone last seen

But what if the user has kept his last seen hidden or has blocked you? Well, we have an article for that on How to See Last Seen on Whatsapp If Hidden 2022  to help you fix this. Additionally, in this article, we will discuss some amazing WhatsApp last-seen tracker mod APKs that will make life easy for you.

What is WhatsApp Last Seen Tracker?

A good WhatsApp Last Seen Tracker is a third-party application that helps you keep a check on the last seen and Online status of a person who has otherwise kept their WhatsApp last seen hidden. WhatsApp last seen tracker works by first creating a connection with the target contact on your device. Next, it triggers an alert twice, one whenever the contact is online and then offline.

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Every time the contact gets offline the app notes down the time stamp and shows it to you as their last seen. In between the app also keeps a record of the time stamps, to give you a general report of the contact’s activity status.

List of WhatsApp Last Seen Tracker Premium Mod APK

If you are wondering How can I check WhatsApp last seen tracking online and want to invest in a full-fledged mod APK, premium apps are the best options. Let’s see what these are:

1. LastSeen v1.0.13 APK+ MOD:

LastSeen is a VIP premium WhatsApp last seen and online status tracker tool under Web-Source Limited. This is a powerful tracker tool that provides you with in-depth usage insights from target contacts. This app provides you a 3-day free trial, help you track hidden online/ offline status, provides real-time online alerts, helps you track unlimited accounts simultaneously, and gives reports indefinitely back in time. Let’s see the steps:

  • Firstly, go to your System settings and click on the Privacy Protection menu.

Android privacy protection

  • Under the Privacy Protection option, select the Special Permissions menu.

Android special permissions

  • Next, under Special Permissions, turn the toggle on for Install Unknown apps, to allow your devices to download third-party apps outside Google Play Store.

Android install unknown apps

  • Next, tap on the link to download the LastSeen APK file. After this, install this app and launch it on your device.

WhatsApp LastSeen Tracker

2. WhatLog- WhatsApp Tracker:

WhatLog is yet another premium WhatsApp last seen tracking tool that provides you a free trial for 7 days. You get real-time notification alerts along with warning alerts if the select contact is texting on WhatsApp over the recommended time limit. Another extra-ordinary feature that you get only in WhatLog is, you can track contacts that you have blocked too.

Whatsapp Whatlog TRACKER

The app is 100% safe and does not abuse or contradict WhatsApp’s privacy policy. Downloading this APK is very simple. Just click on the link WhatLog- WhatsApp Tracker to initiate the download and rest follow the steps already mentioned in the above section.

WhatsApp Last Seen Tracker Free Lifetime APK Download

WhatsApp last seen tracker apps with free purchases are also available extensively on the Internet. Let’s discuss two of such best apps that are proven to work wonderfully both for Android and iOS users.

1. Remwa- Online, Last seen tracker for WhatsApp 1.0 APK+ Mod :

Remwa is a free WhatsApp last seen tracker tool of size 8M and compatible for Android versions above 4. This app is also amazing for Parental control since it can monitor 24*7 on target contacts, send regular online and last seen notifications and also keeps a record of how many total minutes the target contact is spending over chatting on WhatsApp.

Whatsapp tracker Remwa.

Let’s see the steps to install this:

  • Uninstall any older version of Remwa if you had done earlier and tap on the link Remwa-tracker for WhatsApp 1.0 APK+ Mod to download it.
  • After downloading, install and launch the application on your device. Next, you must also turn on the option for Install Unknown devices under the Special Permissions button by going to your System Privacy settings to let your device download applications apart from Google Play Store or App Store too.

Talking about the safety of this application, Remwa is 100% safe with an inbuilt anti-virus setup to keep a check on malware. the antivirus platform of this app includes Active Virus Shield, AOL, AVG and Clam Antivirus.

2. WaControl- Last Seen Tracker for WhatsApp APK:

WaControl is an excellent tracker platform that is compatible with both iOS ( versions above 10) and Android ( versions over 4) backgrounds. The best feature of this app is a 24*7 statistics record for analyzing and regular push notifications for online and offline events.


This app is 100% trustworthy, free, and easily available. Let’s see the steps to use this:

  • Click on the link WaControl- Tracker for WhatsApp APK to download the apk package file for WaControl. Once downloaded, install this application and launch it on your device.
  • Next, allow installation of third-party apps on your device by going to your System settings first, then tapping on the Special Permissions menu under Privacy, and finally putting a check mark on Install Unknown devices.
  • Next, go to the file manager of your device and locate the folder where you would prefer to store this application.

WhatsApp Online Notifier Mod APK

The best mod APK for WhatsApp is the old id gold GB WhatsApp. This is the most popular APK that provides you with plenty of fun default settings, one of which is the Online status. Whenever a contact on your device comes online GB WhatsApp immediately sends you an alert notification like <contact name> is online. Well, there are complaints of GB WhatsApp sometimes hanging on certain devices. Hence if you don’t want to download GB WhatsApp, we have another amazing option for you.

GB WhatsApp

Whatta- Online Notifier for WhatsApp 1.30 APK+ Mod

Whatta is a free online notifier app that makes the tracking process on WhatsApp way easier for you. It needs a stable internet connection to trigger the tracking process. Once you ensure that, it will keep tracking the last seen of contacts even when there is no or poor data. The free version of this app allows you to track up to 10 people.


Whatta also sends you a monthly activity report to your mail in PDF format. It is available in 20+ languages but does not support hacking in any way. Download this app from the link Whatta- Online Notifier for WhatsApp 1.30 APK+ Mod and then launch it on your device after installation. Also, don’t forget to turn on the configurations for Unknown devices.

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FAQs on WhatsApp Last Seen Tracker Mod APK 2022

1. How can I track WhatsApp last seen for free?

To track WhatsApp last seen for free you can download are LastLog for iOS and WhatsDoc for Android. Just download them from App Store and Google Play Store respectively and add the number and name of the contact. Follow our Whatsapp Last Seen Tracker Online Free to get more information on this.

2. What is the best WhatsApp Online Last Seen Tracker mod APK free?

The best free WhatsApp last seen tracker mod APKs are Remwa and WaControl APK files. Turn on Unknown devices from system security and download these apps from your Chrome. These are 100% safe, and free, and provide 24*7 monitoring.

3. How to see WhatsApp last seen unlimited?

Download LastSeen v1.0.13 without a doubt. This is a premium WhatsApp Online and Last seen tracking tool that allows you to monitor unlimited contacts all at one time. This is a premium paid app but allows you to enjoy a free trial for 3 days.

4. What is the best last seen WhatsApp family usage tracker mod APK?

Remwa and Whatta are the most reliable parental control WhatsApp APK trackers. These are free applications that provide you regular online alerts and total WhatsApp text usage reports, over a span of a day, of all the family members together. Additionally, follow 2022 Best WhatsApp Spy Apps for Android & iPhone.


With this, here is the end of our article. Make sure to always judge for an authentic source before you plan to download and mod APK apps. Now, you will be easily able to track the last seen and online status of your target contacts even if they have kept their last seen off. For more informative yet fun articles on whatsapp stay tuned to our official website NewsOzzy.Com or visit the main page ie., Whatsapp Features Calls Status DP Tips Tricks.

Neha Bansal is a Delhi based engineering graduate and has done her Post Graduation in Human Resource Management. She has a deep interest in startups, business & technology.

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