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8 Best Online Tracker Apps for Whatsapp Notifications and Last Seen in 2022



WhatsApp Online Tracker Apps

WhatsApp Online Tracker Apps: Are you stalking someone on WhatsApp? Does one wish to be notified when your crush comes online? Does one prefer to be updated with the recent activities of your WhatsApp contacts? otherwise, you are a parent trying to find a Parental Control tool to trace your kids’ activity on WhatsApp?

If yes, then you fall in my category. This suggests you want to be notified when your special buddy comes online on WhatsApp and also to work out their last seen.

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Sadly, WhatsApp doesn’t provide any such notifications. However, there are some WhatsApp Online Notification & Last Seen Tracker Apps that permit you to urge such last seen or other notifications.

Whatsapp Last Seen Tracker Online Free 2022 Download for Android & iPhone

These days, WhatsApp makes it so easier to speak with anyone and anywhere within the world. WhatsApp is such a popular & trusted app within the whole world. Because WhatsApp is most caring about the privacy of his/her users. If you’ve got any doubt that your children are spending the foremost time on social media. They’re not paying full attention to their studies and you would like to test their online activities.

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So, here we are visiting to discuss Free Online WhatsApp Last Seen Tracker Apps for Android & iOS. you’ll be able to easily check their online activities on WhatsApp. Here presenting you the simplest WhatsApp Online Notification & Last Seen Tracker Apps For Android. These apps facilitate you to search out the last seen of WhatsApp of anyone from your contacts. Overall, you’ll be able to set the sense organ on your children and your relatives.

8 Best Whatsapp Online Trackers Apps – Free Download on iOS & Android

Here are the top 8 WhatsApp online tracker apps – free to access and download on android and ios devices. Now, you can easily keep an eye on your children or else on your loved ones whatsapp tracking. You can also check a guide on how to freeze last seen on whatsapp from the available quick link.

WaStat – WhatsApp tracker

WaStat is the most suitable choice that warns you if somebody is online on WhatsApp. It sends notifications quickly when someone comes online. It’ll display all time intervals with a handy clock view. This app doesn’t hack any WhatsApp accounts anyway.

If you’re waiting for someone to come online but isn’t coming then download this app and it’ll provide you with a warning when he/she comes online. It shows you the last seen online status of your WhatsApp contacts. you’ll be able to easily use this app.

Just download from google play store, open and enter the name of the person whom you would like to follow. you’ll receive notification from this app when she/he gets online.

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WaRadar – App Usage Tracker

One more must-have tool for tracking whatsapp last seen time is named WaRadar. Does it really meet your needs?

Yes, the app will become your assistant in tracking what quantity of time this or that person spends online. What’s more, during this case, the app collaborates not only with WhatsApp but also with other messengers.

To be more precise, you’ll receive instant notifications each time a user is online. As for the number of users, the app is capable of tracking several people directly.

At the same time, by the end of each week, you’ll be ready to view reports which will reveal every secret. That’s definitely what you need!

Family Track – Online Status: Usage & Last Seen

Family Track app is another best WhatsApp Last Seen Tracker Apps for Android. It shows you the last seen of anyone on your WhatsApp. This app was published in September 2019. Family Track is accessible for android 8.0 and above.

This app gives a comprehensive report of online statuses. you’ll supervise the people on your WhatsApp using this WhatsApp. It has been developed for the parent who wants to look at what their children do. you’ll be able to control every online activity on a social site. you’ll monitor three people or but at a time in a personal manner.

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Chat Track: Online Tracker & Last Seen

Chat Track can track any number of your members of the family, friends, and girlfriend. It alerts you once they come online and provides you with a close report. Using this app, you’ll get a notification when your wanted number comes online.

The simplest part of this app is that you simply don’t have to pay anything for this app because it costs nothing. This app is sort of an undercover agent which is on a secret mission. It gives you a notification when your relative, friend, and loved one are online and logs on WhatsApp. It only gives you notifications about your saved contact, so you need to save your contact.


Going back to the tools from the App Store, Trackly is the one that ought to be tried in addition. Why can we think so?

The reason for it’s the app’s awesome abilities in tracking the last seen time. similar to the tools above, you may be notified when an individual changes his or her status from offline to online, or contrariwise. Besides, tracking several users is going to be available.

Apart from this, the app will provide you with access to daily reports on online sessions of users tracked. you’ll be ready to follow two people without delay. By the way, when the reports are going to be generated, the app will notify you about them. However, if you don’t want to receive notifications, it’ll be really easy to disable them.

One more cool thing about the app is that you just are able to compare the 2 numbers you track. This very tool surely knows what they need in common.

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WisTracker Online Last Seen Tracker for Family

WisTracker helps you to search out the knowledge about the last seen of a person very well. It was developed by innovex. it’s supporting androids 4.1++. The last update was added in 2020. Its version is 1.2 and this version is incredibly useful.

Nobody can check the web status of your children while they’re using social media or WhatsApp. If you’ve got to test then download WisTracker WhatsApp last seen tracker online for the family from the google play store.

I will be able to update you when your children are using the web and after they disconnect. I would like to recommend this app for the protection of the longer term of youngsters and for observing them.

LogWhat Online Last Seen Tracker

LogWhat could be a quite good analog to the apps above. So if you’re an owner of an Android device, you’ll still be able to use this very tool.

As always, after you put in the app, it’ll start spying upon the numbers you would like to trace. Thus, it’ll tell you each time he or she online/offline.

Also, you’ll have access to detailed reports that represent a web session history. Moreover, a user can choose a date range likewise as view the activities during the day with a clock chart.

Plus, because it was mentioned above, the app perfectly deals with tracking several numbers. As a result, you’ll be able to compare the net sessions of users. There’s no need to sleep with it manually. The app will form the statistics by itself. Your task is going to be just to decide on the date range.

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W-Seen – Online Last Seen

W-Seen – Online Last Seen is the other fine online closing visible WhatsApp Last Seen Tracker. Are you certain that while you slumber your youngsters aren’t the employment on any social online page and on WhatsApp? It’s time to come across them whilst you’re dozing that they’re now not using the net.

So now, it’s time for contact on this difficulty. Here we’ve got high-quality to declare this problem. you’ll take a glance at easily whether your kids’ et al are online or not. you just should download this software from the google play store and deploy it on your mobiles. Then you’ll get a notification whilst your youngsters are online and it offers you all remaining seen information.

Wrapping Up

Though WhatsApp doesn’t include an in-built feature to notify you about the net status or last seen of your loved ones you would like to trace, you continue to make love with the simplest whatsapp online tracker apps for notification & last seen which are available at no cost. Listed above are a number of the foremost popular Tracker Apps that you just can use for your android or iOS apps.

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