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Everything About WhatsApp Web Download for Windows 10, Android, iOS & MacOS Devices



whatsapp web download

WhatsApp Web Download: People have started giving importance to using WhatsApp on your computer equally as on your mobile phone. When we share official documents like pdfs, blueprints, and website links, sending them over email and re-downloading from there becomes time taking. In such cases, sending them over WhatsApp directly and opening them on your computer comes into play.

Here, in this article, you will learn about WhatsApp Web Download APK iOS, PC, Android, etc., and other important topics revolving around it. Also, check our Best WhatsApp Web Tips and Tricks article just after this one is over and update yourself with the latest whatsapp web features.

Guide on WhatsApp Web Download for PC

Many of us want a shortcut to use WhatsApp web on our PC, rather than going to our browser and linking and logging it every time. So, the best solution here is to download whatsapp on PC windows, or mac os by heading to the official WhatsApp site and selecting the platform you can get the whatsapp web download on PC/mac.

WhatsApp desktop MAC

Also, you can download the app called WhatsApp Desktop on Windows and macOS. Just head to your Microsoft Store or App Store then search WhatsApp desktop and click on Get and Download for MAC OS respectively to install it onto your PC.

After installing set the preferred location from your file explorer to store the app in both the systems and launch it. Once done, you’ll see a QR code displayed, go to link a device on your WhatsApp mobile app and scan it. Thus, you remain logged in here, no matter what, until you deliberately log out.

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WhatsApp Web Download APK for PC

WhatsApp Web APKs are basically external application packages that need to be downloaded on any device to ensure the smooth downloading of Android apps. Similarly, if you do not want to use WhatsApp web over browsers to prevent loss of data in case of history deletion, etc. then you can launch WhatsApp Web APKs for the same. The two best APKs that can be used are Blue Stacks and Memu Play.

Both are super flexible Android emulator APKs for WhatsApp Web, both for Windows and MAC users. For this, simply install Memu Play or Blue Stacks from their official links. Next, when the prompt pops up where they ask you whether you would like this app to make changes to your device, click Yes. For the rest of the step-by-step installation process of these two APKs, follow our article on Whatsapp Web Login.

How to Download WhatsApp Web APK on Mobile Phone

Not all of us can carry our laptops everywhere we go. But, we also need to maintain a secondary app for our WhatsApp web along with our personal WhatsApp. So, in such a scenario you may wonder how to WhatsApp Web log in without staying dependent on your laptop or any other device for that purpose.

To solve this, there are some amazing WhatsApp Web Download APK for android free or ios mobile phones. Here are a few third-party apps that help you WhatsApp Web Download for Android mobile and iPhone free:

  • Whats Web for Android- Whats Web for Android is a powerful tool and is compatible with both iPhone and Android users. This app helps you manage multiple WhatsApp accounts on a single device. Install Whats Web directly from your Google Play Store or App Store and go to the QR code section. Next, scan the code from the screen using your target WhatsApp phone’s scanner, and you’ll get connected.

Whats Web

  • Dual Chat- Messenger WA Web – Dual Chat- Messenger is yet another most famous WhatsApp web APK, for its data safety and quick synchronization. This is a lightweight and reliable application that helps you scan and connect WhatsApp accounts in no time. You install Dual Chat- Messenger from the Google Play Store or App Store directly.

Dual chat whatsapp web

  • Chat Web Scanner for WA- Chat Web Scanner for iOS users, is a wonderful multi-tasking APK that not only allows you to connect multiple WhatsApp Web accounts but also status saving. It is safe and has a highly convenient user interface. Install Chat Web Scanner for WA directly from your App Store and play with its various features.

Chat web scanner

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WhatsApp Web Download Windows 7 32-bit & 64-bit

WhatsApp Web Download Windows 7 64-bit or 32-bit are basically cross-platform applications that sync WhatsApp data across devices. They ensure data safety through end-to-end encryption along with many other interesting features like in-built GPS, status updates, making groups over 250 members, archive chats, extended GIFs, emoticons, etc.

These are compatible with a large array of platforms but unfortunately haven’t activated making voice or video calls as of yet. Although, the Create Room feature helps us connect with our Facebook friends through video calls who don’t have WhatsApp. You have to get a package offline installer set up to download this and to scan the target devices with the QR code displayed.

As whatsapp is supported on Windows 8 or higher so there is no direct way to download Whatsapp web for windows 7 from the official site. You can take the help of the whatsapp desktop app from the store and install it to enjoy WhatsApp chatting on a PC. Here are the official links to download whatsapp for windows.

How to Download WhatsApp Business Web on Computer?

WhatsApp Business Accounts sometimes need to be operated on computers for a larger screen experience and mobile independence. To operate your WhatsApp Business on the computer, either you can go for the official WhatsApp Business Download Web link from your computer web browser or download an app as mentioned above.

After clicking the official Business WhatsApp Web Download link you will see a big QR code on the right hand of the screen. Next, go to your WhatsApp Business mobile app, go to linked devices from settings, followed by Link a device, and scan the QR code to open your account.

WhatsApp Business link a device

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FAQs on Download WhatsApp Web on PC/Laptop, MacOS, Android & iPhone

1. Can I log in to WhatsApp Web on another phone?

Yes, if you do not have a computer handy, you can open WhatsApp web on another phone. For this, install Whats Web on the other phone, open the option for QR code and scan it with your mobile’s WhatsApp scanner.

2. How do I download WhatsApp web?

To download WhatsApp Web on your mobile you can use apps like Whats Web, Whatscan, etc. On computers, you can’t download whatsapp web, as it was opened in chrome, and Use Whatsapp QR Code you can log in to your account.

3. How can I connect WhatsApp web to mobile?

After you have opened on your computer and the QR code is displayed, you will have to connect it with your mobile. For this, go to WhatsApp settings, then click on linked devices, then link a device and use that scanner to scan the QR code and connect to WhatsApp Web.

4. Where is WhatsApp web desktop?

WhatsApp Web Desktop helps you operate WhatsApp on your PC through WhatsApp Web Scan & via the application. Whatsapp Desktop for windows or PC is an application available both on the Microsoft Store and App Store.


WhatsApp Web Download for various device platforms is mentioned clearly in this article, so we hope you liked it. Also, whenever you download an APK for an external app, check for website authentication. If you accidentally click on malicious websites, you may end up giving them access to your system’s sensitive information and malware.

With that being said, if you are interested in informative articles like What is Whatsapp Web, WhatsApp DP Images, stay glued to our amazing website provided Whatsapp Features Calls Status DP Tips Tricks Main page.

Neha Bansal is a Delhi based engineering graduate and has done her Post Graduation in Human Resource Management. She has a deep interest in startups, business & technology.

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