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Everything about Whatsapp Online Status Tracker for Android and iPhone in 2022



Whatsapp Online Status Tracker

WhatsApp Online Status Tracker: WhatsApp, as we know, is a free messenger application for smartphones that just uses the internet to provide you the features for texting, calling, video chatting, audio notes sharing, sending live locations, and whatnot.

Several times you have faced situations in which you feel the urge to track or check whether a person’s status is online or not without opening your app or letting the other person know about it. Here we are, at your service to help you in this.

Have you heard about WhatsApp online status tracker apps? Well, these are nothing but simple tools or applications available for both Android and iPhone users, that help you monitor whether a particular person is online or not and keep track of when he is, by simply sending you a notification whenever he or she is online.

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About WhatsApp Online Status Trackers

WhatsApp doesn’t provide you with an in-built feature that allows tracking someone’s online status. But there are a few tools available over the internet that help you keep a check on when a particular person is coming online without their notice.

These tools come as third-party websites, applications, or moded apk that is Android Package Kits coming with a .exe extension. These use automated bots to keep a check on when the target person is online and note down the timestamp whenever his/ her status changes even if their last seen is hidden.

In this article, we are going to provide you with the 6 best Whatsapp Online Status Tracker tools for Android as well as iPhones, that you can use, both free and paid. You can also check out our article on 8 Best Online Tracking Apps For WhatsApp Notifications and Last Seen in 2022 in this regard to know more about some of the best WhatsApp tracker applications overall.

6 Best WhatsApp Online Status Tracker Apps in 2022 for Android & iPhone

In this section, we will tell you about the 6 best WhatsApp Online Status Tracker Applications or tools for both Android and iOS users that you can use daily along with their best features. Let’s have a quick glance at what these are:

For Android Users

  • Netwa Apk
  • Wa-Toolkit
  • Logify

For iPhone Users

  • Online Notify
  • Spy24
  • Wlog Online

Now let us study the above-mentioned apps in more detail:

1. Netwa APK

Netwa Apk is a free social media online status tracker that works for messenger applications like WhatsApp, Telegram, etc. supporting Android versions of 10 and above. This app helps you in keeping a check on someone’s online status and how much he/ she is spending on a particular platform.

Netwa APK works by creating a chart of online activity statistics and sending it over to you as notifications, just by specifying a link to the target contact’s profile. Netwa also allows you to selectively enable or disable the notification panel.

This is a safe tracking application that helps you with tracking multiple profiles at a time and has an excellent customer support system.

To activate this, you need to download the application and add the number or profile of your target contact in the + sign button on the top left side.

Netwa has an easy-to-navigate interface but doesn’t support multilingual reports. The notifications sent by Netwa are visible on the lock screen of your android device somewhat like this:

2. Wa- Toolkit – Online / Offline Notifications

Wa- Toolkit is a safe, free, open-source WhatsApp online status tracking application for Android devices. It is a complete tool that provides you innumerable features like online status tracking, last seen notifications, status saving, DP syncing, and location tracking. In this, you can also keep a track of your profile visitors.

To activate this, you simply need to install the Wa- Toolkit app from your Google Play Store and set it up by giving the necessary permissions. Finally, you just need to add the WhatsApp number of your targeted contact and wait for the instant, real-time notifications that will come whenever the person is online.

Wa-Toolkit provides you with a free trial of 4 hours, provides usage history by analyzing the online/ offline updates, and allows you to monitor one target at a time.

3. Logify-

Logify is yet another free Whatsapp online status tracking Apk tool for Android users that you can directly download from your Google play store. This is faster as compared to other tracking tools and helps you track past activities, and social media usage and check the last seen status of blocked contacts as well.

Login works on a separate tracker account where you can click on any target profile to check their online activities and the number of login tries they have done on an hourly or daily basis. If you are a parent then you can use this application to keep a check on whether your child is being subject to social media addiction or not.

To activate this, first, you need to download an Android emulator that acts as a virtual phone like BlueStacks and then install this apk file.

Also Refer:

4. Online Notify

Online Notify is one of the best WhatsApp online status tracking applications for iPhone and iPad users. Online Notify is famous for the multiple features that it provides. This tool gives you instant notifications whenever a person is online, provides activity status reports by analyzing history, monitors multiple accounts at a time, sends typing updates, and provides offline notifications as well.

To use this, first, you need to download the iOS Version of Online Notify from any trusted third-party website, next you need to put the target contacts and set the alert type to get notifications every time the activity status changes on your dashboard directly. One thing that needs attention here before buying the app is Online Notify needs access to your outside notifications which may increase your battery consumption to some extent.

5. Spy24- WhatsApp Tracker

Spy24 is a paid yet affordable WhatsApp online status tracking tool suitable for iPhone/ iPad users. This is a powerful tracking tool that helps you remotely access the target contacts and get notification alerts whenever they are online. This app also helps you track information like when did the person go to bed last night when he woke in the morning or how long does he spend in a day chatting on Whatsapp.

This also provides you with chat probability by comparing their online status reports of a couple of days and shows you an average of the exact usage activity he does on a general basis. This also helps you predict what would happen on the Whatsapp feed next by generating advanced algorithms to gather information owing to the excellent AI used in it.

6. Wlog Online

Wlog Online is yet another tool launched by HalfBite, for WhatsApp tracking on iPhone and iPad devices that send statistics simultaneously along with online notification updates on a weekly or daily basis. This can send unlimited notifications, that can be turned off anytime even for blocked contacts and people who have turned their last seen off.

To enable this, simply buy Wlog Online from an authentic third-party website and verify your number in it. Turn on the notification permissions to get notified about anything you wish on Whatsapp anytime.

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FAQs on WhatsApp Status Online Tracker Free Tools

1. Can we track WhatsApp Status Online?

WhatsApp will not give any in-built feature for this, you can always do so by using third-party applications or Apk tools. The best-known WhatsApp online status tracker apps for Android are Netwa, Wa-Toolkit, Logify and for iPhone are Spy24, Wlog Online, and Online Notify.

2. How can I track WhatsApp online activity?

Install third-party applications for the same. First, download an emulator like BlueStacks that works as a virtual phone and then install the tracker apk file and manipulate the settings in order to get notifications.

3. How do I know if someone is online on WhatsApp?

The best and the easiest way to check if someone is online or not is to open your WhatsApp and check the status of the target profile. If the contact is blocked, last seen turned off or you don’t want to open your WhatsApp, simply use a third-party website or app that we have explained above regarding WhatsApp Online Status Tracker.


Wrapping up, WhatsApp Online Status Trackers are automated apps that work on their own right from when their setup is done and free you from the tedious task of manually checking for hours when the target person is online, how long he/she is offline, etc.

But, always remember that whenever you are installing an Apk file, always try to download it from a Google link or the Google Playstore directly where malicious applications are filtered out by Play Protect. You can also refer to the Best WhatsApp Spy Apps article that we have already uploaded some time back on our website. If you liked this article, stay tuned to for more.

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