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Guide on WhatsApp Unblock Hack 2021 | Unblock Yourself On WhatsApp With These Hacks Easily



Whatsapp unblock hack

WhatsApp Unblock Hack: Whatsapp is one of the leading messenger apps in today’s world with millions of users. It is an all-rounder app with features like text messages, audio calls, video calls, status updates, etc. But sometimes conflicts arise and you need to bend the rules a little to get the job done. People can accidentally block you and not realize it. It can even be that they might not know how to unblock you. If you don’t have any other means to tell them about it, it can be a problem. This is especially true for work-related or close relationship related matters.

Whatsapp Unblock Hack

There are a few ways you can try to unblock yourself that require you to put your safety in danger. To avoid any such scenario, we got you covered with safer options. In this article, we will share hacks you can use to unblock yourself on Whatsapp without deleting your app.

List of contents in this article-

Check out the attached video below to learn some Whatsapp Unblock hacks.

What Is Tru Method?

This is a proven method to unblock yourself on Whatsapp. Sometimes, there can be confusion regarding the actual issue of why your messages are not being delivered. Usually, it means that either the person is not active on the internet or they have uninstalled Whatsapp. Alternatively, they might have blocked you on the app.

While there are quite a few methods to unblock yourself, they aren’t all reliable. They are risky tools that are not completely safe for you to use. Thus, in this article, we are going to share these methods that you can safely use to unblock yourself on WhatsApp. When nothing works, these are bound to do the job efficiently.

How To Open Your Blocked List On Whatsapp?

If you can’t send a message to a person or they aren’t getting any messages, it could very easily be your mistake as well. Accidently, you could have blocked them and added them to your blocked list. To rectify this, all you need to do is unblock them and remove them from your block list. See if this might be the issue before going on about trying to unblock yourself from someone else’s list. Sometimes you can be the culprit of such silly mistakes as well.

To solve this issue, follow the simple steps-

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Click on the Account option.
  3. Next, tap on the Privacy option.
  4. Here, you will come across Blocked Contacts.
  5. Click on it and make the change,s if there are any to make on your side.

If the problem is not on your side, try the other methods mentioned in this article.

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Does Whatsapp Unblock You Itself?

This can be divided into two parts. If you tend to spam a lot on Whatsapp every day, it can block you itself. Due to its latest guidelines to control the spreading of fake news, Users are not allowed to spam on the app anymore. It restricts users from sharing unnecessary material on Whatsapp.

If this is the case, it is entirely up to Whatsapp whether it blocks you from the app completely or for a constricted time frame. If this persists for a while, reach out to Whatsapp Support to solve your issue.

Now, to the other part. This is where you might be blocked by someone specifically on Whatsapp and not the app itself. It is usually up to the person who blocked you to unblock you but if that’s not possible, you can try to do it yourself. However, this will not be possible if the person has deleted their Whatsapp account itself.

Are Whatsapp Unblocking tools safe and should I use them?

There are several tools and hacks available online that you can use to unblock yourself. But keep in mind, they either require you to delete your own Whatsapp first (which can be an issue and quite a headache if you do not have a backup) or they just aren’t safe for you to risk using them, even once. Many of these self-unblocking apps may lead to unauthorized activity in your account.

A lot of these apps and hacks tend to steal your data. Therefore, you must stay away from such unsafe methods and use the correct and authoritative apps for these purposes. Never trust any spam links and .apk files that are not on Play Store. Keep in mind, that the play store apps are trustworthy, and to be secure on Whatsapp you need to update the apps regularly.

GBWhatsapp: Whatsapp Unblock Hack And Drawbacks

GBWhatsApp is a multi-functional app that can unblock or do many more changes to your Whatsapp account.
This is an APK available on the internet. You can easily download it by searching it on Google.

GBWhatsApp is a free-to-use app that can hinder you from sending messages. Besides this, it can also create fake last seen and much more.

Now, onto the drawbacks. A major question that arises is that will you lose all your data, including messages if you use this? Yes! This is why you need to have a backup of all your data on Whatsapp to secure it and still be able to use this hack to get the job done.

How To Unblock Yourself on Whatsapp?

While using this approach, you will be required to delete and then register again on WhatsApp. Make sure your backup is on and you have saved all your data prior to deleting and re-registering on Whatsapp. It will save you a lot of future headaches. Follow the given steps to unblock yourself on Whatsapp easily-

  1. First, open Whatsapp on your mobile phone and click on the three dots situated on the top right-hand side of the app.
  2. Now, click on Settings.
  3. Then click on the Account option from the list.
  4. Now, select Delete my Account from the given options.
  5. Next, enter your registered mobile number to delete Whatsapp.
  6. It will ask for the reason you’re are leaving WhatsApp. Just enter whatever you feel like.
  7. Finally, read the disclaimer and proceed to delete your account by clicking on Delete my Account.

This will delete your account from Whatsapp. The next part is how to register again. Keep following-

Steps to Register Again on WhatsApp

  1. Open Whatsapp once again and go to Register. Enter your phone number and click on the Next button.
  2. Now enter your desired profile name and continue.
  3. Once your registration is complete, you will see all of your data is reset and you are successfully unblocked now.

You need to know that going forward all your data will be saved once again but all your old chats might get deleted.

FAQs on Whatsapp Unblock Hack without Deleting Account

How To Message Someone Who Blocked You On WhatsApp?

If you want to message someone who has blocked you on WhatsApp, you cannot message them directly on WhatsApp. Upon blocking anyone on Whatsapp, only the Whatsapp messages will be affected. Other services like phone calls and messages are still in operation. So, if you are allowed there, you can either call them or send messages directly to their phone number.

Can I Call Someone On WhatsApp While Being Blocked By Them?

You can call the person who has blocked you directly on their mobile number but similar to what happens to chats, audio and video calls get restricted as well on Whatsapp if they have blocked you.

You can request the person to unblock your number on Whatsapp but until they do that, all forms of communication get stopped on the app.

When Someone Blocks You On WhatsApp, And You Delete Their Contact & Re-add Their Contact On Your Phone, Does It Unblock You?

This was a bug or flaw in Whatsapp that if you are blocked by someone, you could delete their contact number and re-add it to your phone list. This would unblock you. But Whatsapp has updated their application and fixed this issue. Hence, no, doing this will not unblock you anymore.


To conclude, you can simply follow the method we have laid out step by step in this article. It will unblock you on Whatsapp from someone else’s list easily. Just try the simpler options first instead of jumping to conclusions (hah!).

If you have any more doubts about Whatsapp Unblock Hack and How To Unblock Yourself, please post them in the comments section. Tell us if this article helped you in any way and if you liked our article, be sure to check out our other works as well!

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